1. B

    Min To Max On Dipstick - how much oil?

    We have a 22 plate T6.1 and the oil level is now on absolute minimum level. How much oil does it take to top it up to full. The reason I ask us that this is a Motability vehicle so I am not allowed to top it up. This is the 2nd time I have brought it to VW to be done, last time they did...
  2. dErZ

    Distressing find! dip stick loose

    Took the family to Wales on the weekend, we were doing an Easter egg hunt near the van and my son said are there any eggs under the bonnet, so I popped it open and was shocked at what I saw.. the dip stick was out and there was oil all over that side of the engine... the last time it was touched...
  3. DaveyB

    Engine degreaser. Any recommendations?

    Ok, so it seems that I have had a massive noddy moment. A month ago I popped a litre of oil in the van to top it up as the MFD had told me to do so (this is quite normal for my van, I have always found it needs a top up in the year it is not serviced with it being on long life). Fast forward...
  4. Matthewsn79

    T6.1 oil level warning: Reduce Oil Level!

    Any body else had this??? First happened at 990 miles AA drained the oil level then it happened again at 1060 its now been recovered at taken back to a dealship...
  5. Dellmassive

    - Check Oil - Warning, Check Your Fluids ! (what Oil?)

    - Check Oil - Warning, Check your fluids ! So its that time of year, work is busy, its cold outside, the kids are screaming, the missus wants a new kitchen, blah blah blah. So the last thing on your mind is checking your vans fluids right.? or more to the point the oil. ! Well lucky our...
  6. Y

    Oil Volume Min To Max On Dipstick?

    Changed my engine oil & filter and refilled with a measured 7.4 litres of oil. Checking after a long run the level is about 20% below max allowable on the dipstick. But - owner's manual doesn't say how much oil is required to fill from min to max (very, very, helpful). Anybody know? This is for...