double seat

  1. J

    Seat supply/fitting essex

    Hi looking for a localish company in or near Essex who are able to replace a front heated captains seat with a double bench seat for 2018 T6. Thanks
  2. D

    FREE Double seat in Simora - Free on Gumtree

    I saw this advertised for FREE on Gumtree Not my sale so deal direct with the vendor please.
  3. S

    Sold Double folding passenger seat in Simora

    Double folding passenger seat in Simora taken from my 2018 T6 Highline Kombi In great condition Base and trim all included £100 collected from Lancaster. Open to offers
  4. monkey66

    For Sale Simora passenger double seat with base

    Double passenger seat T6 Highline - 10k miles, good condition, no tears. Simora pattern fabric. Includes base and plastic fuse-box trim. £150 (but open to offers) Collection from Brighton or £80 freight.
  5. monkey66

    Sold T6 captain driver & double passenger seats 2+1, Simora 2019 Highline

    Very good condition, 10k miles, original VW seats in Simora fabric. Includes base for the double seats only, as pictured. Captain seat is height adjustable with armrests. Just swapped out for 2 new captain swivel seats, so I'm offering these lovelies to the forum before posting on ebay. £600...
  6. S

    Sold Folding, reclined Double Front Seat in Simora

    This double front seat is from my 2018 Kombi. It is currently fitted with the Vankraft folding/reclined bracket. I still have the original folding bracket, but the Vankraft one increases comfort noticably. £175 for the seat and Vankraft bracket. Collection only from Lancaster
  7. J

    VW T6 Front Bench Seat Weight??

    Hi there, quick question does anyone know approximately what a 2016 T6 front non folding bench seat would weight? Thanks in advance.
  8. M

    Sold 2017 Simora double bench

    Simora double bench from my T6, 2017 van with 60k. Changed to Captain seat so surplus to requirements. Based in Grimsby but can get it to Leeds most days, Lincoln, Doncaster for ease of collection. Not sure on postage costs but can if required. £60ono
  9. LambethBoy

    Front double passenger seat heated prices?

    I was about to list one of these on eBay but can’t believe the actual prices some people are asking for even listing them as “rare”!? What would be a decent asking price for a Simora non-folding heated double passenger seat?
  10. Nigel L

    Double Seat Bolt holes!

    After collecting our new Camper, we decided to have the front double seat changed for a Captains swivel seat. Took the vehicle back to the converters today, and all is now done, and we have our now preferred two seat at front set up Now back home, there are two bolt holes now showing where the...
  11. JaySal

    For Sale Driver & Double Passenger seat.

    Driver and front passenger double bench seat in Simora Trim removed from a 2016 T6 with only 12500 miles on the clock. I've had an Audi interior fitted since and finally getting around to selling. £300 for quick sale. Located south of Rotherham M1 J31
  12. E

    Single seat to double - but with seat airbag

    OK so i am going to change my single passenger seat for a double. My passenger seat has an airbag in the side which the double doesnt have so i am guessing i will get an airbag fault light up as there obviously isn't a wire to connect to - can this fault code be perm deactivated ? also i note...
  13. B

    New member needing double seat advice

    Hi, new member and first (probably of many!) question please, sorry if it's too basic. I'm trying to spec a new T6.1 from our local VWVC in Newcastle and do not understand the seat configurations. We'd like the double passenger seat in the front to swivel. Is it best to spec that from new (if...
  14. S

    Keep double passenger seat, or swap out for a single

    New to the forum - first post. Leaving aside the high cost of a single front passenger seat for a moment, I hope someone can advise? Our T6 Kombi has a double passenger seat which gives an upright and uncomfortable sitting position. We're going to have a camper conversion done next year, and...
  15. Jambo1

    Kombi rear double seat latch problem

    Hi - I recently bought a double seat for my van , the latch (locking unit that fixes to floor ) was broken. So I bought a new one , it’s definitely the correct part , but it seems to be stuck in the lock position (from brand new ) , the green tab is still not visible - anyone got any...
  16. Niknak

    Wanted Double seat hinge

    Before I buy one I don't suppose anyone has a vankraft double seat hinge forsale
  17. F

    Double Swivel

    I’m looking to fit a swivel base to the passenger bench seat. I’ve ruled out the kiravan base due to the height increase. What other options are available, if any? I’d prefer to keep the bench seat with the extra storage it provides. But I’m open to fitting an OEM passenger swivel seat if it’s...
  18. C

    Twin passenger seat seatbelt top removal

    I want to remove the plastic cover (see photo) from the seat belt guide between the two headrests of a front double passenger seat. I want to replace the original one that is scratched. I have removed the two screws on the front of the cover, but it is still firmly attached. I don’t want to...
  19. N

    Wanted Captains chair in Simora

    looking to fit a captains chair into the front of my T6 willing to swap bench with some cash
  20. Ricardo T

    Wanted Kirivans Double seat swivel

    Hi, anyone out there got a Kirivans double seat swivel they wish to part with?