custom camper solutions

  1. Bobbych

    New Pop-Top by Custom Camper Solutions

    picked it up from the fitters yesterday. Very happy with Custom Camper Solutions work.
  2. Pawter

    Custom Camper Solutions

    Had my van back from conversion a couple of months now and already had some great use out of it. I loved my panel van anyway but now it’s been converted it’s soooo versatile! Converted by Dan at Custom Camper Solutions. I would 100% reccomend. Great craftsmanship and couldn’t be more helpful...
  3. Whiz

    Success: T6 Bench Seat W Airbag Now Swivels!!!! Hooray

    All, some of you will have seen my post on this - see this link below. T6 Help: Can U Fit Swivel Plate On Double Pax Seat W/side Airbags HOORAY - SUCCESS - DAN AT CUSTOM CAMPER SOLUTIONS - see below: In short, the swivel plate is fitted as normal, now here is the clever bit. Dan has extended...