double seat

  1. C

    Twin passenger seat seatbelt top removal

    I want to remove the plastic cover (see photo) from the seat belt guide between the two headrests of a front double passenger seat. I want to replace the original one that is scratched. I have removed the two screws on the front of the cover, but it is still firmly attached. I don’t want to...
  2. R

    Wanted Kirivans Double seat swivel

    Hi, anyone out there got a Kirivans double seat swivel they wish to part with?
  3. R

    Genuine VW T6 Driver Captain & Double Passenger Seat - Simora Trim

    Genuine VW T6 Driver Captain & Double Passenger Seat With Base - Simora Trim For Sale Passenger seat has base and seat cover with storage underneath. driver captain is without base and seat cover. In good condition. Out of campervan at 33000 miles. Please contact if interested. Happy to sell...
  4. B

    Sold Folding double front Kombi seat in Simora

    Having campered my '16 plate Kombi, I have a double front passenger seat (folding type) for sale. Simora cloth and covered in Action Vans fitted covers since I bought the van at a year old. Cover included. I can't find any marks on the fabric. Pictures here £100 ONO
  5. jimc91

    Sold Simora Double Seat

    I have a double seat in Simora trim out of a 2018 Highline, going to stick it on ebay this weekend but if anyone on the forum would like it, make me silly low offer - its in Beckenham, South London(collect only)
  6. R

    Sold Double folding passenger seat, swap for single captains , 2016 lwb Kombi.

    Hi, first post on this very useful forum....considering changing my single captains front seat to a double folding in Simora ( trim code JG ), if its not too involved fitting wise.. anybody want to swap seats c/w floor mat and airbag plus maybe some cash adjustment? its from a 2016 lwb kombi. My...
  7. osman

    Wanted Looking for this part

    plastic cover protector for under passenger double seat
  8. Dellmassive

    For Sale Transporter OEM AUX Battery tray for under bench seat

    Transporter OEM AUX Battery tray for under bench seat £25 ** ** i also have a second one for the other side of the double bench (for a twin battery setup under the double bench collection Ilford Essex.
  9. VioletVW

    Changing the double-seat to a single in a T6.1

    Hi all, I've recently joined as I'm hoping to pick up a T6.1 soon. I've seen a van that has a double front passenger bench and ideally I'd like a single seat in it's place. When I mentioned changing this to the dealer he said that it can be done, after market, but they would not do it as...
  10. N

    Double front passenger seat split folding

    Hello, I have a T6 and have recently purchased a kayak which fits inside the van and sits on top of the double passenger seat. I would like the option of fitting two kayaks and a passenger. If i folded 1 side of the double front passenger seat, this would allow the kayaks to sit on the folded...
  11. Rosie&Co

    We broke the seat, need new clips!

    First proper trip last week in our van and I might have been a bit heavy bottomed when closing the double front passenger seat storage. There are two clips, one on each of the seats underneath which ‘clip’ into the back of the seat when put back into normal position. They broke. I’ve tried...
  12. Spaghetti

    Found Folding double front seat

    Hi, I’m looking for a folding double front seat. Ideally in Simora, but I’d take any colour if needs be. Anyone got one in the south east they want to shift? Thanks
  13. drew_greenday

    Passenger airbag swap

    My pal has just bought a t6 with a single captain seat and wants to swap it with a double. I had a double and swapped it for a single. I know you need to change the passenger airbags over if you’re going from single to double so I thought I could just swap mine with his? has anyone got any idea...
  14. Jambo1

    Retrofit double-seat

    New on the forum - Just bought 19 plate T6 - want to buy a double passenger seat for front - I’d thought about going to VW - but open to ideas - can anyone suggest a good alternative UK support ? Thanks
  15. rtg1200

    For Sale T6 Captain Seat w/ Double Passenger Bench Simora

    Good condition front seats from my 2018 van, no damage and covered just 17k. given them a good hoover and clean, would benefit from a wet vac but still presentable. No base for the drivers side as I've used it for my new seats. Collection and viewing welcome at BB3 so long as you keep distance...
  16. B

    Captains single swap for double bench

    Hi all, is anyone interested in a swap including air bags etc for my simora single captains seat for a your double bench? Seat has come from a 2015 T32 with 20k Miles so seat is near enough new.
  17. M


    Recommendation where to go to get my double front passenger seat exchanged to a captain seat please and For it to match current upholstery. Thankyou in anticipation.
  18. D

    For Sale Double Passenger Seat

    Hi All I have for sale a double passenger seat in Simora fabric, it's from a 2019 Highline and is in 1st class condition. It is a non folding seat. Includes base and head rests. £180.00 Collection only from York.
  19. R

    Sold Simora Front Seats

  20. Littleblackflash

    For Sale Simora Twin Front Seat

    I'm selling my twin front seat now I've fitted a single seat. I really just want the space back because I've nowhere to store it. Vw Transporter T6 Twin Bench Seat Simora trim. Exc cond. from Euro 6 model 2016 | eBay