1. U

    985n Tailgate Gas Strut - supplier?

    Can anyone advise where I can get the upgraded gas struts from after soundproofing and insulating the rear tailgate and the best ones to go for? Its the 985N rating ones I'm after not the 1200N for bike rack upgrades as I have heard they are too powerful.
  2. sofakingwrong

    Sold Tailgate Struts

    Due to the amount of sound insulation I’ve had to upgrade 1270nm struts so I’ve got sat around ..... Standard kombi tailgate struts at 900nm as new from factory Upgraded tailgate struts at 985nm as new from forum shop Collection NE Newcastle or can possibly drop at NW area Manchester/Preston...
  3. mhill

    Uprated Tailgate Struts

    Where I've put so much silent coat on the tailgate then plylined the interior carpet my tailgate is so heavy that the factory struts won't hold it all the way up. I ordered a set of these on ebay for a bargain price of £27 but they are several mm too long and have no chance of fitting. I've...