cabin filter

  1. S

    Upgrading the pollen filter / cabin filter

    I can't help but notice that my T6.1 Shuttle is totally useless at filtering out outside pollution, smell and smoke compared to my wife's T6 California Ocean. Is there any reason for this and is there some way I can make my T6.1 shuttle better at filtering out outside crap?
  2. Dellmassive

    Service Parts List - What Goes Where -

    Service Parts List - What Goes Where - Here is a Basic list for all Parts required for Servicing which will be updated moving forwards: Brakes: Pads: 308mm F Pagid Brake Pad (Front Axle) Product Code: 101441298 340mm F Pagid Pagid Brake Pad (Front Axle)Product Code: 101441868 340mm F Brembo...
  3. J

    Cabin/Pollen Filter installation

    Has anyone managed to install one on a T6? If so how?