barn doors

  1. james_bt6

    How do you shorten the barn door exterior handle locking rod?

    Hi, as the title suggests I need some really simple step by step instructions on how to shorten the barn door exterior handle locking rod. I couldn’t open the back doors at all, from the inside or from the outside. After a lot of head scratching and taking the internal panel off, I managed to...
  2. burnsy79

    T6.1 Startline - Rear 'TRANSPORTER' badge position

    Does anyone have their original T6.1 2020 (barn doors) transporter badge still on the back? I've bought a black one to install and my chrome badge was on my grab handle. Any pics I can go off? Is this right?
  3. G

    vw Slam lock removal sliding + barn door.

    The t5.1 van I purchased came installed with slam locks - very annoying if you intend to use the van as a camper. worse still the barn door and sliding door had different keys! I spoke to the original makers of the locks and a vehicle locksmith but both were of no use. However I did find bits of...
  4. Steview

    Sold T6.1 Rear Lights (pair, to fit barn door models) £150

    Pair of rear lights from a T6.1 barn door model. Collection from Bedlington Northumberland or can post at buyers expense.
  5. R

    Barn Door Wiper Kit?

    Hi all, I'm looking for a Barn Door window wiper kit (if such a thing exists?). Does anyone have any ideas please? Thankies in advance! :)
  6. F2JON

    Wanted Startline rear bumper (barn-door)

    Anyone got any mint unpainted startline t6.1 bumpers taking up room in their garage ? Barn door rear bumper , no screw holes , scuffs or damage preferably in the midlands .
  7. J

    Barn door alignment

    Hi, I’ve recently picked up a T6 Transporter that has been converted to a camper. The back doors are slightly out of line (see pic). Has anyone got any advice on the best way to line them back up? Is this a driveway fix or best book it into a garage? Also, the rear bumper has been taken off at...
  8. bucko1963

    Wanted Sorted

    Number plate lightscover for barn doors,(the strip that covers the handle)thanks
  9. P

    T6.1 barndoor tail lights for T5

    I saw a t6.1 with these barn door lights in ( borrowed pic off here but look same idea ) Could these work in a old t5 2006 model
  10. M

    Barn-door number plate unit gasket replacement

    Anyone found a replacement alternative for the gasket that goes around the edge? VW doesn't sell them separately and offer a complete unit instead which is odd.
  11. T6 dork

    For Sale T5.1 rear bumper Stainless protector NEW

    I Bought this and sold my T5.1 before i had chance to fit it brand new in box £30
  12. L

    Barn door not unlocking from inside

    After a few days out with van my wife returned this morning saying the barn doors wouldn’t open from inside ? It opens fine from outside but not inside Checked the deadlocks were not engaged etc I assume this will be covered by our 1st year warranty from the dealers p
  13. Droneshadow

    For Sale Barn door windows

    Pair of barn door windows, with full fitting kit inc rubber trim. Would cost around £150 Sell for £90 collected from LE12 9DQ Half a mile from J21 M1
  14. Paul F

    T6.1 Rear bumper reflector removal ?

    Hi all, Has anyone removed / replaced the rear bumper reflectors on a T6.1? I've looked underneath but has a tray cover so was wondering it there is a nack to getting them off? Is is a case of just pulling away and snapping the tabs on them? I have replacements so not too fussed if destruction...
  15. sipep

    Wanted THQ T6 Sequential Indicator Barn door LED Rear Lights

    Looking for barn door rear lights.
  16. Droneshadow

    For Sale Rear barn door windows.

    I bought these for a T5 project last year, then decided not to fit them. That van has now gone and I have a T6. I offered these up to the T6 rear windows and they are identical. Comes with the slimmer edge trim, and full fitting kit. They are clear, or very little tint, not quite sure...
  17. L

    Replacing broken tail light (barn door) with Depo unit

    Hi, just looking for some simple advice please on a replacement for the standard rear light assembly on my T6 after an incident involving the garden wall! I purchased a Depo after market unit and merrily set about replacement, only to find the factory fit bulb assembly and wiring is completely...
  18. HoopDub

    Wanted T6 barn doors factory glazed

    I am looking for a pair of factory glazed barn doors in LB9A white. Complete.
  19. sipep

    Sound deadening barn doors? Remove lock mechanism?

    Anyone sound deadened their barn doors? Did you remove all the lock mechanism?
  20. HoopDub

    Factory glazed barn doors.....

    Do they exist? I've a barn door panel van and id like to have windows in them. I know i could fit the glass myself, but i really would prefere to source a pair of doors already factory glazed. But this seems to be an impossible task. I can't find any on the usual internet sales site, plenty of...