aftermarket headlamps

  1. M

    THQ V3 DRL / Indicator sync problem

    Good Afternoon, I have just fitted some V3 headlamps from THQ. Was easy and straight forward enough to fit. Overall the results are great with all LED bulbs. Only problem I have is when the hazards are switched off and the DRLs come back on the n/s comes on a bit earlier than o/s. Just...
  2. M

    What aftermarket headlamps are these?

    Hi all had my 2019 T6 a couple of months noticed ( as did everybody with sight ) that frontal illumination is less than adequate ( s**te ) actually can’t believe this is legal so I joined the forum ( Keen or what ) and put headlights in the search box OMG read loads don't get half of it ( only...
  3. C

    THQ v3 light pattern issue

    hello,. hoping someone can help, I e got THQ v3 lights, with the uprated nightbreaker bulbs etc, but they are rubbish, this beam pattern looks like batman any ideas
  4. MrTesco

    H7 to THQ headlights

    Hi just wondering if anyone has gone from Factory fit H7 headlights to THQ lights? If so how do you compare light output etc better or worse with the THQ ones ?
  5. G

    Travelinlite T6 Headlights beam adjustment

    Hi all! I’ve recently fitted Travelinlite T6 Headlights with dynamic LED indicators, LED DRL, but halogen H1 & H11 bulbs. What I can’t work out is how to adjust the beam so they are level & not only lighting 2m in front of the van. Anyone fitted & adjusted these before? If so, can you post a...
  6. T

    THQ V3 indicators are too dim!

    So, like many others I have a set of thq v3 headlamps. Brilliant lights, great improvement. But. I really dislike how dim the indicators are on bright days. I've been looking at solutions to this, but thought I would ask the collective on there thoughts.
  7. H

    For Sale VanTech T6 Front Sequential Headlights

    Bought recently from Phil_j89 on here. I've had a change of plan so received them but not fitted them. For sale for what I paid £300+ post or collect from Rugby CV21. These are his for sale photos, they are just sat in the box as received.
  8. N

    Sold Transporter HQ LED DRL V3 headlight black

    For sale a pair of Transporter HQ V3 LED DRL headlights in black. These are only 6 months old and are in fantastic condition. There are a couple of very small stone chips but other than that as new. These fit any T6 transporter from late 2015, either Euro 5 or Euro 6. Plug and play with no...
  9. L

    New Kombi - Please recommend your best products for converting

    Hello everyone. My name is Lee and I am new to VW. I have just bought T6 2017 LWB and was hoping you could help me. The van is currently simple kombi with no carpeting and any additional nice stuff, I would like to take it on as a project. I would like to do sound deadening, thermal isolation...
  10. OurSam

    LED Bulbs for Aftermarket Projector Headlamps

    Looking for some advice - my T6 came with projector DRL lights fitted by the convertor but the light output is shocking (almost have to get out and look to see if they're lit) so I am looking for some LED bulbs to fit for better overall vision. First picture is the outside of the light and the...
  11. S

    T6.1 Aftermarket Bixenon/LED DRLs - Vettura Lighting

    Hi, Has anyone used the above? Below is the bet listing title: NEW - T6.1 Headlight Retrofit With LED DRL System - VW Volkswagen Transporter having recently bought our 6.1 I now understand the concerns about the standard headlights! thanks Simon
  12. Phil_j89

    Sold VanTech T6 Front Sequential Headlights

    Selling some VanTech Front Sequential headlights for a T6 transporter. Led front daytime running lights and sequential indicators. Were bought last year, around October time. The lights will come with halogen bulbs in the dip / main beams. The bulb warning light would need to be switched off...
  13. OurSam

    Aftermarket DRLs and the switch

    Quick question : my T6 highline has these aftermarket sequential led DRL headlights fitted and I’m not sure they’re wired in correctly. Before I go back to the van converters I need to ask what other people see when using the switch on the dash. Mine is : Switch in ‘Off’ position - DRLs lit, no...
  14. Dmitri Mernenko

    Issue with aftermarket headlights

    Hello, just wondered if anyone had the same issue or can offer some advice on what could be the problem: I’ve just had solar panels and a water tank installed. The solar panels are connected directly to the leisure battery and the water tank is connected to the van battery. Here’s my problem...
  15. LambethBoy

    Wanted THQ V2 Black Headlights

    As above. Not ltd edition version. TFL :thumbsup:
  16. Pewt

    Sold Transporter HQ V2 headlights (faulty drl)

    Selling my Transporter HQ headlights as half of the passenger side DRL is faulty and flickers. If i give it a bump or press it the drl comes on so i'm sure anyone with electronics knowledge maybe able to fix them. Apart from that the lights are in perfect condition. They are out of warranty but...
  17. Peclaran

    Sold THQ H7 Headlight with LED DRL £400

    Purchased and installed in June 2020 for £575 and has done less than 300 miles as this is my second vehicle. Returned to original Caravelle Headlights so selling these. They are in great condition with no marks. If you need more images or other questions please PM me.
  18. C

    DRL strip in aftermarket headlamp stopped working

    Hi All, I’ve got a 15 plate T6, with what I believe are factory-fitted headlights (as they are really quite poor!) The passenger-side DRL has recently stopped working - it is one of the ‘bar/strip’ style DRLs. I’ve checked the fuses and all seem to be ok. Is this style of DRL likely to be LED...
  19. Peclaran

    MOT Fail: headlights with non-OEM LED bulbs

    Hi All, Heads Up for those with upcoming MOTs. Had my MOT carried out at VW Dealers and failed because of new criteria for LED lights. They have to be autolevelelling and have wipers(layman’s explanations). I’m sure there are experts here who will provide the official bit. Will be replacing...
  20. Parvus

    Sold THQ V3 plus THQ LED bulbs

    Hi, Recently purchased THQ V3 limited edition black model, complete with THQ LED bulbs, cost £578 new. No faults and only covered a few hundred miles max. Anyone interested with offers over £400. Huge discount for anyone currently looking to upgrade headlights to LED.