barn doors

  1. W

    Fiamma carry bike barn door opinions

    Hi Does anyone have any useful experience of the Fiamma bike rack designed for barn doors? Does it damage the door at all or leave marks? I don’t think I can justify the outlay currently for a tow bar plus bike carrier and the the Fiamma appears to be the only other option. Thanks
  2. Pewt

    Lights in barn doors

    I've seen where people put lights in their tailgate for some outside lighting....... just wondered if anyone has done this to their barn doors.
  3. R

    Rear Interior Handle Surround - Barn Doors

    I appear to have lost the surround for my Barn Door interior handle. Saw one on vanstyle but then the ad goes onto to state its not for barn doors. Can anyone point me in right direction? Its 2016 T6.
  4. iprice606

    VW T6 Sequential Indicator LED Rear Lights for BARN DOORS – Black Smoke

    Hi All, As the title states do you know if these are available and if so where I can get some. I have just spoken to transporterHQ who Informed these are not out until March, is that right? Appreciate the help
  5. oxocube

    Removing ladder from barn-door

    Hey T6’ers. I’ve migrated from the T4 forum after having to say goodbye to my beautiful 800 special because of bloody Ulez! So here I am - hello! Had the T6 remapped yesterday and she is finally pulling like the T4, what a difference. I’m removing the ladder from the barn doors and will be...
  6. J

    Barn-door bumper guides

    Can anyone help, I’m looking for the bumper guides for a T6 barn door rear bumper. Does anyone have an exploded diagram also Thanks
  7. OllieGBR

    FREE Barn Door spoiler, unpainted

    These have slight rounding on the ends, were replaced by manufacturer. Hence no fitting kit. Free, needs to collect due to size.
  8. Paynewright

    Barn door brake light quality?

    Hi My 2018 barn door van has now cracked both of its high level brake lights. First one (drivers side - door rarely used) changed a few months ago. Passenger side one has also now cracked through the red outer plastic lens! Anyone else had this? Out of warranty but feel like sending back to VW...
  9. Pewt

    T6.1 TransporterHQ LED tail-lamps

    Anyone bought these lights? VW T6 Sequential Indicator LED Rear Lights for BARN DOORS - Red (T6.1 Style) | T6 Lights | Transporter HQ
  10. A

    T5.1 barn doors - locking issue

    Ok so I have a T5.1 with barn doors central locking via remote fob (or key) works fine including the barn doors I have fitted the switch to lock the doors in the drivers door but when I press it is locks the door and then just unlocks it again. same thing happens doors lock and unlock...
  11. T

    Barn doors, put windows in or not?

    Hi, I have just bought a new dsg highline with barn doors. Keen to get people's thoughts on if we should have windows put in the doors or not when the conversion is done? Has anyone added windows then regretted it, doesn't have windows but would prefer?
  12. T

    Barn door opening windows

    Hello, sorry if this has been asked before but I can’t see it anywhere. I know some people sleep with their barn doors open on hot evenings, we can’t otherwise the dub dog would scarper. Is there any reason there doesn’t seem to be opening windows on the rear barn doors available? I guess...
  13. Knocker67

    For Sale H4 headlamps & Halogen barndoor taillamps

    Having recently had some new front headlights and rear tail lights fitted i have the originals taking up room in my garage,barn door style £90..00 for the lot or £45.00 for each end,one of the rears has a small chip but does not affect operation, collection only , will post some photos when i...
  14. P

    TransporterHQ T6.1 Barn door spoiler fitment

    Does anyone have the THQ barn door spoiler fitted to their T6.1 and can show photos of where it is lined up with? I've had two delivered now, the first one had poor alignment on the nearside one and the second one has poor alignment on the offside. Just want to check others who have installed it...
  15. V

    Barn doors won't open from the outside

    I searched and saw some similar issues but nothing exactly as this issue. The barn doors wouldn't open from the outside, it felt as if the outside handle was broken, and if using the key - the key could rotate 360 without any clicks or resistance. I did a search in the forums and saw a photo of...
  16. wardy53

    Rear Bumper for barn door - different to tailgate?

    Hi. In need of a bumper as had a little accident . Do I need one for barn doors not tailgate. & what year will fit. Tia
  17. Pauly

    T6 Barn Doors Wiring Diagram 2018

    Wing Door Circuit Diagram Covers rear door locking unit, heated glass and wash wipe system VIP Membership is required to download this document
  18. T

    Dashboard Light for rear barn door showing open (when its closed)

    Hi I've an issue which recently started where when I was driving over bumps the dashlight for the rear barn doors was showing 'open' intermittently (this is when the doors are closed), over the next couple of days it became permanent. This just happens to coincide with my alarm going off...
  19. hatjoepeg

    Barn Door cargo net??

    Anyone come up with a good way of securing ’stuff’ with a cargo net between the back of the bed and doors when travelling. I was thinking of a few lashing points and then a net so you can still get into the cupboards but suspend stuff pressed against the seat back? got a net arriving from e bay...
  20. W

    Barn door seal - visible daylight

    Hi just noticed you can see daylight in 3 places where my barn doors meet. It’s a 2017 T6 and the seals don’t appear to be damaged or excessively worn. Any advice on how to remedy? Thanks