camper mart

  1. andythom188

    Camper Mart.

    Is anyone going to camper mart in January 2017 looks like a lot of trade stands going to be there I might have to go have a nosey and take me wallet :eek:
  2. Skyliner33

    Campermart From North West

    Thought I would start this as it got mentioned in a different thread. It was suggested by @Phil Blackburn travelling in convoy down to CamperMart on Sun 3rd Feb from the NW. Maybe Manchester area. I wondered if there is any interest in this or just meet up at the event?
  3. Northern Monkey

    Northwest Meet

    Ok thought I’d see if anyone would be interested in a meet? Put some faces to names have a natter and a brew open to offers as to where to meet up costa, Krispy kreme, pub or maccys :slow rofl:swap ideas and having a mooch sound some different vans.
  4. slidepods

    Vanwest anyone coming?

    As you can probably imagine I go to an awful lot of VW shows so get a good chance to compare them. Lets face it the weather plays a big part regards the sucess of a show anyone wjo went to dubfreeze last year knows that all to well. For what its worth my favourite show of the entire of 2016...
  5. Campermart 2017 2

    Campermart 2017 2