double seat

  1. B

    For Sale Double Bench in Tassimo - excellent condition

    Hi - as per title - anyone looking for front double bench in Tassimo trim - great condition - am based in central Scotland - only looking to move on as taking up space £100 sound reasonable? If you want pics drop me a note but am assuming everyone knows what it looks like.
  2. S

    Double-Passenger seat doesn’t fold.

    The 2010 t6 panel van double seat is not folding. what should I do for this??
  3. D


    Hi everybody, I am looking to buy a T5/6 in the near future with a double passenger seat. My concern is the lack of legroom as I am 6'6". I am ok in the drivers seat but my knees are pressed against the dash when sat in the passenger seat. My plan is to get a swivel base so it can be turned...
  4. T

    Sold T6.1 Double Seat in Pandu

    I have replaced my t6.1 front bench seat with a single so I have a double bench seat for free in anyone wants it could do with new covers they have a few marks in Pandu Collection dy4
  5. T

    Found Pandu seat skins - drivers and double passengers’ seats

    Hi , looking for pandu front seat covers drivers and double passengers if anyone has them
  6. Pedro20001

    Valuation: T6.1 drivers seat with armrests , passenger double with seat covers

    Hi all, I will be selling my VW seats soon and wondering what to price them at. 2021 drivers seat, passenger double with veedubs seat covers fitted. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and ideally sell complete.
  7. A

    Twin passenger V Single passenger captain seat.

    Hi, me again… Basically, I have purchased a camper already fitted out. I love it. My passengers continuously complain the two seater swivel is uncomfortable. Today, I rode in the passenger seat. At 6”1 I literally couldn’t really move. And I want to be able to get into the back without...
  8. D

    Replace passenger captain's seat with bench

    I have a T6.1 with two heated "captain's" seats which have been re-covered with leather. Would it be possible/easy to replace the two captain's chairs with a standard driver's seat and a bench seat?
  9. 1325rosie

    For Sale Double front seat and base- Simora trim

    For sale : double front seat and base. £50.00 Collect from north Suffolk.
  10. Old Jabez

    Restoring swivel-seat heating option.

    Hello gang. I’m slowly getting to grips with my new t6.1and the help from this forum has been nothing short of wonderful. The good lady and myself are already sorting our personal tweaks as we embrace this part of our retirement adventure. But . . . I’m on a mission to reinstate the heated seat...
  11. BGarland

    For Sale MS craft double bench swivel base

    Selling my t6.1 MS Craft double swivel base used once now going to single passenger seat so not needed, looking for £300.00 Can also include double seat if needed for extra £300.00
  12. Adever121

    For Sale Double seat bolt covers

    Flooring bolt covers for double seat when converting to single 4 included £12 plus postage Can be done with or without vw logo
  13. N

    For Sale Front Bench Seat

    I have a front bench seat out of a 2018 T6 it's in excellent condition has always had a cover on it. Open to offers im not looking for a lot of money for it. Thanks.
  14. Lee C

    Found Simora Double Passenger Seat

    I am looking for a double front passenger seat in simora trim if anybody has one for sale? I am based in Eastbourne but and am willing to travel 1 or 2 hours to collect. Looking to swap out a captains passenger seat if anyone would like to swap with cash my way. Many Thanks, Lee
  15. S

    Lowered Double Passenger Seat Base - Alternative to Vankraft

    I’ve got the Kiravans swivel under the base of my passenger seat. It now sits too high as my head pretty much touches the ceiling. i know you can get a lowered base from Vankraft VW T5 / T6 Lowered double passenger seat base but the are pretty expensive at £325. I've seen a seller on eBay...
  16. Nohands

    For Sale T6 double front bench seat in Simora cloth

    As above T6 front bench seats for sale, used but good condition. Also includes base. Collection from Leeds - £250.
  17. D

    Found T6.1 front double in brick fabric

    Hi, Looking for a front double for my 2023 6.1 in brick fabric. Happy to cover p&p or pick up if in the north west area.
  18. Droneshadow

    Looking for a decent quality front mat to fit with double swivel

    As above, can’t find any reference on here, I’m looking for a decent front one piece mat (carpet) that will fit with a Rusty Lee double swivel. Surely there must be others who’ve had the same issue? Or do you just cut a standard one to fit?
  19. R

    For Sale T5/T5.1/T6 Double Folding Seat + Base including ply Table Insert

    I have swapped out my bench seat for a single so I am selling my bench seat finished in 2 tone Bentley covering. The seat is from a 2015 Needingworth camper. The seat includes an original VW folding seat bracket which means the seat can be used as a table and goes flat. The mechanism is...
  20. MurrayT6

    Wanted Double swivel base wanted - Scotland

    Hi, I fancy giving the double swivel a go. Before I buy new does anyone have a decent quality one for sale. I'm in Edinburgh so central belt pick up would be best for me. Thanks