1. M

    bulkhead gap = ceiling droop

    Hi, My T6 was lined with the bulkhead in place. The bulkhead has now been removed and some of the roof isn’t supported as it is too short. How have people fixed this without getting a new roof panel?
  2. D

    bulkhead and leg room

    Hi All...I have been thinking of a change of van for a few months now from a for transit which I have had transits all my working life to a transporter...anyway I picked the transporter up about 3 weeks ago and as ye do join the vw site for some tips an advice...the van I have got is a 17 plate...
  3. L

    For Sale Motexion glass bulkhead BRAND NEW for single side door.

    Hi folks. I have a brand new Motexion glass/window bulkhead for sale. Never been fitted (or removed from the box!) and is immaculate. Bought it last year during lockdown but now my van plans have changed and is no longer required. looking for £300ono located in the Caerphilly valley, just...
  4. R

    Is this the correct bulkhead twin slider

    It covers the strap points too twin slider van Eye Lash point Thanks for looking I’m in weapons grade bad mood van is delivered muddy inside missing trim clips shocking job on bulkhead
  5. C

    Fitting and removal of bulkhead ??

    Good evening , I have a single sliding T6 Kombi and when removal or fitting the bulkhead I really do seem to make hard work of it !! Anyone got an easy way of doing it
  6. H

    Motexion Bulkhead Fixings

    Just about to purchase a used Motexion Bulkhead for my kombi, but the guy doesn't have the fixings. Can anyone tell me what fixings I need, I presume they are self tapping screws. Thanks in advance. Simon
  7. cbrblade

    For Sale T6 Kombi Bulkhead - glazed, twin door, carpeted

    T6 kombi bulkhead removed from a 2017 kombi with twin doors,not sure if that makes a difference as it fits my single door ok £225
  8. Towtugt6

    FREE T6 T32 Kombi LWB Twin Door Carpeted Window Bulkhead

    Bulkhead in great condition taken out of my Kombi as I needed to be able to access my dog when loaded up for camping I have limited space to store it so need it to go as I've got the builders moving in Collection from just outside Stafford
  9. S

    For Sale Twin sliding door bulk head t6.1 kombi

    For sale I have my original t6.1 twin sliding door bulk head. came out of my 20 plate t6.1 and only covered 6k miles with it in. looking for £150 collection derby area cheers Rob
  10. Ricardo T

    Aftermarket T6.1 PV fibreglass Bulkhead

    Morning all, struggling to find many suppliers of the above for a lwb standard set up PV, ideally the easily removable type if there is such a thing. I know they come up on here every now and again but would be willing to buy new if not. Has anyone researched this? Cheers guys.!
  11. S

    Wanted Kombi Bulkhead

    Hi All, Looking for a kombi bulkhead with window for a single slider T6.1. Anyone got one for sale?
  12. M

    Bulkhead Left In?

    Anyone got a camper with the bulkhead left in? Id be interested to see what you've done with it/how you've done it. Im interested in doing a conversion with it in and although I've got an idea, be cool to see others. thanks dudes
  13. C

    Found Kombi Single sliding-door Bulkhead

    Good evening Have any of you fine people got a reasonable priced Bulkhead for a single door Kombi for sale please ?? I’m based on Greater Manchester so if your not too far away please drop me a message. Cheers
  14. D

    For Sale Kombi metal driverside bulkhead cage

    I have a driver only metal bulkhead from when my van was a kombi. I believe it's a genuine VW part fitted by a dealer. Bulkhead has two coat hooks. Supplied with two floor bolts and rubber bungs and two bolts for the ceiling. I'm after £50 for it. Collection only from Huddersfield.
  15. I

    Sliding Bulkhead

    Hi - I'm looking for some ideas for a LWB T6 PV I'm going to upgrade the sound system, but probably not going to install subwoofer boxes in the back - rather units under the front seat/s. To keep the sound pressure up in the cabin I've been thinking about a sliding bulk head and wondered if...
  16. Brindle

    Sold OEM Kombi bulkhead

    Great condition, few marks on the cargo side and needs a clean as per pics. Glazed, can be taken in or out in seconds or secured permanently. collection from Cannock / Wolverhampton area. They have gone from anything up to £300 + on eBay, £230 collected?
  17. Steeeeve

    FREE T6 two piece bulkhead

    In excellent condition, just removed from my van yesterday with all fixings. Brentwood, Essex
  18. Steeeeve

    Bulkheads worth anything?

    Just removed the two piece bulkhead. Are they worth anything?
  19. G

    Sold Motexian Bulkhead - twin slider

    Just taken this out the van. Spot on condition, no marking. Twin slider version. ZGB 5GA 017 232 with carpet/textile & window fits behind the second-row seat for a twin sliding door Kombi. £250 ONO
  20. D

    Newbie, swivel seats, removable bulkhead

    After 15 years in Transits, I'm going to order a new T6(SWB 150PS T32 startline) and as well as a work van I'd like to use it as a rudimentry camper. A couple of questions what is the cost installing swival seats and any pros and cons for different makes or installers? Has anyone ever made...