camper jam

  1. Dellmassive

    Camper Jam 23 - (7th - 9th July 2023)

    Camper Jam 23 - (7th - 9th July 2023) The dates are in for CJ23 - get them in your diary. ++++++++ 7 - 9 July 2023, Weston Park, A Family Friend VW Bus event for all types ++++++++ Tickets Tickets for Camper Jam 2023 will be on sale soon. Subscribe to our mailer or follow us on facebook...
  2. RichDavies82

    For Sale Camper Jam Adult Weekend Pass

    I have a spare CJ adult weekend pass if anyone’s needing one? £30
  3. S

    Found Camper Jam tickets x2

    Rubbish at organisation…… got round to buying my camper Jam tickets ……. Guess what….. sold out Duuuuu Anybody got any that they aren’t going to need …… I’m looking for 2 Adults and a van camping for the weekend…… Any help would be gravely appreciated and hopefully get me out of the dog house !!!!!
  4. Vdubcuz

    Sold Camper Jam ticket

    For sale, 1 adult weekend pass with Van. Unfortunately can’t make it this year. £100.00 posted.
  5. Dellmassive

    Camper Jam 22

    Camper Jam 22 - 1st - 4th July 2022 ++++ Those of you with 2021 tickets will automatically have your bookings moved to next year’s event. Dates are 1st - 3rd July 2022 and we ask that you please do this. Keeping your tickets means guaranteeing your place to...
  6. RichDavies82

    Found Camper Jam Tickets

    I’m after weekend Camper Jam tickets if anyone’s unsure of going this year. Ideally, I’m after 3 adults and a camping unit. Not too concerned where the camping is but would prefer the Forum camping area.
  7. Dellmassive

    Camper Jam 21 - July 2nd - 4th, 2021

    Camper Jam 2021 - July 2nd - 4th, 2021 time to start getting the diary in order for next year . . . with the VW Gods willing all these events will go ahead. most of us will have tickets that will roll over . . . . Is Camper Jam for you? Camper Jam is not for you if... You like playing...
  8. Eli

    Camper Jam 2020 - Cancelled

    Tickets on sale from tomorrow 17th September . Edited/moved to include more details (@Dellmassive ) Camper Jam 2020 5-7th July 2019, Weston Park, Shropshire . Frequently Asked Questions — Camper Jam 2020 . Tickets — Camper Jam 2020 . Camping — Camper Jam 2020 . When? Dates: 3rd -...
  9. lucas3232

    Sold Camper Jam Ticket For Sale

    1 adult camper jam weekend camping ticket for sale in the t6 camping area can't go due to working now can post next day delivery, anyone, interested
  10. Eli

    Sold Camper Jam 2019 Tickets

    Due to not being able to get the time off. I am now selling my Camper Jam 2019 tickets. 2 Adults 1 Child Forum Camping Show Programme £110 Registered postage anywhere in the UK
  11. Ed Webb

    Sold Camper jam Tickets 2adult 1van

    Yet another year goes by that after excitedly purchasing these tickets I'm unable to get the time off for this event. So here they are... Camperjam 2019 tickets for two people and 1 VW van in forum camping Included in package is exactly what arrived in post: 2x wristbands 1x VW vehicle pass...
  12. Mark Howkins

    Camper Jam - 5th - 7th, July 2019 Weston Park, Shropshire

    CJ 2019 Booked! Home is where you park it......can we have a new thread please?
  13. DaveyB

    Sold 1x Adult @ 1x Child Ticket For Camper jam 2018.

    Due to the daughter now having a sailing event on CamperJam weekend, neither she nor Mrs DaveyB are going to be able to attend. These tickets are camping tickets, although you’d need to purchase a separate vehicle camping pass (£20 from CJ website if non VW, £10 if camping with a VW). Ideal if...
  14. Ed Webb

    Sold Camper jam Tickets 2 Adults 1 Van All Weekend

    Gutted to be selling these but job promotion which involved a change of rosta and team means I can't get the holiday for this show. Selling 2 adult weekend passes which includes camping and a vehicle pass in t6forum camping. £100 which includes royal mail special delivery (signature required)...
  15. Mark Howkins

    Camper Jam 2018 - Forum Club Pitch

    I've requested that the organizers add a T6 Forum Club Camping area. 10 Spaces to be allocated initially. 6 -8 July 2018 - Shropshire. Who is up for it?
  16. T6 Forum

    Camper Jam 6-8 July 2018 Weston Park, Shropshire

    T6 Forum created a new event: Camper Jam 7-9 July 2017 Weston Park, Shropshire Read more about this event...
  17. PukkaT6

    Camper Jam

    So given you lot all like your vans I wondered how many of you attend Camperjam. I have been the last three years as its a good atmosphere and stuff for the kids to do so I can concentrate on wine and beer ha Just thinking it would be nice to say hello and have a proper look at your T6's if you...
  18. slidepods

    Vanwest anyone coming?

    As you can probably imagine I go to an awful lot of VW shows so get a good chance to compare them. Lets face it the weather plays a big part regards the sucess of a show anyone wjo went to dubfreeze last year knows that all to well. For what its worth my favourite show of the entire of 2016...