double seat

  1. wbuchan

    Found T6 front bench seat and base unit - black

    I'm looking to swap out a passenger's captain's front seat for a double bench seat. Not to fussy about the material style as long as it's black. I need the double base unit too. Prefer a basic model, not heated, no airbags etc. It's an early T6 - a 65. Would a T5 double bench seat fit? I...
  2. BikerPa

    For Sale Kiravans Double Swivel base (carpeted version) T5/T6/6.1 £200

    As I’ve converted to Velle seats & single passenger seat in Feb 23’. I have this Kiravans double swivel for sale as it’s gathering dust. It’s the carpeted version. Fitted/supplied by Autohaus October 2020 hardly used (maybe 6 times) Has a few marks on the powder coat from feet catching it...
  3. F

    Help replacing double seat with captains’ single

    I’m going to change over my double heated passenger seat with a heated captains seat this weekend . I’m also fitting Rusty Lee swivels to both front seats. Before I start and find out half way through the job I need additional parts or I don’t have the right tools I thought I’d ask those that...
  4. M

    For Sale Double seat for man cave £50ono

    Bought for when I got round to creating my own man cave as some occasional seating but never did. As you can see it’s covered in a smart looking vinyl with diamond pattern. Will include a large piece of hexa board so you can create your own base and still use the under seat storage. Collection...
  5. J

    Wanted Front Double Seat in Simora trim.

    Hi all, does anyone have a double front seat in simora fabric in good condition to sell? Looking for one close to Manchester if possible. Thanks
  6. O

    T6 changing from double swivel passenger seat to single captains swivel seat

    Hi, can anyone recommend a good company in NW England to change a T6 double swivel passenger seat to single passenger captains swivel seat including the fitting, swivel and making good the floor, thanks, Steve
  7. Dayoster

    Wanted Heated Front Double Seat in Simora trim.

    Heated bench seat wanted in simora trim. Must be good condition
  8. Albel

    Double seat - swivel + heated

    Hi all firstly never had chance to say thank you for letting me join the Forum. I am now a proud owner of a t6.1 in pure grey and have spent the last few night looking at the pages to answer most of my questions So now for the dilemma I really want to put a swivel base on both my drivers seat...
  9. ashmul

    More comfort than the double-seat

    Hi Folks I have done two 3 hour trips in my 6.1 panel van and I find the seats very uncomfortable. It's currently a driver plus a bench seat, the standard for the van. What types of seats are available that are more comfortable for longer trips and Id also like to swap them out for two single...
  10. DaveCrampton

    Sold Kiravans Double Swivel £200

    I have swapped my double front seat for a single captain's chair. It's for sale also. So my Kiravans Double Swivel is for sale. As Kiravans have reduced their price, so have I. I'm looking for £200 based on: It's a year old It has been used ~5 times, and maybe swivelled 10 times! It's clean...
  11. DaveCrampton

    For Sale Double folding seat in leather. £200.

    I'm selling my front double folding seat. It comes out of my Shuttle SE 2017. It has a leatherette cover, which I understand has been on since the van was new. It has both original headrests, with the covers on. It has the usual large bin underneath and folds flat. It has an airbag in the seat...
  12. JamesWebb

    Sold T5/6 Double front seat in Bricks fabric

    Hi there, Having to upgrade the double front seat to a single because of my partner's dodgy back means that it is now for sale. It's been removed from a 2021 T6.1 (along with the Kiravans double seat swivel base) and is in very good condition. It's a fixed back (i.e. non-folding) and has the...
  13. JamesWebb

    Sold Kiravans double seat swivel base for T5 or 6

    Hi there, Having to upgrade the double front seat to a single because of my partner's dodgy back means that I have to sell my Kiravans T5/T6 passenger seat double swivel base. It's been removed from a 2021 T6.1 (along with the double seat) and is in perfect working condition, with all the...
  14. MrHugo

    Wanted Front Bench Swap for a Captain seat + extras

    Looking to swap a Simora blue front bench seat for a Captain seat with armrests. Bench Seat + Standard Base + Rusty Lee swivel base + Vankraft lowered base Willing to travel to you. If you need more info, pm, please.
  15. 109LWB

    For Sale Simora double bench seat

    Just removed from our van. The fabric is in excellent condition with no stains or tears. The only thing to note is one of the seat belt buckles is missing one of its side trim peices. The buckle still works fine though. Collection only from The Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. £60 or close...
  16. Chris Sherwood

    Sold Kiravans VW T5 T6 Double Seat Swivel

    Kiravans VW T5 T6 Double Seat Swivel It’s used as it came out of my van but is is in perfect working order. How to fit Remove your front double seat Attach the seat swivel to the lugs in the van...
  17. Adst6bus

    Sold Double bench seat

    Folding double bench seat from t6. Finished in Leighton vans leather with R logo Immaculate condition. Been covered with inka seat cover from day of purchase and is included in sale. Collection only due to size. Don’t know what it’s worth so il start with £150
  18. B

    For Sale T5.1 front cab rubber floor mat

    Removed as upgraded to carpet. In good condition taken from van with only 35k miles personal use only (no builders). Located Warrington, North West. £100
  19. J88arv

    Double swivel seat with LB??

    Hi all I have my battery etc under my double seat in the van. I’m wanting to put a swival bracket on however not sure if this is possible with what I’ve got under the seat. Any advice super welcome
  20. J

    Sold Sliding rotating double seat base by MsCraft. £??

    FOR SALE -- I am selling my MS Craft double sliding rotating seat base which I have taken out of my T6. Anyone interested? Too heavy to post. I'm in Glasgow but could travel reasonable distance to meet/deliver. They now cost £372 so make me an offer if you're interested. This is the base I have...