aftermarket headlamps

  1. angelameaney

    Aftermarket headlights that light the road!?!

    It’s not a big ask is it for your headlights to light the road in the dark. When I got my van it had yellow bulbs which were poor. I bought osram nightbreakers and had to drive home in the dark in the rain and we felt like the road was disappearing. It was frightening on country lanes with...
  2. RickyG

    THQ DRL-LED headlights upgrade on a T6.1?

    Anyone replaced to these? Any issues if so? Also rear light replacements (sequential indicators, LED- tailgate model) on the same van? Any information appreciated.
  3. C

    Heat from Transporter HQ Headlights with LED’s

    For those that have the transporter HQ headlights with the LED option, is there enough heat given off to melt off and snow or ice over winter? On my old defender I had to use LEDs with an inbuilt heater in the lense to keep them clear, so just weighing up whether to go LED or H4/7.
  4. Wafu

    T6 Caravelle near side main beam out

    Hi all wise ones. My current problem is as the title says. I have a 68 plate, Caravelle executive and have up grades the lights with THQ V3 lights some years ago. No problems until the other week or so. The V3 lights have LED main lights and standard Main beam H1’s fitted. I noticed a little...
  5. revdecal

    Headlight issue THQ H7

    Anyone had this problem before? If I have the lights switched to auto the LED on the left headlight does not work. If I turn the headlights on generally they seem fine so the LED clearly works but no longer on 'auto' mode which is weird?!
  6. D

    T6 aftermarket LED headlamps T6.1 style

    Has anyone bought these if so what are your thoughts are they any good?
  7. amo1968red

    Headlights - Replace OEM LEDs with aftermarket LEDs

    Hi all My T6 has OEM LEDs...but they're very 'chromey' (reflectors and such)...and I like the idea of the THQ V3 Black Edition style (as my van is all black...wherever possible ;)) . However, I gather that the THQ fittings won't work, as they'll only work on vans without existing LEDs...
  8. C

    T5.1 to t6.1 headlight diode

    Hi, First post here, did subscribe to the vip section in the hope of finding this information out without posting but could not find what I was looking for. I am doing a t5.1 to t6.1 facelift, I have sourced the parts myself, so did not but the ‘complete’ travelinlite kit. Have just been...
  9. Troj

    Sold T6 THQ V1 Headlights with THQ LED H7 bulbs

    Transport HQ V1 headlights for sale - in great condition. No scratches on lenses (maybe some dead fly residue, but I'll clean that off). Includes THQ LED H7 bulbs (fitted) - replacing the candle in jam-jar standard bulbs, so you can actually see at night. Carefully removed from my van and...
  10. Epic-Rob

    T6.1 THQ V1 headlights a bit dull

    So just fitted a nice new pr of THQ Drl lights in my 6.1. replacing the std lights that have THQ H7 LED in the dipped beam and std halogen in the beam They look the part and all work as they should, so eagerly waiting for dark to go and try them out - but very underwhelmed at the light output...
  11. S

    THQ LED bulbs give uneven coverage

    Hi, after bit of advice from fellow members regarding headlights. I have the V3 DRL headlights fitted on my T6 with upgraded bulbs. Problem is the lights don't appear even when turned on (when shined against a wall etc). Looks like the driver side has more projection than the passenger which...
  12. stupot

    Before I blow myself up… LED to halogen wiring

    Hi all I want to remove the LED main beam bulbs and switch to halogen, in my Travelin-lite headlights. There’s a red and black wire (see pics) going to the LED and it’s little canbus block thingy (you can tell I know my stuff). Is it as simple as unplugging those 2 spade connectors and attaching...
  13. 1271A

    Sold Sold Transporter HQ V2 headlights. With H1 and H7 bulbs

  14. chafey69

    Sold THQ V3 headlights

    For sale , a pair of THQ V3 DRL headlights, complete with H7 & H1 bulbs. Bought new in Feb 2022 , no scratches, or stone chips, work get the most out of them, I highly recommend buying the THQ H7 LED bulbs to set them off.....collection prefered, Newcastle-under-Lyme...
  15. Blind-dog

    Transporter HQ V2 lights with LED bulbs, where to place beam convertors for Europe

    Hi All, we're heading off to France in a couple weeks to drive down to Italy - Autohaus T6 Campervan with Transporter HQ aftermarket headlights with their LED bulbs. Will likely use Mont Blanc tunnel route so need to be sure where not dazzling oncoming traffic - does anyone know how to work...
  16. G

    THQ T6.1 aftermarket headlights: black or chrome

    Has anyone got the THQ 6.1 black led headlights fitted and could post a photo, I’m trying to decide If chrome or the black version would look better on the van, I’ve got a Ascot grey Startline with the big black bumper Thanks
  17. L

    THQ v3 DRL strip failure

    Hi There, Bought the THQ T6 headlights (with THQ LED H7) about 18 months ago, really happy with them, they make a huge difference over the standard OEMs and look awesome. Ran into a bit of a slight issue (noticed it yesterday) with the passenger side light, the main beam (H1) dipped led (H7)...
  18. F2JON

    Wanted New THQ T6.1 black headlights

    Anyone ordered a set and changed there mind, I was a tad slow ordering so missed out this time let me know if you have any you want to sell.
  19. david173

    Sold H7 HID 4300k kit £30

    I have a brand new HID H7 4300K 35W terminator smart kit complete with ballasts and bulbs for sale. Looking for £30 inc postage to UK mainland. Rrp is 60. Its the kit recommended by many on the H7 THq...
  20. Barley53

    Sold Travelin-lite v2 headlights

    A pair of used aftermarket headlight units from travelin-lite. These are their version 2's, non-sequential bulb indicators that run with either halogens, xenon or led dipped. I've had them on the van about 2 years and they have literally been all over the country and all things considered are...