bristol camper company

  1. Montecha

    Floor sound-deadening

    What's the best sound deadening for a Kombi floor? The roof, sides and wheel arches are all done, and was always planning to do the floor as well. I think the 20s generate a lot of road noise so figured this could be a nice little job for the B/H weekend. Are folks sticking with a 2mm Dynamat...
  2. T5SUG

    20" Rs6 Wheels

    Are the 20" RS6 wheel a direct fit for a 2016 VW Caravelle without the need for spacers? Anyone used Bristol Camper Company ? Quantity £895.00 WELCOME TO THE BRISTOL CAMPER COMPANY, HERE WE STRIVE TO FULFILL THE NEEDS FOR THE CAMPER FRATERNITY. We have access to 1000s of items both Genuine VW...
  3. T6dder

    Bristol Camper Company

    Forgot to mention these great guys on here after they have helped me buy my van and add all the extras including my Genuine VW front spoiler before general release. They hire out vans for holidays as well as buy, do full conversions and offer some valuable impartial advice. Bristol Camper...