cross bars

  1. T6ChrisO

    Wanted 'Turtle' Cross Bars for roof rails

    Probably a long shot with my roof bars being 'Turtle' but after a pair of Cross Bars that someone may have removed from their van and want rid for not much money ha ha

    Thule Wing bars

    Hello! Got some fuel wing bars for sale - £80?? Off to Cornwall end of the month so could meet someone in route...
  3. dshelton999

    What size thule wing bars

    Hi, I will be getting the 757 thule foot pack and wondered what size wing bars I will need? Thanks
  4. JonriceT6

    Sold Roof bars and cross bars; Rubber floor

    Due to having my van (t6.1) converted I have a set of black roof bars (vw) and a pair of cross bars (flat aero version) for sale. I also have a VW factory rubber flooring. Open to offers for any of it. Thanks
  5. A

    Cross bars to fit on VW roof rails and carry >60kg

    Hi T6 experts. I’ve had my T6 Kombi for 3 years (2018 SWB model) and love it, but still very much a newbie on anything technical. I have the VW roofrails and the VW low profile crossbars fitted by VW. The crossbars are the ones which give very low clearance as they clip into the rails, not on...
  6. Paint

    For Sale VW roof cross-bars x3 £150

    These came off my 16 plate and have been on and off as required still in good working condition and have had only light use the price is for all three and will not spilt
  7. B

    For Sale Stitches + Steel Roof Cross Bars

    Only bought in December and then taken back off today. Covers with all hardware and foam padding. Located: Fife £100
  8. Ollyboy61

    Cross-bars to carry kayak

    My LWB T6.1 has solar panels and a Thule side tent, I’m looking for 3 crossbars with high legs to enable carrying a kayak…. Any advice please Olly
  9. M

    Found OEM T6 Roof Bars in Black

    I have the rails fitted, looking fit the cross bars in black, I believe they are part number : zgb7h0071151 made by omtec. cheers