1. F

    Towbar fitment now I have bigger wheels

    Hi folks. I have a t6 camper van. It has bigger wheels fitted so the spare wheel is larger meaning a towbar would need modified etc. is there any way round this or any kits etc. thank you.
  2. The Flying Scotsman

    Will my 20” wheels affect my speedometer?

    I’ve got 20” wheels with 275/40/20 tyres. I’m pretty sure my speedometer hasn’t been calibrated since. Will my speedo be out? I’ve noticed sometimes I seem to be faster than the traffic sitting at the speed limit. What diagnostic tool is used to calibrate the speed VCDS or Carista? Cheers
  3. M

    Spare wheel smaller than the rest.

    Just upgraded from 16" Claytons to 18" alloys on my T6.1 and wondering whether I need to change my 16" steel spare wheel? Read lots on the forum of issues with bigger wheels fitting and needing to get longer bolts etc and general faffing. In the event of a puncture, will I be ok to fit a 16"...
  4. W

    Ditch the spare?

    It's occurred to me that since fitting staggered 20s I may not be able to use my spare!? If a front tyre blows, the spare will be a different size than the other front and the diff will get hammered. But, I can't move a rear wheel to the front and stick the spare on the back because they are...
  5. Cooper

    235/65/17 tyres but 215/60/17 spares a problem?

    We are off to…… I don’t actually know…. Somewhere in Europe… next weekend. My T6 4motion normally wears 235/65/17 General Grabber AT3 because they look cool and the council owned country parks round here have some pretty extreme terrain . But the spare is a 215/60/17. If I got a puncher and put...
  6. D

    Wheel Sizes

    If you have standard 16" Alloys on T6 High-line and want to put 18/19" alloys on, does this create any problems
  7. P

    18” or 19”?

    As quite many are using 20" wheels, which by the way do look rather nice, but it is not suitable for all users. So please be kind and show your 18's and 19's to help make up my mind and hopefully gather good visual database for other users as well :)
  8. Glenn Board

    Speedo Adjustment For Bigger Tyres

    Hi, I was going to have the Seikel raised suspension kit fitted to my van which includes 235/65R17 108H tyres being fitted to my standard wheels, they tell me that if they do s speedo adjustment to match these tyres that there is a possibility that the cruise control will stop functioning...
  9. Shredder

    Am I Being Thick . . . .

    I'd assumed a Kombi LWB with -40mm springs, 20" rims and 275/40 tyres would have a lower overall height than the equivalent VW Sportline Looking at the wheel and rim calculator thingy, I'm not so sure now, unless I've done something wrong. Which would have a lower total vehicle height ?? Just...
  10. T

    All terrain tyres - recommendations and pictures

    hi all, does anyone have all terrain tyres on their van? I love the look but am interested in how loud they are compared to smoother tyres and if there are any other draw backs people have encountered, thanks
  11. GordyT6

    The Big wheel Gearbox debate

    Hi peeps. Look I know everyone has an opinion on this. But I have my 20's on my T6, a few warned me about it screwing my gearbox, then others say no I wouldn't, we've been and done that now but to a mere fool that I am. Can anyone answer me why VW think big wheels do the gearbox in? Surely my...