1. Bobbych

    Change Wheel Stud Pattern.

    So, I have ordered a new 6.1 for march. I have ordered stock wheels as I was planning on fitting a st of different Alloys. I have a set of Honda CRV wheels but the Stud Pattern is 5x114.3 which is not the same at the VW. Am I mad or can I get new hubs with a stud pattern to fit these Honda Wheels
  2. S

    Will These Fit My T6?

    Hi, can anyone help me identify if these will fit my T6 and what tyres id need for them. They are from an Audi R8, 5x120 10J. Not sure if they are load rated. If attached the link for anyone to have a look Thanks in advance Log in to Facebook | Facebook
  3. Samgough

    18 x 10 et 47 on rear???

    Hey all just purchased some Porsche wheels 18 x 8.5 et 52 front plus 30mm adapter plates. ( 215/35/18) 18 x 10 et 47 on the rear with 15mm adapter plates ( 225/40/18) I'm intending too lower it at some point but I'm yet too know a exact height yet. My question is can you see them rubbing...