clayton wheels

  1. A

    Sold Clayton Alloys £50

    Selling my 4 used Clayton’s 16” as I have swapped for a set of canteras on my T6.1 Alloys covered 14k miles. All fine bar one with a kerb rash as seen in pics. £70.00 Ono. Just taking up space in the garage and want rid. Any questions reach out.
  2. jimc91

    Sold Claytons - Free to collect in Beckenham

    set of 4 claytons, free to anyone willing to collect from Beckenham, South London/Kent They have the usual scuff marks, 2 hankook tires and 2 constancy tires all with between 4mm and 6mm of tread left.
  3. J

    For Sale Clayton wheels & tyres. Essex/London £200

    For sale - come off a t6.1 purchased from VW recently - very clean - tyres all good 2 Hancock 2 other brands - looking for 200 in ongar Essex - can be Canary Wharf
  4. R

    17” cascavelle wheels and my t30

    Hi all I have a 2021 t30 kombi with standard Clayton allow wheels, I recently purchased some cascavelle 27” wheels. Will these fit my t30 without any problems and what tyre size Would anyone recommend? I was thinking 235/55/17 or 215/60/17 but not sure now. The size on the wheel states 7 0j x...
  5. Lee540

    Sold 16" Clayton and Legal Tyres

    Surplus to requirements having just fit larger wheels. Set of 4. In good condition all with legal tyres. £100 - Collection Cornwall.
  6. hunta

    Sold Set of 4 x Clayton wheels and tyres £125

    Set of 4 Clayton wheels and Hankook tyres 205/65 x R16. Wheels in good condition but not perfect - see detailed pictures. Tyres have some life in them yet. £125. Located South Bucks.
  7. T

    For Sale Clayton’s £120

    Hi, up for sale set of Clayton alloys removed from 2020 t6.1. 2x Hancock 2x Bridgestone. 3x good tyres roughly 4/5mm to wear markers these are on near perfect rims. The fourth wheel the rim has few kerb marks and the tyre is past its best not much tread and is cracking might still be legal but...
  8. Northern Monkey

    For Sale Bf Goodrich/ Clayton alloys

    Bf Goodrich all terrain ko2 Fronts 7mm Rears 9mm 215/65/16 103 load rated All alloys have no kerb damage just in need of a deep clean. £300 Ono pick up from Manchester.
  9. P

    For Sale Single (1) Clayton alloy & tyre

    Clayton alloy with Hankook 205/65/16 tyre ideal as a replacement or spare. I have given it a clean, there is no kirbing but there is some very light rust spots if you look close up. These have been caused by grinding nearby. I have tried to capture this in the photographs £50 Collection from...
  10. M

    Sold Clayton wheels and tyres. £175

    Selling a set of 4 original 16" Clayton wheels taken from my 2022 T6.1 when I swapped out for some different alloys at approx 4k miles. Original Hankook Vantra LT tyres (205/65 R16) with approx. 6 to 7mm tread all round. Slight chip/scratch on one of the wheels, as can be seen in the photos, no...
  11. Dave Mac

    Sold Clayton’s £150

    For sale used Clayton Alloys. No kerbing, no puncture repairs. All continental tyres Tyres all legal, 2 with 6-7mm. 2 with 4-6 Good condition alloys, one has odd marks near hub. Collection only from York. £150.00
  12. D-reamer

    Sold Clayton 16 inch wheels with nearly new tyres

    Came with my van. It very good condition with plenty of life on the tyres. 2x 7.5 and 2x 6.5. Buyer to collect. Deposit can be sent to secure them pending collection from Rossett LL120EZ £165
  13. nathangreen28

    For Sale Clayton wheels and tyres. £250?

    Set of 4 VW original 16" Clayton Wheels taken from my T6 2018. All in good condition and tyres with less than 6/7K use (relaced last year). Details of tyres etc. can be seen in the pictures. I live in the Bracknell area and collection ideal. Thank you
  14. Pauly

    Wanted New 16" VW Clayton Alloys

    If there are any reasonably priced sets of new take off clayton alloys going i could be interested Its actually the tyres that im most interested in which is why im only looking for sets of new take offs ! Im Plymouth based but travel around Devon & Cornwall a bit for work so could meet up...
  15. R

    For Sale T6.1 Clayton Wheels & Very Good Tyres.

    Took these off my T6.1 Highline when I bought it, so they're about 1 year old but the tyres look like new IMO. No idea what these are worth, so I will take the best offer by next week! Thanks Buyer collects from Farnborough UK. :) Pictures now added!
  16. W

    Sold Clayton wheels + tyres. £150

    Evening guys, Selling my Clayton’s. From our 2016 T6. Wheels in good condition, a couple of small marks but I’d rate them 8/10 overall. Tyres included, all with approx 5/6mm on them still. After £200 but open to offers as need them gone! Based in bournemouth.
  17. S

    Sold 16" Clayton Alloy Wheels & Hankook Tyres (Leeds, W. Yorks) £300

    x4 16" Clayton alloy wheels & hankook tyres have done 500 miles only. They came brand new with my T6.1 Kombi Transporter direct from VW (I replaced these with larger 20" inch wheels so they are no longer required). Both the alloys and tyres are all in excellent condition. Collection only from...
  18. cy294

    16 Claytons - Snow

    Hi all, I'm looking at getting at getting a second set of wheels ready for a skiing trip. There seems to be a lot of the 16ins Claytons being advertised, so wanted to know if the size of them would cope if matched to a winter tyre. Is the Clayton to small to be going up a mountain in France?
  19. Luker22

    Sold Clayton Alloys & Tyres. £100

    Came off the van around 10k miles and been stored since. Good condition, no kerbs. Small stone chip on one wheel. Hankook tyres 5.5 x2 and 3.5 max x2 £100 collected from Swadlincote DE11.
  20. Ragster13

    For Sale 2022 VW 16" Claytons, Delivery Miles Only, Located in Leicestershire £300 per set ONO

    Just removed from a 2022 T6.1, delivery miles only and all date matching, tyre size in photo's, complete with centre caps, £300 ONO 2 sets available, collection from Syston, Leicestershire