1. p6raf

    Swapping Single heated seat for Double without heat

    My T6 has 2 single front heated seats. I'm swapping the passenger side with a double bench but the seat i have sourced is not heated. Does anyone know the part number for the bench seat element?
  2. SteveCole

    Heated Seat Help! Kufatec Loom and OEM Panel

    Hi all, This is my 1st post to the forum, and I was hoping this would be a handy how to but instead I am after a helping hand. I have had my T6 Kombi for a few months now and I have decided to retro fit the genuine heated seats, in the summer :whistle: Not seen a full how to so I thought I...
  3. Surfrdan

    How To Identify Heated Seats

    Having recently bought new front and rear seats, I'm curious as to whether the fronts are heated or not. What coloured cables and connector would I be looking for underneath?