Show us your sliding-rail rock and roll beds!

    Hello, so i wanted the Reimo vario 3000 but Im not willing to pay in excess 7-8k for it with flooring and storage. instead I have looked at the smart bed evo 2 rail system, anyone got pics of this or similar alternatives in a SWB and any pictures of the bed being forward on a SWB to show how...
  2. S

    Wanted Cambee Kitchen Go Pod

    Maybe someone out there has one they no longer want? Willing to sell? Sadly currently unavailable from Cambee.
  3. L

    R&r Bed On Rails Alongside Evo Furniture - Not Enough Space?

    Hi, I've had a Cambee Flex 3/4 bed on rails fitted, which is great. However, once I've built the furniture from an Evo kit and fitted it alongside, the bed is really difficult to move along the rails. I've carpeted the interior but still have ply panels to fit on the furniture side, but if I do...
  4. DaveKentUK

    Cambee Tourer With Hilo

    3 stage build (Cambee flex on rails, HiLo then Cambee Tourer) just finished so thought I should post a few pics... :) Many thanks to all at Cambee; I look forward to seeing future conversions based upon the design work mine was the guinea pig for ;) Worth pointing out that it has a...
  5. DaveKentUK

    Top-loading fridge with 120cm bed?

    Has anyone had furniture fitted with a top-loading fridge and with a 118/120cm wide seat/bed installed? If so, where from and can I see the pics please? :) I'm gradually getting my kombi converted and when the HiLo roof has been fitted, in a couple of months, I'll be planning to get the...