design steel wheels

  1. E

    Wanted 17” GP steels T32 - Liverpool

    Hi- I am looking for a set of 17" wheels for a T32, I'm in Liverpool. Ideally with winter tyres- but this is not essential. But I'm looking for wheels in very good condition. Many thanks. Ed
  2. Paynewright

    Sold 17” GP Steels and winter tyres

    Set of 4 standard 17” GP steels with Minerva Ice Plus S210 tyres. 235/55R17 103V XL with 2 @ 5mm and 2 @ 6mm tread depth. These have been powdercoated in anthracite. Tyre date stamp is 2620. No caps. Slight rust staining showing on a couple between outer/inner rim. Ideal to run through the...
  3. Tourershine

    Wanted Banded GPs

    Is anyone selling a set of Banded 17" GPs? I don't mind the colour too much, because if they aren't my usual Chrome, they will be after I've finished with them, but I do not want any that are rusty. I've sold 2 sets of these now, but I cannot remember who to :rolleyes: So if this was you...
  4. VioletVW

    Sold 17" steel wheel. £40 delivered.

    4 17" steel wheels for sale and One wheel left... £40 delivered. I'm in Neath, South Wales. Not really sure how much they are worth so I'll start with £50?
  5. Jon

    Found Temporary 17" Steel or Alloy wheels in the Northamptonshire area please?

    I was wondering if anyone a set of wheels I can buy to run for a few weeks within a reasonable distance to Northamptonshire please. Need to be legal, rated for a T32 with the factory big brakes, also priced sensibly as I will be looking to get as much of my money back a few weeks later if...
  6. Jwoodhea1

    Wanted 17” GP steels T32

    Looking for a set of GP steels for a T32 in mint or close to mint condition. Cash waiting or swap devonports.
  7. T6ARF

    Sold 17” GP Steels with Continental Tyres £300 [InstaGram]

    These are not mine, but they’re FOR SALE for £300 on Instagram finer_detail Based in South Gloucestershire…. Four genuine 17” GP Steels with 215/60/17 Continental Tyres…. all with good tread. If you’re interested but not on Instagram, please message me direct and I’ll pass on his details...
  8. GordonHR

    Sold 17" GP steels with tyres x4. £230

    These came on my shuttle and have only done a couple thousand miles. The tread measures approx 7mm fronts and 8mm rears so practically new and are T32 rated. No puncture repairs or damage. The wheels do have a few tiny marks on and 1 had a small scratch on the very edge, which I touched in with...
  9. Ragster13

    Found 17" GP's Steels

    I'm looking to fit some GP's, not worried about tyre tread, anyone have any in the Leicester/Notts area please?
  10. Johan Mer

    Steel rims for 235 65 - 17" available in central Europe?

    Any suggestions, thanks!
  11. B@rrow

    For Sale 17” Design Steel Wheels + tyres. £200

    17 Inch Steels off T6 Kombi. Includes wheel caps. Offers around £200 please. Tyres legal but will need replacing soon. Collection Bidford on Avon Warwickshire. cheers Andy
  12. Lord Mfwic

    Found ‘Design’ 17” Steel Wheels. I'm in no rush but if you have these wheels and are thinking of a change in the future then drop me a message and we can go from there. Thanks Mfwic.
  13. Loz

    Wheel Identification Thread

    Please post your wheel pictures including the name and size so we can compile a reference. If possible also include the weight range etc. Please try and post a side on shot like the first 2 examples. This topic will be tidied up weekly
  14. Dieseldonkey

    Cosmetic Issue On Design Wheels

    Standard 'Design' wheels on my van have done about 10,000 miles. Already the silver paint is coming away from the dish part, aswell as the rim. Corrosion on the rim too. Not sure if VWC warranty will cover cosmetic wheel issues. It's not caused by damage. But clearly defective. It's booked for...
  15. Ed Webb

    VW ‘Design’ 17” 7J Steel Wheels

    Show me your design steel wheels that look like the one below. I'm debating dropping my alloys in favour of these and would like to see them fitted to a variety of vans. I was a steelies fan on my old T4