axe cs lite wheels

  1. Yackers777

    Axe CS lite - load rating?

    Looking for help please , I’ve been offered a set of axe cslite 20” alloys !! I just looked up load rating online and it says they are 750kg , would they be ok for my 2016 caravelle? Thanks in advance
  2. Dannywilds

    Axe Wheels re testing their pay load

    Some interesting conversations with myself and Axe uk have resulted in this... A lot of their wheels are only load rated to 850kg per wheel, after informing them that a T32 rear Axel load is 1720kg we can't use those wheels. They are now re testing the wheels and hopefully going to give them a...
  3. Tellmewhatsnew

    Axe CS Lite

    Has anyone on the forum fitted Axe CS Lite alloys to their T6? I've seen them listed as load rated for T5's but it comes up as not compatible with T6's on some websites. It has the correct bolt pattern so I'm not sure what this issue is other than load rating. I really would like to fit them to...