1. MyTentOrYours

    For Sale Latest ex-demo driveaway awnings

    Hi guys, Below is some of the our latest stock. A few ex-demo and customer return items. All with free UK delivery and 10% off at checkout using code 10OFF: Outdoor Revolution T4E low Polycotton version ex-demo...
  2. N

    Fiamma Awning in use on T6 - question about front cab door

    Hi there so we went for our little mini outing this afternoon , all went well in the main , pop up roof popped up and down well , fridge issue sorted , awning went up fine , legs fully extended etc , but one question please to any fellow fiamma awning owners - is it usual and normal for the...
  3. GoatBoater

    Which Drive-away Awning?

    I'm going around in circles on the awning question. Following some of the threads i was surprised at how long some seem to take to put up - seemingly longer than our old, massive tent. We're mostly doing short trips of 1-3 nights, so want to spend as little of that as possible fiddling with...
  4. JonriceT6

    For Sale Thule rain blocker room

    After rejecting my California , I have a Thule G2 rain blocker room available. This fits all Thule wind out awnings on the transporters / californias and provides great protection against wind and rain. Can be put up and taken down in minutes. It simply slides into the support arms that come...
  5. CamperBadger

    Quick little shelter

    Hello, We have an inflatable awning and love it. But would also like something that we could erect/take down quickly to give a bit of sun shelter. I don't want a wind out awning. So does anyone make a tarp/pole set-up that can be slotted into the rail and bundled away into a small bag...
  6. Dellmassive

    For Sale Vango Rhone Air TC - drive away awning bundle

    Vango Rhone Air TC - drive away awning bundle .. 1x Vango Rhone AirAway drive away awning ( TC / Pollycotton ) 2019 model 1x footprint 1x fitted carpet, 2x inner 2 berth bedrooms, 2x skyshades 1x pegs and guy lines kit 1x manual pump .. £600 - collection from Brentwood or delivery to...
  7. Strettyp

    Wanted Reimo Palm Beach awning

    Hi - decided to buy one of these and would like the lwb one but swb would be ok If you have one knocking about that you would like to clear out of the way hit me up - looking to acquire in the next couple of weeks ahead of a trip north on the 15th September ideally! Thanks
  8. J

    For Sale Vango Cairns Awning. £

    Selling as not big enough for what we wanted so going back to tents. I've put it up twice since I bought it and fits great onto my SWB. Great condition, no rips or mold, as new. Traveling along the M62 to Hull at the weekend so could meet up or collect from Liverpool. £200.
  9. bethamari

    For Sale Vango Magra Air VW awning (Moroccan Blue)

    Hi all, Thinking about switching awnings so looking to sell our current one. It’s a Vango Magra Air VW in white and Moroccan blue. Includes footprint and inner carpet etc. only used 4 times. £350 collection from North Yorkshire.
  10. G

    Wind out awnings and multi rail advice pleasr

    Still new to the Transporter scene and am now looking at awnings, specifically the Thule Omnistor 5102. Assume this would be ideal for a quick unwind? Is this a good choice? Can these be used with roof rails or is it one or the other? I guess I’d then need a multi rail for a privacy room or...
  11. dandan88

    Wanted Awning

    Giys I’m in need of an awning of some sort Preferably an air one. Was looking for a Vango cove ii or something similar. Is anyone selling or thinking about it? Please let me know Cheers in advance
  12. N

    Reverse Pop Top - do regular Awnings fit ok?

    Hi there campers we are planning to have a roll out awning fitted pretty soon to our T6 which has a reverse pop up roof bed is there a choice of types/makes that will fit our camper please, thank you for your help and advice fellow campers
  13. Mocko1962

    Awning link section rain pool

    Has anybody figured a way of stopping the drive away awning link section filling with and holding water when it rains in the night for example.. as tight as I can erecting the awning when it rains the link section fills with water to the point it will collapse the section or rip the seams on...
  14. cgtmiles

    Sold Vango Rhone drive away awning bundle

    I am selling my vango Rhone air as now the kids are older we don’t need the extra space. It includes the footprint, carpet, 2x inner 2 berth tents and sky shade things for the roof. The Rhone is a polycotton material air awning with large (but not too large) interior space. The quality is far...
  15. marsie

    Drive away awnings.. where can we view them?

    We are looking at buying a drive away awning for our van and wondered if there was anywhere to see the awnings up and fitted. Or is the best option to go to one of the shows. Ideally before summer?
  16. nomislotsirb

    Connecting California Ocean wind-out awning to a Kombi parked beside it

    My parents have recently purchased a T6.1 Cali Ocean. We have a T6 Kombi with a Reimo awning rail. Since the doors are on the opposing side, in my head I've got the idea it should be possible for us to park facing the same direction and attach their wind-out awning to our Reimo rail using a...
  17. C

    Fiamma 45s replacing the arm but stuck !

    Hi I am replacing one of the arms on our fiamma f45s awning. As part of the process we need to remove the current arm from the dual shock absorber. If you watch the fiamma video this is super easy… if you watch me it’s not It might be sized I guess. We have got the WD40 on it but no joy...
  18. W

    Attach awning to multirail without drilling?

    Hi I am looking to fit a Thule ornistor awning to my vw t6 which already has a multi rail attached. Is it possible to attach an awning to the rail without drilling additional holes in the van?
  19. T

    For Sale Price Reduced - Khyam Dub Hub Driveaway Awning

    Khyam Dub Hub driveaway awning for VW Campervan complete with clip in groundsheet and Kador strip Excellent awning used less than a dozen times - it's the clever "Rapid pole" system which is really good - up in minutes. Sides are interchangeable so you can set it up door-wise any way you like...
  20. Lord Mfwic

    Sold Fiamma F45 Wind Out Awning (Slight Damage)

    Fiamma Wind out Awning. (Slight Damage) I have for sale a Fiamma 45 Wind out awning. Slightly damaged. I bought this about 3 years ago and have used it approx 6 times. I dropped it once when I was taking it off the van so the windy out bit is a bit loose and wobbly. It works fine. Someone...