aftermarket headlamps

  1. LambethBoy

    Wanted THQ V2 Black Headlights

    As above. Not ltd edition version. TFL :thumbsup:
  2. Pewt

    Sold Transporter HQ V2 headlights (faulty drl)

    Selling my Transporter HQ headlights as half of the passenger side DRL is faulty and flickers. If i give it a bump or press it the drl comes on so i'm sure anyone with electronics knowledge maybe able to fix them. Apart from that the lights are in perfect condition. They are out of warranty but...
  3. Peclaran

    Sold THQ H7 Headlight with LED DRL £400

    Purchased and installed in June 2020 for £575 and has done less than 300 miles as this is my second vehicle. Returned to original Caravelle Headlights so selling these. They are in great condition with no marks. If you need more images or other questions please PM me.
  4. C

    DRL strip in aftermarket headlamp stopped working

    Hi All, I’ve got a 15 plate T6, with what I believe are factory-fitted headlights (as they are really quite poor!) The passenger-side DRL has recently stopped working - it is one of the ‘bar/strip’ style DRLs. I’ve checked the fuses and all seem to be ok. Is this style of DRL likely to be LED...
  5. Peclaran

    MOT Fail: headlights with non-OEM LED bulbs

    Hi All, Heads Up for those with upcoming MOTs. Had my MOT carried out at VW Dealers and failed because of new criteria for LED lights. They have to be autolevelelling and have wipers(layman’s explanations). I’m sure there are experts here who will provide the official bit. Will be replacing...
  6. Parvus

    For Sale THQ V3 plus THQ LED bulbs

    Hi, Recently purchased THQ V3 limited edition black model, complete with THQ LED bulbs, cost £578 new. No faults and only covered a few hundred miles max. Anyone interested with offers over £400. Huge discount for anyone currently looking to upgrade headlights to LED.
  7. smilie121

    Installed THQ V3 Headlights with HID and LED

    Just wanted to share and shout out I fitted a set of THQ V3 about 3 weeks ago - so far very happy with aesthetics and light output. I installed a H7 HID kit to the protectors after doing some homework on this forum and installed the latest LED light to the reflectors. The light output versus...
  8. Jlo

    Sold Transporter HQ VW T6 LED DRL V3 Headlights – LIMITED EDITION All Black

    I bought these last month when they briefly came into stock when i thought i was getting a T6... Turns out i'm getting a T6.1 and the van i'm getting has factory LEDs. Never been used, not even been out the THQ box! (As seen here: Transporter HQ ) Can send pictures if required. Comes with 2 x...
  9. S

    Aftermarket Pattern OEM H7 Headlights

    Hi Guys, Has anyone had any experience with the aftermarket OEM style headlights available online? I’ve seen some options to replace my H4’s to H7’s but wondered if anyone had seen them in comparison to the genuine items?
  10. C

    T6.1 halogen headlamps are just as poor.

    Morning, I have just took delivery of the new camper from Camperking, very happy with it but it hasn't came with the LED headlights as i thought it would. Does anyone know where i can purchase these or even if it is possible? Thanks in advance.
  11. Mooncat

    VanTech Aftermarket Replacement Headlights

    These Jun Yan lights were bought from Van Tech who are a very helpful and friendly company to deal with. Having used these lights for a week now, I thought I’d share my experience with you…...and have started another thread as requested by a couple of members. Some of this content may be...
  12. Aledh

    Found T6 H7 Headlights OR Transport THQ V2's

    As per the title, after a set of H7 headlights or Transport HQ V2's, for a 66 plate T6. Thanks
  13. K

    Sold Transporter HQ V3 LED Headlights

    Evening all, I'm gauging interest in my Transporter HQ V3 Headlights. I recieved these 10-04-20 and fitted them the same week. They have travelled a maximum of 200 miles on my van. I have tesa taped the cables at the back for a more OEM look. I'm moving to Germany so I need to swap my lights...
  14. T6ARF

    Sold LED DRL’s

    Would anyone be interested in buying these from me.... the DRL’s and indicators are LED.... and both the headlight and main beam bulbs have been upgraded to Osram Nightbreaker Laser? They are pretty much brand new are are in the original box/packaging. On the Vanstyle website These same lights...
  15. J88arv

    Wanted THQ v2 lights

    As above, would even look at the v1 if possible and chrome is fine
  16. R

    Wanted Thq V2 Headlights

    Hi Guys and Gals, Wanted v2 drl led THQ headlights If anyone is buying THQ v3 headlights and has a pair of v2 they want rid off, i would happily buy them. Cheers
  17. GS1980

    Wanted Aftermarket Headlights

    Hi all, anyone on here selling Transporter HQ style LED headlights? cheers
  18. Jordan250

    Travelinlite DRL Bulb Upgrade

    Has anyone fitted the H4 bulb upgrade from travelinlite? VW T6 Transporter Upgrade Headlight Bulb Kit & Led Fog Upgrade 15 Onwards | eBay Are they worth it over the standard bulbs? Or worth holding off until i can afford some aftermarket units. Many thanks Jordan
  19. Donk’s Silver T6

    Donk’s Silver T6

  20. Inthezone

    Sold Aftermarket Headlamps - T6

    Sensible Offers pleaseIMG_0602 by Inthezone posted 25 Jan 2020 at 08:46 IMG_0604 by Inthezone posted 25 Jan 2020 at 08:46I purchased these about four months ago but now have had the factory LEDs fitted they have the dynamic indicators, Fitted by Advanced in car in Poole This video is the...