aftermarket headlamps

  1. S

    Aftermarket Pattern OEM H7 Headlights

    Hi Guys, Has anyone had any experience with the aftermarket OEM style headlights available online? I’ve seen some options to replace my H4’s to H7’s but wondered if anyone had seen them in comparison to the genuine items?
  2. C

    T6.1 aftermarket headlamps

    Morning, I have just took delivery of the new camper from Camperking, very happy with it but it hasn't came with the LED headlights as i thought it would. Does anyone know where i can purchase these or even if it is possible? Thanks in advance.
  3. Aledh

    Found T6 H7 Headlights OR Transport THQ V2's

    As per the title, after a set of H7 headlights or Transport HQ V2's, for a 66 plate T6. Thanks
  4. K

    Sold Transporter HQ V3 LED Headlights

    Evening all, I'm gauging interest in my Transporter HQ V3 Headlights. I recieved these 10-04-20 and fitted them the same week. They have travelled a maximum of 200 miles on my van. I have tesa taped the cables at the back for a more OEM look. I'm moving to Germany so I need to swap my lights...
  5. Gemini

    Diederichs H7 headlamps

    Hi guys, have any of you heard or bought any of these? Was wondering what the quality was like. They are manufactured by a German company. Cheers Andy.
  6. P

    Replacement Headlights for the standard "worse than useless" ones

    Hi all, A bit of advice needed please... 2 years ago, when we bought out T32 Kombi, we noticed pretty early on that the headlights were (without swearing) ...Useless! I changed the bulbs for much brighter ones but unfortunately, as I have "man hands" and not those of a 3 month old child, I...
  7. K

    Changing indicator on TravelinLite headlights

    Hello All, I have the Travelin Lite headlights and wondered if anyone has changed the indicator bulbs on these? It looks almost impossible, it looks to me like a bumper off job. Any ideas, helpfull comments very welcome. Thanks guys
  8. T6ARF

    Sold LED DRL’s

    Would anyone be interested in buying these from me.... the DRL’s and indicators are LED.... and both the headlight and main beam bulbs have been upgraded to Osram Nightbreaker Laser? They are pretty much brand new are are in the original box/packaging. On the Vanstyle website These same lights...
  9. J88arv

    Transporter hq v1s with leds

    Hi all finally got my thq lights and love them, change the look of the van immensely. However I’ve noticed a light on the floor which I don’t think shouldn’t be there. Any ideas?
  10. StormUk

    Vanstyle Replacement LED headlights

    Anyone tried these? If so, are they any good? What other options is there without paying a small fortune? Thanks
  11. R

    THQ V3 headlight brightness photos

    Hi all. My van is booked in for new headlights, originally had v3 chrome ordered, but now swapped to V2 black (only those available) based on people's posts regarding the brightness. Does anyone have a photo of how dull the v3 are, I am only concerned safety wise tbh. Thanks
  12. Skimech

    THQ Headlight choices again

    Hi just wondering what the views were Of people that have had both V2 and V3. Was thinking of getting the V3 but for the money should I go V2? I’d appreciate some advice please.
  13. J88arv

    Wanted THQ v2 lights

    As above, would even look at the v1 if possible and chrome is fine
  14. simonnwt6

    THQ v3 no dip LED on sidelight pos?

    Hi all, Just noticed on the new install that when I turn lights on pos 1 , sidelights, as I sometimes drive with tears in as well that the front LED dim. Seems weird to me if I’m switching from DRL to sidelights they go darker :/ Have Carista but I doubt thats going to help. Anyone know if...
  15. Mocko1962

    THQ LED H7 Lamps (Bulbs)

    Has anyone fitted these with headlights in position and where did the locate the canbus resistors ?
  16. madforitbaz

    T6 Led Drl V1 Headlights

    I NEED to replace my shitty lamps. Sorry if this has been talked about many times ;o) It seems Transport HQ V2 with sequential are popular as they are out of stock, however I'm not fussed about sequential indicators. Anybody know how the V1 dipped and main beams compare to the V2? Also is...
  17. R

    Wanted Thq V2 Headlights

    Hi Guys and Gals, Wanted v2 drl led THQ headlights If anyone is buying THQ v3 headlights and has a pair of v2 they want rid off, i would happily buy them. Cheers
  18. GS1980

    Wanted Led Headlights

    Hi all, anyone on here selling Transporter HQ style LED headlights? cheers
  19. Mavis628

    Head Light Flicker

    Hi guys Had this issue some I fitted new headlight and led bulbs from traveling lite, need to get it sorted as it does my head in, anyone know what I need to do in order to sort it out cheers Steve
  20. Jordan250

    Travelinlite Bulb Upgrade

    Has anyone fitted the H4 bulb upgrade from travelinlite? VW T6 Transporter Upgrade Headlight Bulb Kit & Led Fog Upgrade 15 Onwards | eBay Are they worth it over the standard bulbs? Or worth holding off until i can afford some aftermarket units. Many thanks Jordan