1. M

    Rear Dash Cam Location

    Hi all Go easy on me please I have fitted a Nextbase 522gw dash wired in off ignition feed, I've added the additional rear camera which I have routed the wire behind the roof panels. My question is I cant decide where to locate the camera,I have barn doors with curtains on so was thinking on...
  2. Hactus

    Blackvue Dashcam Install

    Thought I would post a few photos of the Blackvue cameras that I fitted in the Kombi at the weekend. I have the Blackvue 650s 2-Channel Cameras and a Power Magic Pro which I mounted in the passenger footwell. I brought the power cable across from the fuse panel and up the passenger side...
  3. Teejay1

    How to access the fuses for dashcam hardwire?

    I would like to hardware the dashcam front only at the mo, probably using my existing 402G. Considering the Thinkware 770 model or the 412G as an "upgrade". Anyway, I understand that there are several options for fuse locations in a California. Under the control panel (thanks @Loz) although...