bebb beds

  1. B

    Rock N Roll Beds

    Anyone got recommendations for rock and roll beds. Not a fan of RIB beds. Have been looking at JAC conversions (super cheap) but pull tested and for 1000 quid comes retrimmed in leather Rusty lee- but can see if there pull tested Also looking at Blade beds but seem quite narrow . Any input...
  2. Marc Eddon

    Seat Beds - Which one?

    I will apologise in advance because this post is me basically wanting the 'moon on a stick' :whistle: I am currently researching my conversion and my sticking point at the moment is a bed, this is made worse with my annoying attention to detail and OCD. If I list the limiting...
  3. Fish

    Bebb Bed.. issues

    Having made the decision to go for Bebb bed from Salop Van (shewsbury), which arnt cheap) I am alittle disappointed about the quality provided. They have saved by not using genuine QR floor brackets, granted these they have provided are 'M1' rated but surely the VW genuine ones are too?.(maybe...