barn doors

  1. Gavinda

    Wanted T6 Barn-door tail light(s) pair or O/S

    On the lookout for a T6 passenger side rear light for barn door van.
  2. D11nyd

    Wanted T6.1 Barn door rear lights

    Has anyone got any T6.1 barn door rear lights before I buy new?
  3. F

    Halfords Towbar Mounted Bike Racks

    Hi folks, It may be my poor searching ability on here, but can't see an answer to this question; has anyone fitted a tilting 'Advanced' Halfords towbar mounted bike rack on a T6 with barn doors, could you open the doors with it fitted, and was it any good please...
  4. T

    For Sale T6.1 Startline bumpers and mirror caps

    I’m selling my start line bumpers and mirror caps. Front bumper with fog light blanks Rear bumper (with pdc holes) Mirror caps All the standard grey colour coming from a van with 6000 miles on it.. Will post pics tomorrow when I can in day light
  5. Vdubster

    Is the Reverse Light Cable the same as the door sensor cable?

    Hello everybody, Not so long ago ( transporter t6 2019 barn door ) the little van on my dash kept telling me the back door was open ( it wasn't ) sent to vw, they said cable from front to back has got damaged, installed the new one at the front, and told me where to connect at the rear ( yet to...
  6. B

    Tailgate Bumper on Barn Door?

    Afternoon All I have a 2019 T6 barn door in pure grey and recently notice the paint on the Bumper is pealing away. (Doesn't look to have been prepped and painted correctly) I've seen no end of tailgate bumpers for sale on ebay already painted and wanted to know if it would fit my Barn door...
  7. P

    Barn Door adjustment bolts

    Hello all. My nearside barndoor is misaligned and my 10 year old son brought my attention to the possible cause! There's a missing adjustment bolt! Have recently bought the T6 and after research looks like these can shear off and fall off . Not sure if that's the case here but need new and...
  8. W

    Storage solution for the interior of barn doors

    Google is letting me down, I am just about to have the Assynt conversion from the Ply Guys, I want to get some kind of storage solution, pockets etc for the upper panels of the barn doors (I do not have any windows) Is there anything out there? I am ok with hacks or custom solutions. I just...
  9. RyanT6

    Sold 2019 T32 SWB Kombi-conversion Highline 150PS DSG. £32k ovno Please follow the link to the van and description on eBay, the price is now £32,000 ovno
  10. Donk

    Crafter Rear Ladder

    Anyone here fitted a Wheeliams rear ladder to their Crafter? I’m part way through fitting it and I’m stuck!
  11. James1000

    For Sale Near Side Barn Door

    Hi I have a near side barn door for sale in white with all locking mechanisms / hinges. £250 Collection only
  12. B

    Barn door leaking at top

    Hi, I have a water leaking into the van from the top centre of the barn doors. Both seals have been replaced but the leak still persists. I’m suspecting it could be a door alignment issue and a garage have advised I need to go to a body shop. Just wondering if anyone has had a similar issue...
  13. J

    Barn-Door ladder?

    Hi there, thanks for letting me in this group. I am trying to find out if there is such thing in the market as a rear door (barn door style) ladder for a VW transporter with a spoiler and rear window on it. Does anyone know of anything that can fit in this space and if so, where can I find it...
  14. W

    Finding part for rear barn door

    The retaining things is missing from my passenger side barn door, any idea what it is called and more importantly, where I get a replacement from?
  15. G

    Wanted Startline Rear Bumper (Barn Door)

    Rear bumper for a 2017 Startline barn door please. The black plastic one.
  16. Gavandi

    Crafter Barn-Door drive-away awning

    Any crafter owners tried or own a good barn door drive away awning?
  17. N

    T6 barn door wont lock

    I'm sorry if this is here already, I keep finding threads for locks not unlocking, but none where they won't lock. I've got a T6 with barn doors. The last few days the door has stopped locking. Handles are all fine, but it doesn't lock with the key, on the fob or with the internal locking...
  18. James1000

    Slight incident with rear door

    This happened whilst in 1st gear trying to go forward - work that out. Prob quicker and easier if I go for a door if anyone knows of any ?
  19. TK-421

    Remove offside barn door but leave the hinge

    Does anyone have any experience of removing the offside barn door without removing the hinge? I found this guide which has been a great insight but the door is removed at the hinge. I have a wheel carrier which I need to attach to the hinges, this has proven problematic so far so I think...
  20. T

    Found T6.1 rear bumper (barn door)

    Ideally looking for a highline rear bumper for t6.1 barn door