barn doors

  1. D

    Famina barn door cycle rack

    I have installed (with some difficulty) a Fiamma barn door bike rack and it is lop sided and the bottom right hand side bracket is coming away from the door. Can anyone tell me what I have done wrong? Many thanks in advance!
  2. S

    Ideas for covering old ladder attachment holes in barn door

    Hi all Wonder if any of you have any great ideas on what I could do with the holes that will be left when I remove the roof ladder from my barn doors - Not too worried about the holes that will be left at the top as I reckon they will be covered up when I put in windows - just going to...
  3. W

    Barn door locking mechanism replacement

    Just been to my local VW 'specialist' and described to them the problem I have with my barn doors (essentially the same as in this thread). Chap told me to get a replacement mechanism (see pic) off ebay, but I've checked and there are none listed as far as I can tell. Is there a recommended...
  4. T

    Bumper Protector - Barn Doors with Fiamma Carry Bike?

    Hi all Does anyone have a bumper protector on a barn door T6 with a Fiamma Carry Bike fitted? The gap/clearance between the bottom of the bottom bracket and the top of the bumper is 3mm. I presume most bumper protectors are thicker than that - does anyone know of a thinner one (preferably...
  5. M4rc

    What are my Barn doors worth

    I’ve managed to source what I need to carry out of tailgate conversion on my van. could anybody tell me how much I would be looking to get for my barn doors, bumper & lights? Indium grey, 2016 with parking sensors, & barn door spoiler TIA
  6. Toufic_13

    Barn doors outer storage

    Hello everyone! I am looking for storage solution(s) for the outer part of my barn doors. (Similar to the photos attached) All I found is the sherpa ladder. Anyone has any recos? Thx!
  7. E

    Locking mechanism on barn door

    Hi - I've searched through the threads and can't find the answer to this specific question - all help appreciated! Our T6 has got a deadlock on the barn door which we want to remove and rewire it back to the original lock / central locking. Investigating the problem, we can see that the rod that...
  8. Andysmee

    [GUIDE] How to fit Van-X curtains to a T6 (barn doors, VGC flush-sliding windows)

    Just starting to contemplate this job and can't see a good thread on here about it so will try and capture the steps. The caveat is that I have barn doors and VGC flush-sliding windows on each side, with a single sliding door, originally a SWB panel van. The kit I bought is the Van-X premium...
  9. S

    Sold Kiravans rear barn door awning £130

    Only used a few times but great bit of kit for allowing rear doors to be open in the rain / changing under / extra shade. Bought from here. Selling the NON SPOILER version. Collection Bideford, N Devon. Can get a price for posting if required.
  10. BlayneKinley

    Sold Transporter barn door spoiler - £45 + postage

    For sale is a brand new barn door spoiler kit still in the original packaging. The spoiler is primed ready for painting and includes all fixings and fitting instructions. I purchased this as a package with a sportline bumper which I’ve fitted but have decided against the spoiler as I’m having...
  11. M

    Water in Rear Light Cluster

    2016 T6 Barn Door. I’ve got water in the o/s rear light cluster. Any quick fix? TIA
  12. simonnwt6

    Bumper protector rubbing barn doors

    Hi Have fitted a world of carbon rear bumper protector. The offside (drivers) barn door is low enough to just about scrape the carbon protector. Is the door height adjustable? Just needs to be 2-3mm or should I just fit something thinner? not really fussed what looks like as long as it...
  13. F2JON

    Wanted Barn door rear bumper any colour.

    I’m after a painted barn door rear bumper as title suggests, let me know if you have anything ?
  14. M

    Thule VeloSpace XT-3 Bike Carrier on T6 with barn doors … ?

    Ok, so there are lots of people comparing the Thule VeloSpace XT-3 to the Atera Strada DL 3, and I know the problem with the former is the lack of clearance on a T5/T6 meaning the barn doors barely open, but has anyone actually moved the tilt cable from the 50 degrees mounting point to...
  15. Dellmassive

    T6.1 LED sequential - REAR LIGHTS UPGRADE (Barn Doors) -- How I Done It --

    T6.1 LED - REAR LIGHTS UPGRADE (Barn Doors) -- How I Done It -- Its that time again . . . . Rear light cluster upgrades. ++++ This time with the pre-made LED T6.1 copy setup. These units come with sequential indicators and a FULL LED setup. this is what the site...
  16. M

    Barn door unlocking problem

    Hi, I’ve got a 2020 T6.1 with barn doors. Couple of weeks ago I accidentally closed the left hand barn door before the right (wrong order) and ever since then, the external (and internal) levers to open the barn door don’t work - I have to put the key in the lock and manually unlock and open the...
  17. G

    Bike rack for high-roof T6

    Hi team, just wondering if anybody has a added a Thule Sport G2 - 2 Door Bike Rack on a barn door high-roof T6? Welcome other suggestions as well.
  18. Nosnittap

    My barn doors are scratched has anyone carpeted door frames.

    Has anyone else carpeted around the whole of the barn door frame? Mine has windows fitted. Plus I've bought the tidy panels from Kiravan.
  19. W

    Door seals are meant to come as standard right?

    come as standard right?
  20. A

    Spare Wheel Carrier T6 Barn Door

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a sp wheel carrier for a barn door? I’ve changed my wheels to 17” Rhinos with BF GOODRICH tyres. I was considering a fixed mount to the door, so anyones experiences or advice would be appreciated. TIA