barn doors

  1. Niknak

    Found T6 rear door latch

    Hi has anyone got kicking around a NSR top body striker for barn door, the loop type that the door latches too and if so the two bolts also
  2. O

    What is this locking part called? Rear left door..

    I seem to have lost this part from the rear left door (top). I have no idea what to search for online and if I can even get this part on its own or part of the full mechanism itself. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. wilson

    Barn Door opening 'arm' - repairable or replace?

    Hi having just returned from a 10 day tour of Cornwall in which we braved Ciara and Dennis (lovely couple really!) I have been trying to source a nearside rear door centre catch/stay thingymabob which snapped off when the wind caught the door and blew it beyong it's normal position, fortunately...
  4. N

    Carpet around barn doors edge problem

    Does anyone know of a way to make the edges of the carpet around the barn doors look neater? I've done the usual draw around the the edge of the white part when the doors are closed so as not get the edges wet. And have glued the stretch carpet on up to the line as neat as I can. I've also seen...
  5. R

    Suction Cup Bike Racks

    When we travel we use a Thule Backup box on our towbar, but we would like to take our 4 bikes with us as well. The problem is we have barn doors. I've seen suction cup bike racks and was wondering if anyone had used them on their barn doors? Or is there another solution to mounting 4 bikes on...
  6. M

    Barn Door Awning = Pack a shack report

    Hi All well it arrived for last weekends trip to try out... very pleased has room for 2 chairs and a table. A great piece of kit nicely made and good fit made like a light weight tent and has a sewn in groundsheet it's sold as a changing / loo canopy and it states it's Not...
  7. Jwhit

    Barn door catch striker bolts

    Looking to replace these bolts with stainless anyone know the size? Cheers
  8. cy294

    Barn-door roof spoiler gap

    Finally fitted the spoiler supplied by THQ which looks great and really changes the van. However the right half of the spoiler moved when fixing unbeknown to me as it was held by tape and has left a slight gap on the wing tip. The 'master seal" has now bonded. Can the spoiler be removed and...
  9. Butcher8109

    Barn Door Wiper Delete

    Hi all, been lurking in the shadows for a bit but finally picked up my T6 at the weekend. couple little things done already and I’m booked in for suspension and wheels come September. One thing I really would like to do is get rid of those rear wipers on the barn doors. I’ve had a search but...
  10. J

    Barn-doors rusting at the bottom

    Hi guys, how can I stop the bottom of my barn doors from rusting? I have had both doors lifted slightly at the hinges, but rain water still collects below and causing them to rust??? thanks in advance Jim
  11. Forrest4799

    Mud flaps for barn doors

    what are the best mud flaps for a T6 barn doors, I don’t want any that have to be screwed to the bumper...thanks for any help
  12. paul stevenson

    Bike rack barn door fitting

    When fitting a faimma bike rack to a van with barn doors, what is the ideal measurement from the edge of the door to the right hand clamp, thanks
  13. cy294

    Roof spoiler

    Evening everyone, I've taken the plunge and bought a rear spoiler (barn door) from a well known online retailer. When I unpacked it this evening, I have found a few imperfections on it, such as on the corner tips and other little areas. Has anyone else had or noticed these imperfections? I...
  14. need4speed

    Electric hook up for 240volts

    Hi could you show me where your hook up point is fitted please on your T6 with barn doors, looking for suggestions.:cool::cool:
  15. G

    Door open Warning light

    Anybody had problems with warning light saying rear doors are open it comes on if you hit a pot hole or turn quick I think it might be the one on side door ?
  16. S

    T6 barn-door 3 bike rack recomendation

    Hi all, after advice please. Having trouble finding a 3 bike, 2 adult one child bike rack for a double rear door, no spoiler t6, all i can find is 2 bike carriers, any help appreciated.
  17. Bardot

    Barn door Open sensors.

    Nor sure if this should be Carista section but: I am not getting any warning for either of my rear doors being open. Carista gives feedback error for left rear and a separate error message for trunk which I guess relates to the right rear. Have tried reset but no joy. Grateful for suggestions guys.
  18. A

    Bike Carrier options

    Hi, I have looked at the various threads relating to bike carrier & options - I come back to the same options - but just want to check I'm not missing anything... I'm after a Tow Bar mounted Bike Carrier - one that can carry 4 bikes and importantly can tilt so the barn doors can still be...
  19. ceejbee

    T6 Shuttle pre purchase question

    Hello all, what a lovely forum, found quite a lot out already! I used to have a T5.1 Kombi and miss it.....I’m looking at getting a Shuttle this time, I’ve downloaded an older version of the Shuttle brochure and done a few searches on Google but I can’t find this bit out. My question (and...
  20. Dellmassive

    T6.1 REAR LIGHTS UPGRADE -- How I Done It --

    T6.1 REAR LIGHTS UPGRADE -- How I Done It -- T6.1 REAR LIGHT UPGRADE GENUINE VW 03-19 (TWIN REAR DOOR) This popped up on the Travelin-lite FB feed, the price looked good as did the lights, so i though i would give it a go =] the FB link took me to the website above, this is what they...