1. T6wannabee

    Climair wind deflector offer

    Just to let anyone that is interested in purchasing climair wind deflectors for the t6 or t6.1 Euro car parts have them on offer at the moment at £37.49 which is definitely the cheapest I have found. I collected some today and fitted them a moment ago.
  2. colinthechemist

    Wind deflectors: black or smoke?

    I'm about to buy some Climair wind deflectors, but don't know whether to buy black or smoke. Is the smoke version dark enough to stop people seeing in? Is the black version light enough to see out? I want to be able to leave the window cracked open while parked, but I also want to be able to see...
  3. C

    Ode to Climair wind deflectors

    Ohh Climair, how my van is better now you're there, I was worried that the need to drill, would be too bitter an install pill, In truth it could not have been any easier, and now my van is pleasantly breezier, Without the rain (what a pain) getting into the cab, ohh Climair you are so fab. But...
  4. Skyliner33

    Wind deflectors - my comparison.

    I have see quite a few posts on wind deflectors, so thought I would my thoughts. I have now had 3 different types so maybe can help others with a choice. The ones I have used (in the order I used them), with pros and cons are: 1. VW OEM: These stick on the outside onto the painted surface of...
  5. S

    Climair Window Deflectors

    hi all just wondered has any of you got the climair defectors. If so how good are they or are there better one's available many thanks Tony
  6. Phil Harris

    Climair wind deflectors

    These don’t appear to fit flush, or is it me?
  7. Buggirl

    Wind deflectors... which ones?

    Seen loads of these wind deflectors, brought some for our Touran but haven't fitted them yet. Just wondering which are the best fit and quality for T6. Was thinking of going with Machine 7 ones. Thoughts?