1. hatjoepeg

    For Sale Wild Earth Awning I bought this last year and it has been perfect (but I have been tempted by a stitches and steel version) so this one needs to go! There are 3 extending poles with it but one has stopped extending so needs replacing but we were mostly using...
  2. Dan johnson

    For Sale Vango magra awning,used once

    As title says, I’ve had a magra for a couple of years and it’s been amazing for us size wise and the way our vans set up,however I ripped a front zip on the main door and after arguing with winfields the awning got took to vango for warranty repair last October 3 months later vango decided...
  3. V

    Sold Outdoor Revolution Cayman Air Awning

    Hi, Another customer return here. Outdoor Revolution Cayman midi air low. Only fault with this one is a plastic stopper which connects to the front canopy isn't attached to the outer. Doesn't affect the awning in any way. £299 free UK delivery

    For Sale Vango Air Palm 2020 Awning

    Hello! thinking of selling our awning as don't really use it when we go away at the weekends - id say we've used it a total of 5 times since owning it. paid 440, so thinking 320 is reasonable. Heading to Cornwall in a few weeks, so could meet somewhere on route if need be. travelling from lincs...
  5. RDT

    Sold Vango Tailgate AirHub Low Drive Away Awning £350.00

    Vango Tailgate Airhub Low Drive Away Awning. £350.00 Fantastic piece of kit, used twice - changing van/set up - only reason for sale. Full details and spec of awning available here. Photo of it below on my van, and also some website pics.
  6. V

    For Sale Outwell Air Awnings 10% Extra off for T6 Forum Users, Cheapest UK Prices By a Distance

    Hi All, Just a quick post regarding the last few Outwell awnings we have available on our website Store I have added an additional 10% discount code for forum users, just add the discount code T6FORUM on checkout. Down to the last few so get them while you can. Any questions let me...
  7. JonriceT6

    Thule omnister rattle …..

    Hi everyone Recently had a conversion done, and have the MOST ANNOYING rattle coming from my windout awning. By reading other forums and similar issues Im thinking it’s the support arms inside rattling against the casing. I believe I have the anti rattle clips inside but these aren’t obviously...
  8. L

    Sold Kampa trip air 2021

    For sale Used 3 times £250
  9. J

    Wanted Vango Cove II Air Low Awning or Similar

    Hi, I'm after an awning for my transporter. Needs a inner bedroom or the option to add one Cheers
  10. Andyham105

    Sold Reimo premium mauritius sun canopy/Awning

    I bought this earlier in the year for my t6 however we have only used it once as we tend to go away for longer periods now so use our large awning with rooms in etc. It's a Reimo premium mauritius sun canopy. It has the sides attached so easy to drop them down if weather takes a sudden turn...
  11. H

    Vango Tailgate ground sheet - how to?

    I've got a Vango Tailgate Airhub and can't for the life of me figure out how the ground sheet attaches to the main awning. It's probably not an unusual system but I'm not very up with this stuff. Seems like the awning has flaps that form a skirt that tucks under the groundsheet, presumably to...
  12. Camper_Chris

    Fitting Fiamma f45 to Vamoose multi rail

    I looking to fit a Fiamma f45 to my T6 which has a Vamoose multi rail. Looking on Fiamma's website they list several kits for fitting to multi rails ranging from Reimo, Vamoose etc. What recommendations/experience does anyone have of there Combi rail kit or their other kits?
  13. D

    For Sale Khyam motordome classic pro

    So i have sold the T6 and have a few bits for sale, this one is a Khyam motordome classic pro awning suitable for a T6 or similar. The awning has the rapid pole system as per the Khyam system meaning it is quick to put up and down, it has doors on all 4 sides and at each end of the ‘tunnel’...
  14. S

    For Sale Outwell SANDCREST S awning

    Hi I have a new unopened outwell sand crest Small awning for sale This will NOT fit a T6 its aimed at caddy ext . A real smart bit of kit Outwell Sandcrest S - buy online here £230 including postage
  15. V

    Best set up for a week long trip - Drive Away Awning or Roller Awning and a Big Tent

    Morning, Love my van and enjoy using it for 2-3 night trips away.... However, this time last year we did a week away in it with a Vango Cove inflatable awning and it was just a little tight for space to be honest. By the time we had removed everything we took down in the Van, the awning just...
  16. V

    For Sale Cheap Outwell / Outdoor Rev Awnings

    Hi everyone, I deal with all of Outwell's and Outdoor Revolution's warranty returned tents & awnings in the UK. Thought I'd drop a few awnings in here to see if anyone's interested, all free UK delivery. We get more on a weekly basis so if you're after a specific model please let me know...
  17. K

    Simple awning with side walls?

    Can anyone recommend a very simple yet easy to set-up awning that offers side walls? I've currently got a Vango Porch, which is OK and only cost £20 brand new, but doesn't offer much additional space when it's raining.
  18. G

    Thule Roll out awning question

    Hi Has anyone fitted the new Thule 4200 roll out awning? It is the new version of the 4900, can it be fitted to a multi rail? Also Does it increase the height above the poptop much, I have a standard skyline poptop fitted. Thanks for any help
  19. Ambrose

    Sold Olpro Loopo Breeze Drive away inflatable awning

    Used and in fairly good condition, no rips or tears, and comes with all the original accessories including manual pump, pegs, straps, extra guy-lines. Bought November-ish 2019, used in a few family trips. It's held up well in 40mph+ winds up in Holmfirth. Have noticed that on a couple of...
  20. Ambrose

    Sold Outdoor Revolution Techline Canopy Low Awning - 2021 Model

    Only used this awning once, so it's practically brand new. This is the only photo I have: More info available here: Tech Lightweight Pole Camper Van Sun Canopy Porch Extension £80 on collection in Stockport area.