1. Gwyn

    Sunglasses Holder

    Hi Just bought a new Highline T6 and there is no Specs holder above the drivers seat area, thought these were a standard issue ?? The dealer said that VW had stopped suppling them since the beginning of the year Anybody got a 2019 model who can tell me otherwise TIA
  2. Ads_Essex

    Found Sunglasses Holder

    if anyone doesn’t use their sunglasses holder and would prefer a handle, then let me know and we’ll swap, as I’m on the lookout for an additional holder (his and hers style... the sunstrip comes next..)
  3. 8balladdict

    Part No. for Sunglasses Holder

    Hi all, Does anyone know the part number or even better where I can buy another sunglasses holder that is where the grab handle is on the drivers side?? Many thanks.