double seat

  1. J

    Passenger seatbelt not retracting when double-bench seat tilted

    Oh dear well what happened was! Bought some fantastic vinyl seat covers so I thought to make best Job of fitting I would remove seats and fit indoors. When I refitted seats back into van the seatbelt on top of passenger seat won't retract properly belt comes out and stays out.So what have I done???
  2. TW2904

    For Sale Double Passenger Bench Seat in Black Leatherette - £150.

    Double passenger seat in black leatherette from a low mileage 2020 T6 Shuttle. Seat and material in excellent condition. Located just outside Cambridge. £150.
  3. J

    For Sale For sale 2018 T6 Drivers seat and Passenger double seats in Simora Anthracite and heated

    For sale 2018 T6 Drivers and Passenger double seats in Simora Anthracite and heated Drivers seat has arm rests Drivers seat does not have a base Passenger double seat is on standard seat mounting with under seat storage Only 12 months of use before converting my van and upgrading the seats...
  4. Andysmee

    Sold Double bench covers supply and fit at T6F Summer Camp 2021

    Although I don't want to spend all weekend fitting covers and folding brackets at T6F Summer Camp 2021 this weekend :rolleyes: it doesn't take long so if anyone wants a smart upgrade to their front...
  5. D

    Wanted Heatpads for double passenger seat

    Longshot, but does anyone have working heated seat pads for a double seat please? Need to book in for service so will order a genuine set if nobody has them. Dan
  6. Andysmee

    Sold Double Folding Front Seat Simora Trim

    Absolutely mint highline seat 4k miles only from a late 2018 T6, with folding bracket and OEM back board added £350 delivered, ono
  7. HellaYella

    For Sale Twin front seat

    Any interest in my double front seat ? (Not drivers seat) TN278PG for collecting, includes base and it’s heated. Make me an offer ...
  8. Andysmee

    Sold Double passenger seat (LHD) in Marathon Moonrock

    Rare LHD double passenger seat in Moonrock in the UK. Collection in person from Reading or can deliver in the southeast on request. Note: this is left-hand drive and cannot be converted. £SOLD delivery
  9. Andysmee

    [GUIDE] How to remove seat cover from a T6 double passenger seat

    Quick guide to removing the seat cover on a double passenger seat. For the seat back: If you're lucky enough to have a folding bracket on the seat you can remove the cover in situ, otherwise you'll need to remove the seat back from the base unless you can open the bottom of the cover blind. See...
  10. T

    For Sale T6.1 double bench

    Selling the double seat out my t6.1 that im converting.. im picking up a single captain chair looking for £100 based in south Staffordshire
  11. Mikey2ooo

    Wanted Front Double & Kombi 3-seat bench

    Looking at changing my front double bench seat 2016 T6 for a single captains chair willing to pay the extra difference, also have the 3 seater rear bench i would like to change to a 2 seater All Anthracite/samora willing to collect/swap etc
  12. M

    For Sale Genuine Sportline T6 Leather Seats (Single Driver and Double Bench)

    I have 2+1 seats, complete with bases (and aftermarket heated) all by DK Schweizer (ie same as originals). Looking for a decent price (they are vgc).
  13. Joel_V_F1

    Standard front seats - captains + double - Any Resale Market?

    Hi all, I'm just planning my week of isolation when I get back from Bahrain. Intending to carry out my front seat conversion (donor leathers) and pricing everything up. I'm wondering if there is much market for standard front seats? I've got the 2+1 arrangement. I'm guessing nobody is buying...
  14. S

    Passenger Double Swivel - Kira or MS??

    After some advice please, Have a Kirivans Double Swivel at present, it had a fault so have been given a replacement which not fitted yet Was thinking of selling the replacement swivel and buying the MsCRAFT double sliding swivel, like the idea of it sliding back to make use of the table...
  15. Alan Ginger

    Double bench seat and Comfort Dashboard

    Hi: I am aware that if you fit the comfort dashboard the leg room is restricted- which isn a problem. My question is: can y
  16. B

    For Sale Kombi leather double

    Genuine leather Kombi double seat plus seatbelt buckles. Black leather in very condition no marks. For collection only Kent
  17. J

    Seat supply/fitting essex

    Hi looking for a localish company in or near Essex who are able to replace a front heated captains seat with a double bench seat for 2018 T6. Thanks
  18. D

    Sold Double seat in Simora - Free on Gumtree

    I saw this advertised for FREE on Gumtree Not my sale so deal direct with the vendor please.
  19. S

    Sold Double folding passenger seat in Simora

    Double folding passenger seat in Simora taken from my 2018 T6 Highline Kombi In great condition Base and trim all included £100 collected from Lancaster. Open to offers
  20. monkey66

    For Sale Simora passenger double seat with base

    Double passenger seat T6 Highline - 10k miles, good condition, no tears. Simora pattern fabric. Includes base and plastic fuse-box trim. £150 (but open to offers) Collection from Brighton or £80 freight.