double seat

  1. A

    For Sale Front Passenger Bench Seat, Heated, Simora Pattern.

    As per tittle, in good condition, located in Gloucester. £170, I know £170 is maybe optimistic so obviously open to offers.
  2. Andysmee

    For Sale VW T6.1 Driver's captain's seat and folding front double seat in highline Bricks trim

    VW T6.1 Drivers captains seat and folding front double seat in highline Bricks trim. Height adjustable driver's seat with leather armrests and leather headrest, and brand new 2020 front double seat fitted with VW folding bracket (not reclined, Vancraft 10 degree reclined bracket available for...
  3. ma77y

    For Sale Double seat in Simora £75

    Non folding bench seat up for grabs, in very good condition simora trim. A little dusty from being in the back of the van (no room in garage). £75. Collection from M41.
  4. M

    For Sale Kiravans T5/T6 double swivel

    Selling my Kiravans T5/T6 double swivel base for the passenger seat, removed today after 6 months of use (so don't expect a brand new item :)) Excellent working condition, only selling as upgraded to a MsCraft double swivel base. I would rather not post (heavy item) so collection West Sussex...
  5. Sammyste

    Kiravan swivel seat defect?

    Hi, we have a double swivel seat by kiravans, and when we used to store items in it the seat then clicked into place again, it now doesn’t do this and having looked closer it looks like the latch has bent to one side, is this something anyone’s come across before?
  6. Mikey2ooo

    For Sale T6 Front double folding double seat in Simora fabric

    From my 2016 T32 T6 in great condition, not required due to seat swap out. Complete with base and under seat storage and fold flat feature Also makes a great home office seat Open to offers £250 buyer collects or we can discuss delivery Plymouth based
  7. F

    Swap Captain’s seat to double seat?

    Has anybody removed their passenger captain seat & replaced with bench? Attempted it today but appears my captain seat was original in van therefore insufficient bolts for the double seat! Took covers off under van hoping it would be easy to put new bolts through but seems a lot more complicated...
  8. Sackmycook

    For Sale Double Seat in Simora. £75

    From my 2019 T6, front double seat, non-folding, Simora fabric, good condition. Open to offers, clogging up my garage.
  9. goyaguru

    For Sale 2016 Simora triple-bench seat

    I am selling a folding triple bench seat in simora (no fixings or seat belts - sorry!) and a folding double front bench seat in simora. I am happy to accept sensible offers as I am keen to clear some space in my garage. Both are in really good knick. Cumbria based.
  10. Pidsley

    Anyone with the passenger reclining bracket near me? Kent.

    Hi there, I am considering adapting the front bench seat with the reclining bracket. Does anyone near me have this installed and willing to let me see what it feels like? I live in Tunbridge Wells. Thank you.
  11. B

    Sold Folding bracket for double seat

    Have the standard vw folding bracket from the front bench seat. I've just upgraded to the aftermarket one with slightly more reclined angle so going spare. Picture below shows the vw one that's for sale on top £80 including postage
  12. H

    For Sale T5/T6 Front double-seat in Austin. 2019

    Transporter T5/T6 Front Bench Seat 2019, Austin cloth in good condition, removed from a 69 van with 10k miles. £100 collection from Stockport Thanks Darren
  13. F

    Sold Simora Heated front Double + Captains seats

    I will have a heated captains drivers seat and heated foldable bench seat available in the coming days/week. I'd like to get them sold as soon as I'm getting my new ones as I have limited storage for them. They're from a 2019 Van with 10k miles and have had heavy duty covers since new...
  14. J

    Passenger seatbelt not retracting when double-bench seat tilted

    Oh dear well what happened was! Bought some fantastic vinyl seat covers so I thought to make best Job of fitting I would remove seats and fit indoors. When I refitted seats back into van the seatbelt on top of passenger seat won't retract properly belt comes out and stays out.So what have I done???
  15. TW2904

    For Sale Double Passenger Double-Seat in Black Leatherette - £150.

    Double passenger seat in black leatherette from a low mileage 2020 T6 Shuttle. Seat and material in excellent condition. Located just outside Cambridge. £150.
  16. J

    For Sale For sale 2018 T6 Drivers seat and Passenger double seats in Simora Anthracite and heated

    For sale 2018 T6 Drivers and Passenger double seats in Simora Anthracite and heated Drivers seat has arm rests Drivers seat does not have a base Passenger double seat is on standard seat mounting with under seat storage Only 12 months of use before converting my van and upgrading the seats...
  17. Andysmee

    Sold Double bench covers supply and fit at T6F Summer Camp 2021

    Although I don't want to spend all weekend fitting covers and folding brackets at T6F Summer Camp 2021 this weekend :rolleyes: it doesn't take long so if anyone wants a smart upgrade to their front...
  18. D

    Found Heatpads for double passenger seat

    Longshot, but does anyone have working heated seat pads for a double seat please? Need to book in for service so will order a genuine set if nobody has them. Dan
  19. Andysmee

    Sold Double Folding Front Seat Simora Trim

    Absolutely mint highline seat 4k miles only from a late 2018 T6, with folding bracket and OEM back board added £350 delivered, ono
  20. HellaYella

    For Sale Double-seat in leather.

    Any interest in my double front seat ? (Not drivers seat) TN278PG for collecting, includes base and it’s heated. Make me an offer ...