1. K

    FREE Kombi Twin Slider Bulkhead

    I’ve removed this bulkhead the other week. It’s in really good condition though there is a hole cut out to allow ladders to be put in the Kombi via removing the +1 seat It has the vision panel fitted too. Collection from Clevedon (North Somerset).
  2. T

    FREE Free: Anybody need a all metal bulkhead?

    Just removed bulkhead from my T6 van. metal two part collection only Bedford
  3. M

    For Sale Motexion Bulkhead £100 ZGB7HO017234

    Very light use in my LWB twin slider. May fit other models. Located near Havant Hampshire.
  4. N

    Sold Kombi Bulkhead T5 T6 incl Fixings reduced to £80

    Hello All, I have a Motexion bulkhead for sale looking for £175 or nearest offer . We are getting a poptop so this Kombi bulkhead must go. It is from a LWB T6 Kombi which has done 115k but it is in good condition internally and only has a few marks on the boot side no cracks though just general...
  5. S

    For Sale Bulk Head with glass Window (read the below chat to see if it fits your van)

    Standard genuine VW bulkhead with a fixed window. Coming off a single sliding door LWB panel Van. In very good condition (Vans 2019 reg and only travelled 7000 miles). I must admit I'm not entirely sure what these are worth so offers welcome. Seems like the sliding window ones or the motexian...
  6. timthetinyhorse

    Anyone only remove the top half of the bulkhead?

    Hi All, I’m looking to insulate and carpet the back of my van however wondering if anyone has left the lower half of the bulkhead in place and just removed the upper? The van is used for bikes and surfboards so don’t need a step through setup and thought it might make sense to stop things...
  7. RyanT6

    For Sale Motexion kombi bulkhead £200 collect from Telford

    As the title says I have a Motexion kombi passenger side single opening bulkhead for sale. I bought this and never used it. Collection. From Telford Shropshire or contact me 07850693532
  8. A

    Shuttle bulkhead available?

    Hi all, Iam new to the group so hope I have posted this correctly? I am trying to buy a removable bulk head to go behind the second row of seats on a T6 shuttle.I’ve read online a company in Salisbury do this but rang around with no luck. Any help greatly appreciated Thanks
  9. N

    Motexion Bulkhead supplier

    Hello all, I'm after a Motexion bulkhead for my kombi T6. Do you know where i can get one from? i cant find a list of dealers on their site. Thanks in advance
  10. ybeandy

    FREE T6 bulkhead

    Collection from South Devon As it states, taken out of my T6, It's the metal two part version.
  11. D

    For Sale Motexion Bulkhead T5 T6 Kombi

    Has been used and was removed recently from my T6 Kombi with twin sliding doors. Overall good condition. ZGB 7H0 017 234 - with carpet/textile & window - fits behind second row seat. Suitable for T5 & T6 Kombi. Window is made from safety glass. Motexion Bulkheads are made from ABS (same...
  12. S

    Carpet Bulkhead To Reduce Noise?

    Hi guys. Thinking about removing the bulkhead to line each side with carpet to deaden the noise from the back of my 67 reg T6 panel van. Has anyone done this and had any success with it? Thanks
  13. G

    Sold Kombi bulkhead

    Hi, I've decided to take out my kombi bulkhead. My van is a twin slider but the bulkhead looks different on one side so looks to me like it will go in a single. Few marks on the load side £100 collected West Yorkshire
  14. Jarwood

    Bulkhead Fitting

    Hi all, Does anyone know if a steel bulkhead removed from a T5.1 panel van will fit straight into a T6 panel van or are the sizes different? I’ve had a look and can’t see that it’s been discussed before … Cheers
  15. Jarwood

    Found T6 Bulkhead with window

    Hi all, I’m looking for a bulkhead with window to fit a T6 panel van so that I can keep an eye on the dogs and to let a little extra light into the load area! Preferably within travel distance of Gloucestershire. Cheers
  16. O

    Mesh Bulkhead ideas needed for my business campervan build

    Hi! I have a new fantastic T6 Van Business for my outdoor activities. Windsurfing, Mtb and obviously sleeping. I want to remove the upper part of divider replacing it with a wire mesh behind the driving seat, but VK has not an official mesh. Than I wil put a twinbed that can be transformed in a...
  17. ma77y

    Sold Bulkhead

    Now gone to the tip.

    For Sale Glazed Bulkhead (sliding window)

    Used Bulkhead with sliding glass. Just removed from a 2016 van. Includes brackets. Collection from OX7. Asking £70
  19. W

    Bulkhead with window ….Motexion ? for 6.1 panel van swb

    Hi I have a new 6.1 t30 swb with metal bulkhead , I would like to get one with the window on fitted by VW. Anyone been down this route And got a view on part numbers, description, pictures please ?
  20. M

    bulkhead gap = ceiling droop

    Hi, My T6 was lined with the bulkhead in place. The bulkhead has now been removed and some of the roof isn’t supported as it is too short. How have people fixed this without getting a new roof panel?