cambridge campervans

  1. Saint Paul

    Cambridge Campervans conversion complete

    Got the van back from Cambridge campervans today, well happy with the conversion. Final stage will be wheels and lowering when funds allow!
  2. T

    Needingworth Or Cambridge Campers?

    Hi everybody! Been obsessed about vw buses since a young boy and finally taking the jump and getting my first one this weekend!!! Im looking at 2 in particular, both chrome yellow fully converted 19 plate with delivery miles on, both companies just a few miles inbetween so going up friday to...
  3. goldeneye243

    Any Converter Recommendations Near Cambridge Please

    Starting to look at either buying a converted van, or buying a panel van and getting it converted. Any recommendations please - Good or bad experiences greatly appreciated!
  4. J

    Best UK T6 Camper Dealers

    Good evening all, I am looking to buy a T6 that has been converted. Currently looking at vans on ‘LKW Campers’ of Oxford which are supplied by ‘Camper King’ Can anyone recommend any similar dealerships so I could broaden my search? Many thanks Jez
  5. E

    Why do conversion companies behave like this?

    Hi, Just wanted to tell the story of my quest for a good camper conversion. to have pop top, dog crates and whatever facilities we could fit in. I did a lot of research and narrowed the field down to 3 companies I thought I would like to do business with. The first three bridges when contacted...