cobra coilovers

  1. Jayjmac

    Sold 55mm cobra lowering springs

    Cobra 07.8250 lowering springs 55mm. They came off my 2019 T32 T6 they’ve covered around 10k miles. They were already on the van when I brought it from VW. £120 Collection preferred but I can send these. Would have to cover postage costs.
  2. J88arv

    Squeaky Suspension On 55mm Cobra Springs

    hi team As you know I purchased the t6 about a month ago and on it came the cobra springs. To be honest the squeaky ness is doing my head in, mainly from the rear however when turning into my drive the front has a moan aswell. Never been a fan of putting springs onto standard suspension and...
  3. O

    B14 Vs B16 - T32

    Yes, I am all new to these vans, and even more so when it comes to all things coilovers. In my case I see there is much mention of B14s here even when talking about fitting them on heavy 4wd T32s. Looking up the van I have on order only the B16 shows up as compatible. Guess my question is...
  4. R

    Rear Knocking After Coilovers Fitted

    Hi guys, need help :) usual, fitted cobra coilovers , set to max low, and although the ride is pretty good, the problem is, and I've searched every possible solution to this, but, I keep getting a knocking noise, as if the whole back of the van is going to break off :mad: I changed the rear...