bentley wheels

  1. 5n0wb0mb3r

    Wanted Rolls or Bentley Wheels.

    I'm after a set of Rolls or Bentley wheels. 19s or 20s would be fine. Staggered or not. Are adapters needed or do they bolt straight on without a fuss? Anyone selling?
  2. T

    Sold AS NEW Genuine 21" BENTLEY Wheels Satin Black SSR II HANKOOK VENTUS 1 EVO 3 TYRES

    Hi Guys I have taken these off my T6.1 T32 Raceline Special which I have just bought. Only done 2344 miles! Plenty of tread left on all four tyres. Wheels all in A1 condition Includes genuine Bentley centre caps and wheel studs. Will fit straight onto the T6.1 Comes with Hankook Ventus Evo...
  3. harveyj09

    Wheel bolt length for Bentley alloys

    Anyone know for definite what length bolts I need for Bentley alloys? I’ve had them re drilled to 5x120 with tapered seats, just need the bolts. Wheels are away with powder coater otherwise I’d measure myself. TIA
  4. t7ommy

    bentley mulliner wheels

    hello everybody is there anyone on here that have in the past of still running bentley mulliner wheels? Specifically drilled out (with photographs) to 5x120 pcd and can give some feedback on how well they turned out Also people that run adaptors and that can give me detailed photographs on the...
  5. LpeppsT6

    Sold Bentley 20s

    Bentley originally 5 x 112 9” et41 but fronts have been redrilled to 5 x 120. Rear I run on adapters to fill the arch. 245/35/20 all round new tyres custom one off floating centres. Been repair/welded a year ago. Few scuffs but still look good £1500 Only selling as van now sold See my...
  6. LpeppsT6

    Sold 2017 T32 Sportline Kombi twin slider/ AirRide / 20”/ ICE/ 14k

    Here for sale is my 2017 genuine T6 factory Sportline Kombi 6 seater DSG with one owner from new and only covered 14,000 miles total cost so far I've spent is £63,000 - it has accuair air ride and ABP struts/bags, H&R anti roll bars and power flex adjustable bushes, at the moment it has Bentley...
  7. Marcoevo9

    Sold 21” Bentley SSR11

    Hi all I have my 21” 5x120 Bentley ssr11 for sale with virtually brand new Dunlop sport maxx gt tyres(2654021-105yxl) best part £1.6k(6-7mm). These wheels came with my van when I purchased it from Raceline. They look the dogs dangles on any t5/6 pics below looking for £2500(ovno) for these...
  8. Tony Smith

    Sold T6 Bentley Look A Like Pcd 5x120 Cb65.1 Direct Fit Tuv Apprved

    Set of 4 20 x 8.5 ET45 PCD 5 x 120 CB 65.1 Direct fit TUV approved, Weight approved Alloy wheels made by MAK Alloy Wheels. 275/40/20 Pirelli fronts with 6 mm left the rear are Continentals these need replacing but are still legal the wheels are in good condition 2 rims could do with a refurb...
  9. Hinks007

    Bentley Wheels??

    i really fancy some Bentley wheels on my T6 having seen a few T6's with them on, can anyone tell me where to get them from ? Thanks