1. StueyStuey

    Sold T6 Kombi Highline Simora 2+1 Rear Seats, Brackets & Belts

    T6 Kombi Highline 2+1 Rear Seats Taken from my 2019 Kombi in Simora Fabric. Great condition with no damage, probably only ever taken a passenger in my van a couple of times. I’m replacing with a 1+1+1 set up. 4x brackets & seatbelts included. If you need reinforcing plates I can get them from...
  2. A

    T6 change from 3 seat bench to 2+1 rear seats

    Hi All, I'm new to the forum, so firstly Hi :cool:. I am picking up a T6 kombi edition tomorrow in candy white and thinking about the first mod already!! I mountain bike a lot and think the the best configuration inside for me would be to change the rear 3 seat bench to a 2 plus 1. Can anyone...
  3. czmate1999

    Kombi - 3 Seat Bench Or 2+1 Set-up

    Getting ready to order my T6 Kombi. 3 seat bench combs as standard and a 2+1 set-up is an additional £144 option. When i have my camper conversion done - towards end of year - i will sell the seats and related bits and bobs. Question - what seat set-up will sell for the most and would i get...
  4. walnuts

    Sold 2+1 Kombi Rear Seats In Simora Cloth

    Outstanding Condition, removed and ready to go. £600. Photo's below, any questions don't hesitate to ask. Location: Yatton, near Bristol.
  5. DaveKentUK

    Sold Kombi rear 2+1 simora seats, fittings and flooring

    My T6 Kombi (Highline SWB Single sliding door) has started the conversion to campervan so the bits that have been removed so far are now available. The van has only been used as a family vehicle since new in August and only had little ones in the back on booster seats for less than 1000 miles...