1. J88arv

    For Sale 275/45/20 tyres

    Hi all I’ve had two 275/45/20 fitted on my van on the 3rd of this month after an MOT highlighted worn rears. However I normally run 275/40/20 and sadly these are rubbing which is sending my nuts. I’ve done around 30 miles in them but I need to change back to the original size would happily...
  2. F6T6

    VW Told me that putting wrong tyres on 20" = Cruise Control Failure..

    Hey All, So I recently purchased a T6 204BHP, and it previously had 20" alloys on, with 275/45/20 tyres. It soon became apparent that the tyres were incorrect as they scraped on full lock. That I could accept, however my cruise control kept failing (from the day I bought the van) until now. I...
  3. J

    The perfect 20” tyre size

    Hi guys, I have 40/275 tyres on 20” rims. Would it be possible to put 45/275 tyres on, or would they rub when putting on a full steering lock?
  4. jason robinsonuk

    Stance+ Ultra - arch-liners bumping

    Fitted Stance + Ultra. I am very happy with the ride and handling but the road noise seems much louder?. I am running 20" with 275/45/20 tyres and still have 50mm freed left on the strut but am still rubbing on bumps. I don't want to left the van any higher as am very happy with the look. Any...
  5. Matty B

    Low Van Owners - Narrow Tyres To Fit So Low Suspension. 225/35 R20

    Morning all, I’ve just got the new So Low suspension from the lads at Transporter HQ. I’m planning to fit and fun it just above the lowest setting as I love the look. However I’m currently running 275/45 R20 on my wheels which will 100% rub I’m told. Andy from Transporter HQ has recommended I...