1. C

    Bluetooth amplifier for rear speakers running from leisure battery

    Hi. Quite chuffed with this and wanted to share. I installed some rear speakers (Focal RCX-100 4” Coaxial) with a view to adding them to my head unit. After monitoring my starter battery, and seeing it sit at about 12.3-12.4V, I then wished I could run sound off the leisure battery to avoid...
  2. Dav-Tec

    Dav-Tec -- Latest News, Deals & Announcements

    Hi Everyone, Getting great feedback so far from all our new customers on here. This morning we've succeeded in striking a deal with a new supplier which now means we can offer great audio packages from some of the biggest brands on the market including Sony, Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood, Audison &...
  3. H

    T6 ICE Upgrades - Eton, amp, sub?

    Hi All, Hoping someone will have some help and advice. Looking to upgrade my current speakers (standard OEM) in my van. I'd like something decent, with good clarity and good sound - not all bass! I'm also looking at adding a passenger seat sub. I've seen a few things saying about the Eton...
  4. Pauly

    T6 Multimedia System Wiring Diagram 2016

    Multimedia System Circuit Diagram This diagram applies to vehicles with dual USB sockets and shows the USB hub/splitter and audio input connections VIP Membership is required to download this document
  5. VanBlanc

    AbsoluT5 Audio

    I see no one has actually left a recommendation here for @Absolut5 . Jason is famed for his knowledge about ICE and other things T5/6. His deals are always good, his install work is the best and customer service and follow up second to non. Always worth the drive to Amesbury :thumbsup: Absolute...
  6. czmate1999

    Audio Choice...

    Hi All, Firstly, i know this is a first world problem, but i only want to upgrade my audio system once and so want to make the right choice. I know many on the forum have made use of Absolut5 excellent services and would like to make use of your thoughts. I am stuck in my choice between their...
  7. Sabre

    Golf Mkiv Audio

    HI All, Im looking for some advice on my beloved MKIV Golf.... The head unit in my Golf has stopped working, intermittently, more off than on so im having to use an ipod and speaker on the seat to play tooones, so I wonder if someone out there can suggest something. I have an Alpine DAB head...
  8. Seán Kerr

    Audio Auto Electrician- Central Scotland

    Hi My first post to the forum, but I’ve been reading and it looks very helpful. I’m looking for any recommendations for an audio auto electrician to install an upgrade audio package from @Absolut5. I live in Dunblane so am looking for someone in the central belt. Help much appreciated! Seán