cross bars

  1. M

    Wanted OEM T6 Roof Cross Bars in Black

    I have the rails fitted, looking fit the cross bars in black, I believe they are part number : zgb7h0071151 made by omtec. cheers
  2. A

    Roof rail and cross bar recommendation:

    Looking for some advice please: I would like to install some black roof rails and cross bars - to which I will mount my solar panel, therefore I’d like the cross bars to be straight. Recomend away please
  3. D

    Genuine vw cross bar Speed limit BEWARE

    I have some brand new vw dealership fitted Cross bars. The type that sit flush and attach to rails. Number 5 in the picture below. I drove 200 odd miles at max 70 mph with surf boards on the roof. Anyway they came dangerously loose but I spotted it and tightened them etc etc. vw are telling...
  4. Bernie the Bolt

    Roof Rails And Cross Bars For A T6 Vel

    Hi All, I have just bought my first Caravelle and I'd like to fit roof rails and cross bars so as to keep the overall height as low as possible. I need the bars to able to take the weight of a couple of Kayaks, couple of questions if I may. 1. Are there rails out there that can be fitted from...
  5. Siperrin

    Roof Bars prep - load-rated?

    Hi everyone, I have the factory fitted roof rack prep on my T6 kombi edition. I want to get some good looking crossbars but quite a few I’ve looked at don’t seem to be load tested and are more for aesthetics? Can anyone recommend some bars that look the part and can actually carry...
  6. Dannyb6467

    Roof Cross Bar recommendation

    Evening all, I have oem roof rails on my SWB Kombi and want cross bars for it. Does anyone have any part numbers for Thule or similar please? Any photos would be appreciated too, I’ve seen on some vans in passing what looks to be like aero style, some are straight and flat, others look like they...
  7. Leigh

    Part number: roof rails?

    Was pleasantly surprised that the VW Genuine Roof Rails are only £80. Was not happy to pay £150 for the cross bars that fit onto them though. So my question is - Can you fit aftermarket Cross Bars Onto Genuine VW rails? If so does anyone know which make Thanks