barn doors

  1. T6 dork

    For Sale T5.1 rear bumper Stainless protector NEW

    I Bought this and sold my T5.1 before i had chance to fit it brand new in box £30
  2. L

    Barn door not unlocking from inside

    After a few days out with van my wife returned this morning saying the barn doors wouldn’t open from inside ? It opens fine from outside but not inside Checked the deadlocks were not engaged etc I assume this will be covered by our 1st year warranty from the dealers p
  3. Droneshadow

    For Sale Barn door windows

    Pair of barn door windows, with full fitting kit inc rubber trim. Would cost around £150 Sell for £90 collected from LE12 9DQ Half a mile from J21 M1
  4. sipep

    Wanted THQ T6 Sequential Indicator Barn door LED Rear Lights

    Looking for barn door rear lights.
  5. Droneshadow

    For Sale Rear barn door windows.

    I bought these for a T5 project last year, then decided not to fit them. That van has now gone and I have a T6. I offered these up to the T6 rear windows and they are identical. Comes with the slimmer edge trim, and full fitting kit. They are clear, or very little tint, not quite sure...
  6. L

    Replacing broken tail light (barn door) with Depo unit

    Hi, just looking for some simple advice please on a replacement for the standard rear light assembly on my T6 after an incident involving the garden wall! I purchased a Depo after market unit and merrily set about replacement, only to find the factory fit bulb assembly and wiring is completely...
  7. HoopDub

    Wanted T6 barn doors factory glazed

    I am looking for a pair of factory glazed barn doors in LB9A white. Complete.
  8. sipep

    Sound deadening barn doors? Remove lock mechanism?

    Anyone sound deadened their barn doors? Did you remove all the lock mechanism?
  9. HoopDub

    Factory glazed barn doors.....

    Do they exist? I've a barn door panel van and id like to have windows in them. I know i could fit the glass myself, but i really would prefere to source a pair of doors already factory glazed. But this seems to be an impossible task. I can't find any on the usual internet sales site, plenty of...
  10. K

    For Sale Barn door ply panel - handle side

    3.6mm ply panel for barn door - handle side with factory fixing holes. Note - fitment is for mechanical handle, won’t fit electronic interior handle. Looking for a tenner plus postage probably?
  11. Nand45

    Barn door hinge - cracking sound

    I have a cracking sound when I open my passenger side rear barn door on the hinge - any ideas what could be causing it and how to correct it? The hinge seems to get so far then jump when it cracks. thanks Andy
  12. Snowdawg

    For Sale T6 Barn Door Mudguards

    Hi. Brand new for a T6 Barn Door model. £20 collection near Chester.
  13. alt

    Fiamma barn door bike rack query

    I fitted a Fiamma 2 bike rack to my barn door van over the weekend and wanted to check with others if the fitment is ok. No issues with lopsidedness like I've seen, however the bottom bracket bolts are currently too long meaning the caps don't fit securely. Not the end of the world but it's...
  14. T

    Barn door bottom lock sticking

    I've gone to open my rear drivers side barn door and the bottom lock wouldn't open. The rod has came out of the plastic clip on the bottom door latch. I am unsure if the rod is the problem (snapped end?) or the plastic clip. Does the rod just push into the plastic clip because it looks too short...
  15. S

    Thule Bike rack for barn doors

    I really want to get a Thule bike rack but I can’t get definitive answers on these questions. 1. Will I still be able to open the barn doors with a Thule EasyFold XT 2 towbar bike rack when it is tilted. 2. Does the Thule G2 sport compact fit? New on here so apologies if this is the wrong...
  16. M

    Barn doors won’t open at all

    Went camping this weekend and completely out of the blue my rear doors on my t6 just won’t open! Tried wiggling the lock woth key, tried from inside and outside (can access through sliding door!) The middle and bottom latch open, but the top latch on the near side door is not releasing! Any...
  17. Gavinda

    Wanted T6 Barn-door tail light(s) pair or O/S

    On the lookout for a T6 passenger side rear light for barn door van.
  18. D11nyd

    Wanted T6.1 Barn door rear lights

    Has anyone got any T6.1 barn door rear lights before I buy new?
  19. F

    Halfords Towbar Mounted Bike Racks

    Hi folks, It may be my poor searching ability on here, but can't see an answer to this question; has anyone fitted a tilting 'Advanced' Halfords towbar mounted bike rack on a T6 with barn doors, could you open the doors with it fitted, and was it any good please...
  20. T

    For Sale T6.1 Startline bumpers and mirror caps

    I’m selling my start line bumpers and mirror caps. Front bumper with fog light blanks Rear bumper (with pdc holes) Mirror caps All the standard grey colour coming from a van with 6000 miles on it.. Will post pics tomorrow when I can in day light