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    For Sale 20 inch ATS Temperament alloys & tyres

    Selling my ATS wheels and Nankang AS-1 tyres. Wheels are 20" x 9.5", ET35, and load rated to 1030kg. Tyres are Nankang AS-1 265/40/20 with 104Y load / speed index (so 900kg). Wheels were bought from another forum member last year, tyres were bought from a local garage for £463.20 (receipt...
  2. Mick Robson

    For Sale 20 inch ATS temperament 5 alloy wheels

    As the title says 4no newly refurbished ATS alloy wheels for sale, only refurbished to get rid of a bit of kerb rash. They are like brand new now, load rated up to 1025kg so T32 rated. Collection only due to size and weight £475.00 im near Bristol they were only changed as I prefer Black...
  3. M

    Sold 20” ATS Temperament alloys only £150

    Taken off the van a few weeks ago. They need a refurb and new tyres so are cheap. This means you can have a colour change when they are refurbed. Taking up a lot of space in the garage. £150 collection preferred.
  4. Inthezone

    Sold Ats 20" Alloys

    set of 4 20" alloys will fit without spacers and will accept 255/35/20 or 275/40/20 in fairly good condition with valves and wheel bolts / locking bolts £400 IMG_0881 by Inthezone posted 18 Mar 2020 at 17:04IMG_0880 by Inthezone posted 18 Mar 2020 at 17:04IMG_0879 by Inthezone posted 18 Mar...
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  6. S

    Sold Ats Temperament 20inch Alloys

    Set of ats temperament alloys in grey /polished. These are suitable for all transporters 5x120 9.5j et42 load rated to 1075kg per wheel Fitted with uniroyal rainsport 3 (106xl) 275 40 x20 tyres. 2 have around 4mm and the other nearer 3mm 2 wheels have some slight edge marking in one place...
  7. T

    Introducing “the Stealth”

    It’s been a long time in the planning but I’ve been lucky enough to see conversion through to its current state. There are other bits that I’d like to sort - suspension, wheels, lower spoiler and LED’s but they’ll come in time. For now it’s getting used to a different feel, hoping for warm...
  8. P

    19" Oettinger wheels?

    I've got a set of brand new 19" Oettinger alloys for T5 and Amarok(so fitment for T6 OK - 19x9 ET48; also possible to get a few more sets) for fairly good price around ~760€ Question - I have not seen many vans running them and found only one T5 picture googling it. I know it's analog for ATS...