bcm pins

  1. P

    Is there a possible t5.1 bcm daigram

    Linbus output / and possible grey steering as struggling getting paddles to work or illumation on buttons
  2. Lightrofit

    Little tip for people that need to pin the BCM

    I mentioned this in another thread ages ago, not sure on who knows this but this is usually how I gain access to the T6 BCM plugs when I need to add pins. Done it this way for years. It doesn’t add much time for certain installs, such as cruise control, plus it gives you somewhere to...
  3. Dav-Tec

    Test bench loom

    Done a quick search and couldn't find anything. Before I go digging drawings out and making my.own just wondered if anyone had made their own test bench loom for testing purposes? I have one I'm going to adapt so i can swap front a Transporter BCM/Gateway to a Caddy gateway as I tend to work on...
  4. KennyW

    BCM Pin sizes

    I need to add two connextions in my BCM, pin 10 and pin 63. I ordered 4.8mcp terminals, but they are too large for the pin 10 slot and too small for the pin 63 slot. Can anyone twll me what size I need for these?
  5. D

    BCM pinout diagram with wire colours available anywhere?

    Hi everyone I’m trying to track the colour of wires into the bcm A (black) and B (white) plugs as the diagrams I’ve seen so far only show partial bits and bobs some of which don’t match the colours in my 2019 T6 Caravelle. is there something somewhere that shows only the T73a and T73b...
  6. Littleblackflash

    Tailgate conversion - BCM Connector pins and numbering system.

    Hi All Finally I'm trying to run a wire from my tailgate conversion to the BMC. I've run the wire, removed the BCM and opened the black connector. What I can't see is where pin 23 is in the connector. Does anyone have a diagram showing where the pins are? Thanks in advance
  7. Littleblackflash

    BCM Terminal Pins

    i need to add a wire into my BCM for my tailgate conversion. What’s the pin part number or where can I get some?
  8. Ads_Essex

    Barn-door To Tailgate Conversion

    HOW TO TAILGATE This is a guide to replacing the barn doors on your T6 with a tailgate. The conversion is in itself simple, with the parts being bolted on, and falls in to three elements - having the parts present, having the tools available, and having the electrical system altered. Parts...