1. Jimmi

    Sold 4 x 255/60/18 Yokohama Geolander

    Removed after 2000 miles Collection only £200
  2. C

    255/60/18 tyres on Amarok steels..

    Hi Folks, appreciate a bit of advice on wheels/Tyres. Just bought a set of VW Amarok 18" 7.5j wheels with delivery mileage on ebay for a great price. But they have 255/60 Tyres, as opposed to standard 215/65. This gives a bigger rolling radius and speedo will be about 10% out. Is this...
  3. J


    I have 255/45/18 tyres fitted to my T6 it is lowered 30cm can I fit 255/60/18 to it?
  4. Peza

    255 60 18 Inch Amarock Wheels

    Hi I am keen to put bigger wheels on my T6 multi-van . 255x60x18 I see most people are keeping close to the rolling radius of the original tires. How much bigger can you go before the tyres foul the guards? And does a large tire fit in the spare tire bay? I see on the Facebook page VW T5...
  5. Dave F

    Amarok 18” 7.5J Steelie - Tyre Sizes

    quick question. Will Amarok 18s with 255/60 18 V XL fit my lowered T6 or will I need to Change the tyres in them. Thanks