1. J88arv

    For Sale 275/45/20 tyres

    Hi all I’ve had two 275/45/20 fitted on my van on the 3rd of this month after an MOT highlighted worn rears. However I normally run 275/40/20 and sadly these are rubbing which is sending my nuts. I’ve done around 30 miles in them but I need to change back to the original size would happily...
  2. F6T6

    VW Told me that putting wrong tyres on 20" = Cruise Control Failure..

    Hey All, So I recently purchased a T6 204BHP, and it previously had 20" alloys on, with 275/45/20 tyres. It soon became apparent that the tyres were incorrect as they scraped on full lock. That I could accept, however my cruise control kept failing (from the day I bought the van) until now. I...
  3. Keaney

    20" Tyre Advice - sizing / brand / pressure

    I've now picked the alloys and dimensions but what tyre brand are people using on 20’s Been quoted on accelera which was really cheap and may go down this route initially but normally stick to main brands, yoko, Pirelli and Michelin etc
  4. jason robinsonuk

    Stance+ Ultra - arch-liners bumping

    Fitted Stance + Ultra. I am very happy with the ride and handling but the road noise seems much louder?. I am running 20" with 275/45/20 tyres and still have 50mm freed left on the strut but am still rubbing on bumps. I don't want to left the van any higher as am very happy with the look. Any...
  5. Matty B

    Low Van Owners - Narrow Tyres To Fit So Low Suspension. 225/35 R20

    Morning all, I’ve just got the new So Low suspension from the lads at Transporter HQ. I’m planning to fit and fun it just above the lowest setting as I love the look. However I’m currently running 275/45 R20 on my wheels which will 100% rub I’m told. Andy from Transporter HQ has recommended I...