1. P1cko

    Stance + Vs Blueline

    Evening all, . So just fitted Stance + to my T6 and have to say I prefer the Blueline JOM I fitted to my T5.1. I find the stance I little hard in comparison, have to say wasn't impressed with the aftersales at Stance, no phone number just want to deal by email and got a very curt response...
  2. Eli

    Who’s got what suspension

    You may have something that isn’t listed so let me know and I will add it to the list
  3. Dwuk2000

    Coilover Fitting - Hampshire/Surrey Area

    Have a 2017 ex AA T6 T32 that is in dire need of lowering. Can anyone suggest a garage to fit some Bluebird coilovers in the Hampshire/Surrey area? Preferably one that is open on Saturdays. Thanks in advance.
  4. C

    Bluebird Coilovers

    Looking at lowering my LWB shuttle around 60-70mm. I'm looking at all options and speaking to various people but don't seem to find much in the way of feedback on the Bluebird coilovers. Anyone fitted these that can offer any feedback? Budget is fairly constrained so there an option.