1. Ayjay

    Taking the van to Europe / Croatia this year.

    We’re toying with the idea of a road trip to Croatia next month – there’s no real hurry and the aim would be to spend maybe 7 (or 8) days (in total) travelling with a couple of weeks in-country. We know Croatia well and the route is likely to be our usual from Calais via Belgium, Germany...
  2. Dave54

    Travel To Croatia

    hi out there any horror or otherwise stories we are driving over to Krk in Croatia next summer to a cool looking camping place on the island of Krk , anyone got any feedback thoughts or suggestions . We are doing Dover -Dunkirk , across BE , across DE , overnight near Munich , next day thru alps...
  3. D

    Croatia Advice

    we are in southern Germany at the moment and fancy finding a campsite in Croatia for a week by the sea. We don’t want to go too far south as we will need to go home and can’t really seem to find anything that ticks our boxes on the internet. We want somewhere with a few bars and restaurants...
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