aftermarket headlamps

  1. T

    New LV headlights - condensate

    Hello everyone I have recently had my t6.1 upgraded from Leighton with their headlight kit. Today I noticed some condensate , is this an issue or can it happen on new lamps ?
  2. R

    Show me your THQ LED headlight equipped vans (V3 Black edition) Team Indium Grey

    So who's got an indium grey T6 with THQ V3 LED Black Edition Headlights and got any pics to share? I think I want some but want to see the combo before I pull the trigger. Cheers
  3. A

    Aftermarket headlight issues

    Hi all just a quick question, I have recently upgraded my 19 plate T6 headlights to after market led projector lights with sequential indicators, the DRL bar acts as the sidelight but it doesn’t dim when the switch is turned to sidelight position ? Only when on headlight position, I have...
  4. I

    Wanted T6 THQ Headlights

    thq headlights wanted ideally black v2 v3 thanks
  5. tommy_t6.1

    THQ T6.1 headlights - beam pattern

    I've had the THQ headlights on my T6.1 for about 15 months now and love the way they look. I fitted some LED bulbs and all seemed good, although the actual light output wasn't the best I could live with it. A few months ago I was driving at night in heavy rain and I couldn't see anything. This...
  6. kernowcoles

    What aftermaket lamps are these?

    Just wondering if anyone can identify these aftermarket headlights? they are going fairly cheap on FB marketplace. Apparently tly have come off a 2017 T6. I thought they maybe look like THQ V1s?
  7. j4ckal

    Sold T6 THQ V1 LED headlights with HID kit.

    Up for sale are my (recently purchased from here) Transporter HQ V1 led aftermarket headlights. They come fitted with a HID4U stealth 55w/5000k HID kit. Headlight units and HID kit are approx 6 months old. These are to fit the T6 (not 6.1). Offers around £300 and collection only please from...
  8. T

    T6.1 Veedubs aftermarket headlights

    Just wondered if these were any better that thq ones?
  9. FYPO

    For Sale THQ V2 Headlights (Faulty)

    I purchased these headlights from another member in 2021, the passenger-side DRL had some lights out. I split the headlight and found the DRL is split into 2 PCBs. The wire linking the two PCBs had a poor solder joint and had fallen off. I resoldered the wire and all was good. November last...
  10. MrD

    Travelinlite v THQ headlight

    Just wondering if anyone has fitted the Travelinlite led DRL headlights to they’re T6.1 instead of the THQ version which look identical to my eye, anyone any experience please?
  11. M

    Caravelle H7 Headlight issues

    Found a couple of threads on this but no real answer. Caravelle - 2016. I have THQ V1’s fitted and noticed the light bulb out warning popping straight up. My Drivers side has the dipped beam out. My Passengers side has the high beam out. So far tried. Removed THQ lights put back on...
  12. P

    Depo H7 headlights

    Anyone fitted Depo headlights? Euro car parts have them on sale - just wondering if anyone had used them Thanks
  13. angelameaney

    Aftermarket headlights that light the road!?!

    It’s not a big ask is it for your headlights to light the road in the dark. When I got my van it had yellow bulbs which were poor. I bought osram nightbreakers and had to drive home in the dark in the rain and we felt like the road was disappearing. It was frightening on country lanes with...
  14. RickyG

    THQ DRL-LED headlights upgrade on a T6.1?

    Anyone replaced to these? Any issues if so? Also rear light replacements (sequential indicators, LED- tailgate model) on the same van? Any information appreciated.
  15. C

    Heat from Transporter HQ Headlights with LED’s

    For those that have the transporter HQ headlights with the LED option, is there enough heat given off to melt off and snow or ice over winter? On my old defender I had to use LEDs with an inbuilt heater in the lense to keep them clear, so just weighing up whether to go LED or H4/7.
  16. Wafu

    T6 Caravelle near side main beam out

    Hi all wise ones. My current problem is as the title says. I have a 68 plate, Caravelle executive and have up grades the lights with THQ V3 lights some years ago. No problems until the other week or so. The V3 lights have LED main lights and standard Main beam H1’s fitted. I noticed a little...
  17. revdecal

    Headlight issue THQ H7

    Anyone had this problem before? If I have the lights switched to auto the LED on the left headlight does not work. If I turn the headlights on generally they seem fine so the LED clearly works but no longer on 'auto' mode which is weird?!
  18. D

    T6 aftermarket LED headlamps T6.1 style

    Has anyone bought these if so what are your thoughts are they any good?
  19. amo1968red

    Headlights - Replace OEM LEDs with aftermarket LEDs

    Hi all My T6 has OEM LEDs...but they're very 'chromey' (reflectors and such)...and I like the idea of the THQ V3 Black Edition style (as my van is all black...wherever possible ;)) . However, I gather that the THQ fittings won't work, as they'll only work on vans without existing LEDs...
  20. C

    T5.1 to t6.1 headlight diode

    Hi, First post here, did subscribe to the vip section in the hope of finding this information out without posting but could not find what I was looking for. I am doing a t5.1 to t6.1 facelift, I have sourced the parts myself, so did not but the ‘complete’ travelinlite kit. Have just been...