cargo lights

  1. R

    Interior Cargo Area Lighting Ideas?

    Hi all, I have a T6.1 which I'm converting (slowly!) I had a Skylow roof fitted but couldn't decide what lighting I wanted in the back, so told them to leave the cables where I could access them. I really want some adjustable mood type lighting in the back, I can't do the star-scape ceiling...
  2. B

    Rear luggage light

    I’ve been struggling for 2 hours trying to get these rear boot lights out to replace with leds. I know the metal spring is on the right but I can’t shift the light over enough to pop it out. Should be simple but I’m doing it wrong. Popped it out a bit for the pic so you can see it. I’m sliding...
  3. Skyliner33

    Interior Lights always on

    Picked a used panel van. In the back are 2 LED ceiling lights. I noticed that when it went dark as I was driving home these lights came on. There were no lights on in the cab above the windscreen. I cant work out how to switch these off whilst I am driving. I didnt think interior lights...
  4. Dellmassive

    LED Interior Cargo Lights - How I Done It.

    LED rear interior lights - How i done it. so a few have asked, so i though i would just list it here as a post so i could refer back to it in the future. The lights were purchased from The T6F shop over here > We were planning to do the carpeting at around the same time, but for the purpose...
  5. A

    Interior Lighting Query

    Hi All Have had a look through the forums and picked up a bit of information but I could do with a little clarification from those who are good with the interior electrics. I've got some led lights I want to put into the roof in place of the VW on/off/door open on light fitting. What is...
  6. James Rose

    Led Lighting In Rear And Tail Gate

    I would think it has been discussed. I am looking to add some lighting to improve the rear section of my kombi for work. Also in the tail gate. Can I tap off existing interior light? I do not need them to be on long its just for loading and unloading. So switched with existing is fine.
  7. KBF

    Roof light in the cargo room

    As topic says, roof light and cargo room. My T6 Transporter has the two lamps in the roof and they are connected with three wires and they dim down when inactive, starting engine, looking etc. And I want to place some more light in the cargo room because of the Sortimo layout I have in the van...
  8. S

    Tailgate led lights

    Evening, Planning my electrics install and I am keen to put some bright LED downlights in the tailgate. Is it possible to somehow wire them so they come on automatically when the tailgate is opened? And turn off when it's closed. As well as having a switch to override this and turn them off...
  9. Amped

    cargo LED striplights

    fitted some new LED lights in the rear of the van today, just couldn't find anything with the one useless VW one.