1. MarkW-T6

    For Sale Outdoor Revolution Cayman MIDI Air 2020 Driveaway Air Awning

    Used 3 times only with footprint. Excellent condition. Easy to put up with only one inflation point. £200, collection only, WA12. Full description: Outdoor Revolution Cayman Midi Air - 2020 stock
  2. kiter

    For Sale Vango galli 2 low

    As the van is going I also have this as new vango galli 2 low, put up once only. Comes with carpet, bedroom tent, skyliner. Postage not really an option unless you want to arrange this yourself. I am travelling from Inverness to mildenhall next Sunday so can meet somewhere convenient (not...
  3. H

    Securing a tailgate awning with pop top?

    Looking at the Vango Tailgate Awning, it looks like the securing straps need to cross over the van roof before being pegged in front. Does anyone have experience of this with a pop top please? I'm concerned the straps will interfere with the canvas, or is there some other means of fastening at...
  4. Bynxy

    thule sun awning // drive-away

    We have a thule sun awning fitted to our van but want to use a drive away awning to expand our space as well, does anyone else use a drive away awning as well as the thule awning or other wind out awning if so what do you use
  5. Gavinsky23

    Found Vango sky canopy

    Hi Looking to get a Vango sky canopy - 2.5m for a SWB van. Ideally the newer version that allows the sides to be added. Anyone got one they aren’t using before I order a new one?
  6. Barley53

    Fiamma vs light strip

    Hi all, I've stuck an led light to the underside of the reimo multirail and wired it to the leisure battery, really useful mod and doesn't interfere with the kador channel so all good, but I'm thinking of getting a Fiamma or similar wind-out attached and I'm not sure if the light fixture would...
  7. H

    Vango Kela V Standard (as opposed to Low) awning

    I thought I'd picked up a deal on a Kela V awning, which is now on its way to me. Bit late in the day, I've realised that 'Standard' refers to the height, and 'Low' is probably the usual height for a T6. The standard is recommended from 205cm. Would anyone know whether it's going to be worth...
  8. Paul C

    Sold Kampa Dometic Touring Classic Air VW L/H

    Hi, now I have sold my van I now have this drive away awning for sale. Its the touring one which is a polycotton so more breathable and good if touring abroad as it won't get so hot. Only used it once so in near new condition. Includes a foot print to protect the tent and also includes a carpet...
  9. MrsMagoo

    Recommendation for a porch type awning

    Hi - I'm looking for a recommendation for a porch type awning, something to give us a little privacy. We have a Dometic wind out awning attached to the van, I'm told awnings can connect to the kador strip? When I look online it's so complicated and I can't tell if they'll fit as often the...
  10. S

    SCA Pop-top plus W/O awning plus D/A awning?

    Hi all so im looking to get a SCA pop top fitted but i also want to be able to use a wind out awning (recommendations please) and a drive away awning (obvs at different times) is this all possible if so what system Ta
  11. C

    Sleeping arrangements with awning attached

    Hi all, Just bought a camper for me, the wife and our 3 kids. The eldest will be sleeping in an annexe on the drive away awning. I'm wonder when we all go to bed would we leave the camper door open or close it on a night?
  12. T6 Quack

    Sold Dorema StarCampAir Awning for sale.

    Dorema StarCampAir Awning for sale. Used once for 3 days from new. Selling due to size. Suitable for T4/5/6
  13. P

    Aftermarket side panels for Dometic PW1100 canopy

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew of an aftermarket option for side panels for my Dometic PW 1100 canopy? The Dometic offering is probably excellent but it’s mare the £1000 pounds. Thanks Phil
  14. V

    For Sale Newburg 260 Tall Drive Away Awning

    For SALE. Outwell Newburg 260 Tall Attachment height 240-270cm BRAND NEW With Outwell manufacturers warranty. £375 FREE UK DELIVERY
  15. G

    Drive away awning connections

    Looking for advice on awning connections. Got a Kampa Motion Air, travel pod. I love it. Presently using the storm straps and a magnetic strip. However, contemplating fitting a c bar, I think that's what it is called. However, been told that it will spoil the look of the van. Also, any thoughts...
  16. merse

    Wind out awning fitters in Bristol area?

    Looking for somewhere that can supply and fit a wind out awning to a T6.1 in the Bristol area - what are my options? Cheers, Merse
  17. Mrpowwow

    For Sale Outdoor Revolution Movelite Awning

    Selling my T4 Lowline Outdoor Revolution Inflatable Awning, Used once for a three day trip, mint condition comes with the magnetic attachment to connect to the van, comes with the specific Outdoor Revolution rug as well which was purchased as an extra. Great bit of kit, cost over £1200 with all...
  18. aorv

    Thule awning brackets for roof rails

    Has anyone used these type brackets to attach a Thule Omnistor 4900 to their T6? I'm looking for a solution that means I don't have to drill into the van and also remove the awning when I need to. I...
  19. P

    Fiamma F45S instructions wanted!

    Hello! We have just bought a Fiamma 45s awning for our T6. We currently have roof rails. Has anyone fitted an awning an kept roof rails? Does anyone have any fitting tips or a video as we’ve been looking but can’t seem to find any advice out there any the instructions aren’t very clear. Any help...
  20. Stecorn

    Wanted Wind out awning

    Wanted... Wind out awning 3m black casing for LWBT6 located north east area..