1. HoopDub

    FREE T6 panel van full (2 pc) bulkhead

    Hey there fellow van humans. I've recently removed the full black steel bulkhead that was in my 2018 T6 startline. I wont be needing it so thought I'd ask here if anyone wants it before i put it out for Steptoe. Located in Pontypridd, South Wales. Its just the bulkhead, both parts, top and...
  2. D

    Sold Motexion Kombi Bulkhead with window

    Motexion Bulkhead with window, removed from our T6 Kombi SWB Twin slider. Good condition, looking for £150 ONO. Collection from West Oxfordshire area only.
  3. S

    FREE Bulkhead - Sold

    No longer needed, and need the space. Plastic bulkhead from my Kombi. It has a hole cut into the bottom where I needed to carry stepladders. May be of use to somebody. Collection Milton Keynes.
  4. P

    Kombi bulkhead: T5 / T6 differences?

    Hi Guys, Are the T5 bulkheads for a Kombi the same as a T6? And are the SWB identical to the LWB? Thanks in advance
  5. F

    Bulkhead or not.

    I currently use the van for track days , and as I daily when the missis has the car. I have sound deadened, insulated and fully carpeted the rear. I initially intended to keep the bulkhead in and just sound deadened and carpet but now I can’t decide if I should remove the bulkhead. Part of me...
  6. Lee540

    FREE T6 Bulkhead

    Free for collection from St Ives, Cornwall.
  7. vincethomas

    Sold Genuine Kombi Bulkhead for twin slider

    Kombi Bulkhead for Twin sliding door. Collection only from Chessington (Surrey) £150
  8. C

    Bulkhead removal and sale?

    Hello, So I finally got my T6.1 today (very happy, you lucky lot having one already!) So being absolutely TERRIBLE at all things diy, I am planning to remove the bulk head (full size) myself! I want daylight coming into the back of the van. Is it just removing the bolts and then taking it...
  9. Hutoa

    Sold Glazed Twin slider bulkhead for Kombi T6, carpeted

    Hi there, I have a twin slider bullhead you might looking for. It’s a glazed one for a twin slider model. Fits well and keeps the noise out and the heat in. 12 screws to attach/detach. Non smoker use. I’m in Northampton and looking for £100 for it please. Collection only but worth a drive as...
  10. Hutoa

    For Sale Bulkhead for Kombi twin-slider

    I have a twin slider Kombi bulkhead. Location is Northampton. Good condition, want £100 for it
  11. wickedcamper

    Bulkhead trim cover

    Hi everyone As I’m about to remove the bulkhead of my van I was wondering whether there’s an alternative to avoid cutting the welded retainers/trims as I want to be able to put the bulkhead back in place. There used to be a really interesting solution for the T4 that I can't seem to find for...
  12. 1982disco

    Found Bulkhead for kombi, twin slider

    Hello I’m seeking A Twin Slider Motexion kombi bulkhead. I’m Located nr Harlow. Any help on where to find one would be much appreciated
  13. A

    For Sale T6 Bulkhead ***Single sliding side door*****

    HI, For sale is my Kombi bulkhead, carpeted to the front and plastic on the rear. Very clean condition from a smoke free, pet free vehicle. The previous owner adapted the right hand corner but doesn't affect the look or fit at all. (I have included in the picture for your reference). Also I have...
  14. tommarkwick

    Found Kombi Bulkhead Twin Slider

    Wanted Twin Slider Motexion kombi bulkhead. I’m Located in East Sussex. Thanks
  15. M

    Best to remove bulkhead on new van for sound deadening or not?

    Morning I’ll be picking up my new panel van soon and will then start on sound deadening the cab and the rear. I’m having an extended bulkhead fitted - my question is, is it better to not get the dealer to fit that bulkhead before sound deadening or is it no problem to sound deaden with it in...
  16. N

    Sold Genuine VW T6 Combi Bulkhead

    From my 67 reg T6 Combi. Fits behind rear seats to separate load space. £150 collected from Dorking Surrey.
  17. Paulstewart20

    For Sale Glazed Bulkhead £60

    Bulk head for sale original oem with a slider in the window £100ono
  18. R

    Sold Glazed Bulkhead

    VW bulkhead. fits behind rear seats. primarily fits a single slider but will fit a twin slider - it's been in my twin slider for 4 years - just not as good a fit. (understand it could be altered to make a better fit in a twin) Derby. £150
  19. P

    Wanted Glazed bulkhead for Kombi twin slider. Yorkshire.

    Hi. I’m in need of a bulk head for a kombi 6.1 twin slider. Needs to have a window in it. Wetherby area. Thanks.
  20. Jonni2rets

    Sold Motexion t6 bulkhead

    Just removed from a 2018 t6 kombi twin slider. In good condition has a few smallscuffs. Located in Chorley, Lancashire £175