double seat

  1. M

    Can I move the Double Passenger bench backwards?

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to move the double passenger bench back. about 10cm to get more room in the cabin of my T6.1 Plus i will also like to get a the back a bit more back. is there anybody that has some experience with this? Thanks :D - Magnus
  2. T

    passenger airbag change - southwest

    I'm trying to find someone in the Salisbury area that would be willing to change the passenger airbag on my T6. I am changing from a factory fitted captains chair to a bench seat and would like the larger airbag fitted. Does anyone have any recommendations? I've emailed 2 dealers and not...
  3. D

    For Sale T6 Simora double bench Folding seat Heated for sale £400ono

    Hi all, Have a heated folding double bench for sale. It has the bracket with more recline for comfort and it’s heated. Anyone interested? Thanks
  4. K

    Wanted VW Genuine Aux Battery tray for twin bench

    A long shoit but does anyone have the genuine battery tray for under the twin front seat? Thanks
  5. S

    Hello from Swerve Seats

    Hello All, As a new member (but used the site as a valuable resource for years on our own vans!) Please take a look at our Swerve Seats Double Swivel base. We tried to mitigate many of the drawbacks with the standard box + Swivel plate double seat mechanism. So our double seat base has no...
  6. p6raf

    Dashboard passenger airbag

    Ok, moving forward with my passenger bench seat install.... The single passenger seat indeed does have a different dashboard airbag to a bench. I've sourced the correct one but my next question is how to get to it. Spent ages googling and searching forums but cannot seem to find any information...
  7. OurSam

    Double Seat parts - what are they?

    Can anyone identify the two parts in the photo, they were rattling around in the base of our double seat and now it won't latch closed properly? I assume they are the reason but I have no idea how they go back in....can anybody advise me please? Thanks Dave
  8. p6raf

    Anyone up for an airbag swap?

    I'm swapping my passenger seat to a bench and I understand the dash airbags are different. I'm after 7E2880202D. Is anyone out there doing the reverse conversion and need the single airbag?
  9. Darlinghearty

    For Sale T6 double seat with swivel base and dub cover

    For sale from my T6 is our double seat unit along with swivel base plate and dub cover £250 ONO
  10. p6raf

    Swapping Single heated seat for Double without heat

    My T6 has 2 single front heated seats. I'm swapping the passenger side with a double bench but the seat i have sourced is not heated. Does anyone know the part number for the bench seat element?
  11. Mixersmate

    FREE T6 front double seat

    T6 front seat, with some bolts and trim, taken from my van at 14k. very dusty but good condition when cleaned up. Collection Grimsby DN33 (evenings or weekends so I can assist you load it up) - free for collection, beer appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Dave Lawson

    Sold Double bench

    Non folding Battery tray and plastics Simora trim Excellent condition £70 ono
  13. D

    For Sale Factory Folding front seat Simora

    Folding front seat for sale in good condition Collection from Warrington Offers around £200?
  14. K

    Double-seat base Dimenions

    Hi, Does anyone who has fit a battery, charger etc under a twin front passenger seat have the dimensions of the space under the seat? I'm planning on an install next weekend but want to get the correct dimensions for the board to hold all the gubbins. Thanks
  15. Andy_l

    For Sale T6 Double seat for sale £65

    T6 double seat for sale Small burn £65
  16. C

    Convert T6 front bench to folding using T5 bench hinges?

    Wondering whether I could cannibalise my existing T5 folding bench to convert a standard T6 bench to folding? Will the mechnism and any other required parts fit?
  17. Tiggy1955

    T6 Seat Headrest

    I replaced the twin seat of my 2019 T6 with a single captains seat. However the headrest on the single seat is a slightly different shape to drivers seat. Rather annoyingly I hadn’t actually noticed this until after I’d got rid of the double as obviously I could have swapped for one of those...
  18. F2JON

    For Sale Double passenger seat in simora

    I have a 2019 double passenger seat I simora, in excellent condition only bought while I had my seats retrimmed , just want my money back for it includes base, £45 available after the 5th of march when I collect my retrimmed seats . Collection from Rugeley staffs can meet if it helps .
  19. Andysmee

    Sold Driver's Captain's Seat with armrests and Folding Double Seat in Highline Simora / Titan trim

    VW T6 Highline Drivers Captains height-adjustable Seat with adjustable armrests and Folding Double Seat in Simora trim with Titan black fabric armrests and headrests. £SSTC Based in Reading, but due to health can only deliver relatively locally. These seats will fit all T5, T5.1, T6 & T6.1...
  20. Lmuk17

    Sold 2017 Simora rear bench. Front seat SOLD!

    Hello! Looking to sell seats from my 2017 Kombi. Hardly sat in as the previous owner had it from new and used it for commuting. Not really sure what they’re worth so I’ll say £400 each and go from there.. Collection Swindon. Front double seat. Folding & heated. Good condition but the base has...