1. D

    Postage /shipping of large items awnings

    Hi all, can anyone recommend a good courier co that will handle a package the size of a THULE awning? 23kg, 2700 x 200x 200. I’m getting stupid quotes from Parcelforce and DPD and UPS won’t handle the size. Have to get it to Northern Ireland from Dorset.
  2. J

    Camping advice T6 Caravelle

    Hi! This is my first van, always camped with a car/ folding camper combo before. Wondering if anyone has successfully camped in a T6 caravelle with children (4 of them.... 9,9, nearly 2, nearly 1) or if it’s a bit too ambitious First off there’s the 4 chunky car seats to move each night if...
  3. V

    For Sale Vango Noosa Low Driveaway Awning

    For sale a Vango Noosa Low driveaway awning. Unused salesman sample - usually used as display in trade shows or manufacturer photoshoots. No signs of any use - essentially brand new. £299 Free UK delivery
  4. V

    For Sale Vango Siesta Low Air Awning

    For sale Vango Siesta Low Air Awning. Salesman sample with a couple of small signs of use - marks on the flysheet (pictured below) Other than that its in fine working condition with pump included. £220 free UK delivery
  5. V

    Sold Vango Galli III Compact Low + Carpet for sale

    Hi, Just arrived in stock is a Galli 3 compact low + carpet - salesman sample, no signs of outdoor use. Usually put up once for trade shows etc. Awning comes with pegs, pump, straps, mallet and carpet. £599 with free UK delivery
  6. G

    Awning or event shelter?

    What do people think? Looking to get some supplementary cover and initial tgought was drive away awning but now talking myself out of it as event shelter would be more useful away from the van. Erring towards a colman event shelter probs the 15x15 but not sure. Any ideas or experience...
  7. Nevtiger

    Awning Length for a SWB

    Morning. What length of Fiamma F45 would people recommend for the SWB T6? There are a few close alternatives and im a bit confused. Cheers
  8. D

    Roof preparation rails for awning rail?

    After seeing a picture of the roof preparation rails that go into the roof gutters, has anyone used them as an awning rail? It looks like you could feed a figure of eight bead into it
  9. P

    if I have a rail like the F45 can I use it to mount a tent type awning as well?

    Hi all, first post here. Just joining team black this week as we pick-up our stock standard 16 plate highline kombi and embark on a 2 year fit out process leading to a full camper. For this year I want to get it booked in straight away for a pop-top (going to go with skyline aurora unless anyone...
  10. Y

    Awning installer in Essex?

    Hi all, New to the world of campervans and just got myself a T6.1 camper. Want a Fiamma F45s fitting and struggling to find anyone in the Essex area who can do it. Contacted a couple of companies but they have not got back to me, seem very busy so probably a low priority job for them. Any...
  11. Nevtiger

    T6 Roof Rail for Drive Away Awning - any recommendations or views on the options?

    We have decided to buy a drive away awning to make things a little easier when away - so far so good. The van has a pop top and no awning rail. I have been looking at the options and i see i could go with the following: Fiamma Wind out awning F45 which also has a C Channel. Im not overly...
  12. V

    For Sale (eBay) Discount Vango Awnings

    Hello! We are My Tent or Yours based in Liverpool and this is our first post on the forum! We work with Vango reselling their sample stock awnings and have a variety of models and sizes in stock at the minute. Most of the items have been used in photo shoots so have only been put up once and...
  13. sponge772

    For Sale Brand new air awning drive away price reduction!!

    Brand new drive away air awning. Only opened, removed from the box and blown up. Can be collected in Somerset or Bristol. Or I can post? £250 +p&p if required
  14. I

    Thule Omnistor 4900 vs Omnistor 5102

    Hi all, my first post so "hi" :) After renting a California last summer, I now have a T6 Transporter being converted complete with a pop-top roof. I've narrowed down my awning choice to either the Thule Omnistor 4900 or Omnistor 5102, but am not sure of the difference. I've heard it might...
  15. sponge772

    For Sale Brand new drive away easy camp air awning £300

    Brand new drive away air awning. Only opened, removed from the box and blown up. Can be collected in Somerset or Bristol. Or I can post? £300 +p&p if required
  16. goldeneye243

    S+S Tarp Awning - thoughts?

    Thinking about getting a simple side awning and I was looking at the Kiravans Sailrail, then stumbled on the Stitches and Steel Tarp Awning that looks like a similar shape but significantly cheaper... I'm not sure that it is waterproof though - I have emailed to ask... Has anyone seen or used one?
  17. R

    Sold Fiamma F40 awning

    F40 awning as new fitted but never used change of vehicle is reason for sale open to sensible offers.
  18. MJB67

    Does adding an awning increase the overall height?

    Quick question ... Does adding a Fiamma F35 awning fitted on Reimo Awning Rail take the T6 over 2 meters in height ?
  19. A

    Heavy-duty awning

    Hi All, I'm looking at options for a heavy-duty wind-out awning for a LWB T6. It will be used to work under a couple of days per week all year round so needs to withstand reasonably high wind, heavy rain and provide shade. It needs to extend minimum of 2.5 m and have removable sides. My...
  20. S

    VANGO PALM LOW 2020 version

    Vango Low Palm Awning is now available Only used 4 times for two nights at a time. Bought new May 2020. It is Airbeam and very quick and easy to set up with sufficient space. Ideal for a couple of nights/touring/etc There are a few marks as would be expected with use and one very small tape...