1. MattPoss

    Panel Van/Kombi Bulkhead Idea’s....

    I have a SWB T6 Panel Van with a Single Sliding Door. I’ve just picked up a set of 2+1 Kombi Seats which im going to install 95% of the time I am the only person in the van and as it’s my only vehicle i use it for everything (work, everyday journeys, dogs in the back, motorbike trackdays...
  2. 362bkr

    Wanted Kombi bulkhead

    Any one got a Kombi bulkhead they want get rid off . Mines a twin door if that makes a difference . Ideally in the southwest area .
  3. L

    Sold Bulkhead with window £50

    VW Transporter T6 2019 - 2 Part Steel Bulkhead with window. Can deliver within Central belt of Scotland. Contact seller for details.
  4. M

    Sold Motexion Removeable Kombi Bulkhead

    Motexion Kombi removable bulkhead for sale. Removed from my recently bought T6 Kombi as I don't need it. It wasn't screwed in - just 'loose' fitted. There is a mark / crease as the bottom (see pics) but that's it Located in Derby (collection only) £ FREE! :) Thanks!
  5. Andysmee

    [GUIDE] How to remove the top half of the bulkhead in a T6 panel van

    This is a partial guide - as removing the whole bulkhead is the subject of many a conversion thread elsewhere. But here's the nugget - there are bolts hidden in the cab headlining you need to release to remove the top half of the bulkhead: Slide this trim from one side of the van to the other...
  6. Murdoch

    Opening hatch in bulkhead?

    I’ve just acquired a bulk head for my kombi and wow it’s made a huge difference to the noise inside the van reducing all the clatter from my tools one small issue is that because it fits behind where the rear seats would be I can’t carry long items easily so it made me wonder if it’s possible...
  7. A

    Dogs - How Do You Transport Yours?

    Having settled on a Kombi SWB to have professionally converted to a camper I've got the new concern of transporting my dogs. How do you transport yours? I'd be keen to see pictures of dog travel arrangements. I've got two Border Terriers who travel well in the back of my estate Octavia and my...
  8. gabjam

    Fixing ceiling panel

    Hi all, very new to this and need a bit of advice! Bought a 2016 T6 last week and the seller assured us he had fixed all the little problems with it. Turns out, he hadn't fixed any of them. One of the lesser problems is the ceiling panel above the main compartment - it's hanging off with a load...
  9. G

    Load size after fitting bulk head to Kombi

    Hi does anybody know the measurement from where the front bulkhead was to the rear bulkhead I have to fit. Thanks
  10. E704C2F2-694C-4E58-AA58-4F03C08A4998.jpeg


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  13. Velma2

    Sold Brand new PV bulkhead .....immaculate

    Brand new bulkhead T6 2019.....immaculate. Taken carefully from a 100 mile 2019 T6. Open to offers. Any money raised goes to Ryedale special families, a children’s charity for children and young adults . Photos just show a few of may fingerprints after I took it out. Collection from YO17...
  14. I

    FREE T6 PV bulkhead with factory sliding window

    Good condition just taken out of 2016 T6. Will swap for beer or stick some money in the charity tin of your choice. collection from Burton on Trent.
  15. D

    T6 Bulkhead refit

    I have a T6 LWB panel van and I have removed the bulkhead (2 pieces) in order to maximise the load space. Im now in the process of returning the van to the lease company and I have misplaced every screw ;( can anyone tell me what screws I need, I believe there are a few different size and...
  16. C

    Fitting T6 Kombi Bulkhead

    I'm gearing up to fit the above which I have just purchased from local VW Van centre. Couple of questions please. 1. I'm assuming the rear seats have to come out. Mine are the removable type 2 + 1. 2. Do you have to remove the ceiling panels first. I have 3 mm thick light grey coloured...
  17. C

    Wanted Kombi Bulkhead Wanted

    Anyone have a good quality Kombi bulkhead for twin sliding side doors?
  18. M

    Bulkhead With Window

    I‘ve just removed my bulkhead from my panel van. It’s factory fitted with the glazed panel. Are they worth much on the 2nd hand market?
  19. D

    Flatten-off Bulkhead In Panel Van

    I get why the bulkhead is the shape that it is - to give maximum space for the front seats. But for me, when loading the van, having a perfectly vertical bulkead would be much better. Has anyone tried to modify the van in this way? I'm thinking some batons and a sheet of wood...
  20. D

    Fitting Seat Covers With A Bulkhead

    Hi I am new to this forum. It looks like something I could have done with knowing about a couple of years ago. I have a T6 Panel Van with bulkhead and would like to get some seat covers. I am not sure whether the seats are bolted to the bulkhead as there is very little space behind them so I...