camper mart

  1. T6LadyDriver

    Follow Up On Vw Mart Telford

    Hi all does anyone know. If you buy the tickets online do you get in quicker or still have to join 1 queue ,any any advise on parking Thanks Di
  2. Tourershine

    Camper Mart.

    I've just been reminded that its Camper Mart on the 2nd of February. I've been the last couple of years and although it's only a small show, it's worth the trip if you're reasonably local. All the information you need is here Camper Mart - Sunday 2nd February 2020, Telford International...
  3. Skyliner33

    Campermart From North West

    Thought I would start this as it got mentioned in a different thread. It was suggested by @Phil Blackburn travelling in convoy down to CamperMart on Sun 3rd Feb from the NW. Maybe Manchester area. I wondered if there is any interest in this or just meet up at the event?
  4. Northern Monkey

    Northwest Meet

    Ok thought I’d see if anyone would be interested in a meet? Put some faces to names have a natter and a brew open to offers as to where to meet up costa, Krispy kreme, pub or maccys :slow rofl:swap ideas and having a mooch sound some different vans.
  5. Lord Mfwic

    Camper Mart 14th January 2018

    Hi and happy new year to all. Is anybody going to Camper Mart in Telford on 14th January 2018 ?
  6. slidepods

    Vanwest anyone coming?

    As you can probably imagine I go to an awful lot of VW shows so get a good chance to compare them. Lets face it the weather plays a big part regards the sucess of a show anyone wjo went to dubfreeze last year knows that all to well. For what its worth my favourite show of the entire of 2016...
  7. Campermart 2017 2

    Campermart 2017 2

  8. T6Chris

    Camper Mart 2017

    Probably tempting fate by considering going to this, should have the Kombi early Jan apparently! I'm guessing some of you guys would have been before, if so is it worth a trip? Camper Mart - the place to shop for all things VW Camper related!
  9. andythom188

    Camper mart 2017 telford

    Is anyone going to camper mart in January 2017 looks like a lot of trade stands going to be there I might have to go have a nosey and take me wallet :eek: