aftermarket headlamps

  1. 1271A

    Sold Sold Transporter HQ V2 headlights. With H1 and H7 bulbs

  2. chafey69

    Sold THQ V3 headlights

    For sale , a pair of THQ V3 DRL headlights, complete with H7 & H1 bulbs. Bought new in Feb 2022 , no scratches, or stone chips, work get the most out of them, I highly recommend buying the THQ H7 LED bulbs to set them off.....collection prefered, Newcastle-under-Lyme...
  3. Blind-dog

    Transporter HQ V2 lights with LED bulbs, where to place beam convertors for Europe

    Hi All, we're heading off to France in a couple weeks to drive down to Italy - Autohaus T6 Campervan with Transporter HQ aftermarket headlights with their LED bulbs. Will likely use Mont Blanc tunnel route so need to be sure where not dazzling oncoming traffic - does anyone know how to work...
  4. G

    THQ 6.1 led headlights-black or chrome

    Has anyone got the THQ 6.1 black led headlights fitted and could post a photo, I’m trying to decide If chrome or the black version would look better on the van, I’ve got a Ascot grey Startline with the big black bumper Thanks
  5. L

    Transporter HQ T6 headlights v3 DRL strip failure

    Hi There, Bought the THQ T6 headlights (with THQ LED H7) about 18 months ago, really happy with them, they make a huge difference over the standard OEMs and look awesome. Ran into a bit of a slight issue (noticed it yesterday) with the passenger side light, the main beam (H1) dipped led (H7)...
  6. F2JON

    Wanted New THQ T6.1 black headlights

    Anyone ordered a set and changed there mind, I was a tad slow ordering so missed out this time let me know if you have any you want to sell.
  7. david173

    Sold H7 HID 4300k kit £30

    I have a brand new HID H7 4300K 35W terminator smart kit complete with ballasts and bulbs for sale. Looking for £30 inc postage to UK mainland. Rrp is 60. Its the kit recommended by many on the H7 THq...
  8. Barley53

    Sold Travelin-lite v2 headlights

    A pair of used aftermarket headlight units from travelin-lite. These are their version 2's, non-sequential bulb indicators that run with either halogens, xenon or led dipped. I've had them on the van about 2 years and they have literally been all over the country and all things considered are...
  9. S

    T6.1 Aftermarket Headlight choices

    Hi, Has anyone used Vettura Lighting? Below is the bet listing title: NEW - T6.1 Headlight Retrofit With LED DRL System - Vettura Lighting. having recently bought our 6.1 I now understand the concerns about the standard headlights! thanks Simon
  10. JonnyTee

    Auto-Electrician in Leeds, Yorkshire

    Morning, Could anybody Fit me some Transporter HQ V2 Led lights to my 2018 T6 in the Leeds/West Yorkshire asap please? It’s says on the site they are pug in and play with no coding needed can’t do the job myself as have Health issues.
  11. Jason Kew

    THQ V2 DRL problem

    Hi everyone, my nearside THQ V2 DRL is only on intermittently, the DRL lightbar works fine on side lights and headlights on etc.. thinking it's a loose connection somewhere.. is there a colour coded wiring diagram available to find the DRL cable.. there's a lot of wires in that box! Very many...
  12. T

    Removing Connecter from THQ bulb. Help Needed.

    Should be an easy one I hope. I'm trying to remove the original THQ bulb (lamp) and replace with Night breakers. Fallen at the first hurdle! How do I remove the gold connecter without ruining the connection. I assumed it would just slide off but I'd pretty stubborn and dont want to wreck the...
  13. BennyBoy

    THQ v1 Light Issue - HELP

    Hello I have had the THQ v1 lights since they were launched with LED bulbs in the dipped beam without any issues at all from day one A couple of days ago driving home the driver's side dipped beam flickered and went off and bulb light came on. No issue will change bulb but that didn't work...
  14. D

    Sold VW T6 Full Exterior Aftermarket LED Sequential Light Package

    Hi I have for sale of my T6 the full sequential light package, the rear lights are for a Tailgate Model, these lights have covered no more than 500 miles and are in mint condition. Please see below links...
  15. M

    THQ V3 DRL / Indicator sync problem

    Good Afternoon, I have just fitted some V3 headlamps from THQ. Was easy and straight forward enough to fit. Overall the results are great with all LED bulbs. Only problem I have is when the hazards are switched off and the DRLs come back on the n/s comes on a bit earlier than o/s. Just...
  16. M

    What aftermarket headlamps are these?

    Hi all had my 2019 T6 a couple of months noticed ( as did everybody with sight ) that frontal illumination is less than adequate ( s**te ) actually can’t believe this is legal so I joined the forum ( Keen or what ) and put headlights in the search box OMG read loads don't get half of it ( only...
  17. C

    THQ v3 light pattern issue

    hello,. hoping someone can help, I e got THQ v3 lights, with the uprated nightbreaker bulbs etc, but they are rubbish, this beam pattern looks like batman any ideas
  18. MrTesco

    H7 to THQ headlights

    Hi just wondering if anyone has gone from Factory fit H7 headlights to THQ lights? If so how do you compare light output etc better or worse with the THQ ones ?
  19. G

    Travelinlite T6 Headlights beam adjustment

    Hi all! I’ve recently fitted Travelinlite T6 Headlights with dynamic LED indicators, LED DRL, but halogen H1 & H11 bulbs. What I can’t work out is how to adjust the beam so they are level & not only lighting 2m in front of the van. Anyone fitted & adjusted these before? If so, can you post a...
  20. T

    THQ V3 indicators are too dim!

    So, like many others I have a set of thq v3 headlamps. Brilliant lights, great improvement. But. I really dislike how dim the indicators are on bright days. I've been looking at solutions to this, but thought I would ask the collective on there thoughts.