1. Ginger Van Man

    For Sale Kombi Seats 2+1, Seatbelts, Floor & brackets SWB T5.1

    We have recently had our T5.1 converted and now have the following items for sale. I hope the pictures do the items justice, they have been in my training room since the conversion. Kombi seats 2+1 in the Tassimo pattern, the 2 seater is ISOFIX. The 2 seater does fold flat and the single...
  2. Olley

    For Sale VW T6 Kombi Seat covers

    VW T6 Genuine kombi seat skins 2 x Captain seats with armrests 2 + 1 Rear seats In very good condition, but will need a clean from being in storage. £250
  3. buggycpl

    Kombi bench seats to 1+1+1

    I am sure a quick question for experienced T6 folks in the know. Is changing from a bench seats setup in a Kombi to a 1+1+1 or even 2+1 a bit of a faff? I can see the rubber flooring would need to be changed to accommodate the appropriate extra brackets. Are there already factory threaded...
  4. V

    For Sale Kombi Rear 2+1 2-Seater Leatherette Bench

    Hi all, I am selling the 2 seater rear Kombi bench. Titanium and Palladium leatherette with Isofix points. Truth be told, I'm not sure how to remove the fixings...so you may need to do this. We have had the van since late October and the seat has only been sat on twice so very new. Also not...
  5. T

    Wanted Transporter kombi t6.1 2+1 rear seats /belts/brackets/ floormat

    Wanted t6.1 full kombi set up, rear seats , seatbelts , brackets, floor mat ( single slider) preferably 2+1 set up , would consider 1+1+1 but not a triple bench and ideally in bricks fabric, if anyone has anything ?
  6. TrevtheTransporter

    Sold Kombi T6 SWB Floor for sale

    Collection from Sheffield or I can arrange local delivery, taken straight out of our T6 for a full conversion already has the cut outs for the 2+1 rear seats
  7. B

    Wanted Bricks Kombi seats / belts / floor for SWB T6.1

    i am looking for 2+1 rear seats in brick complete with floor mounts, rubber floor and seat belts to suit a single slider swb
  8. D

    For Sale T6.1 SWB Kombi rubber floor (twin-slider) 2+1 leather seats & fittings. £1800

    I have a brand new van that I will be taking the rubber mat out of 1st week in March. To include a brand new Leighton mats carpet. I will also be removing the 2+1 leather Kombi seats, fittings and seat belts. Never even been sat on. Red stitching Its a twin slider £2000 Ono can deliver for...
  9. Belly

    Wanted Rear Kombi 2+1 in Brick Fabric..

    Looking for above for a 2022 T6.1 in as new condition if poss..will take just seats or full kombi kit.
  10. T

    Wanted Kombi seats / belts / floor for SWB T6.1

    Looking for a full kombi seat set up if anyone has anything suitable, ideally a 2+1 with all seatbelts / brackets/ clips and floor mat for a swb single slider, would consider a 1+1+1
  11. D

    T6 panel van conv. rear seat types

    Hi all, first post on here but been using for a while for info. I have a 2019 Transporter panel van (highline) that I want to add a 2nd row of seats to. I would like to be able to remove 1 or 2 quickly for days biking so ideally 2+1 quick release setup. My questions. 1) Are all 2+1 also quick...
  12. S

    Found Kombi 2+1 Simora seat skin/covers

    Hi all I have sourced some seats but they are tassimo pattern and I need simora pattern....does anyone have a set left over from a retrim job please ? ta
  13. A

    Source for seats

    Hi All, I’m looking for a rear bench seat for my Kombi conversion and am wondering if anyone has any tips of where to look other than the For Sale section on here? I“m keeping an eye on auction sites (not sure if I’m allowed to mention the one beginning with E by name?!) and Gumtree, but was...
  14. vintage_racing

    Sold Kombi 2+1 seats with belts & brackets

    Kombi 2+1 seats for sale, recovered in black. Twin seat folds flat and has Isofix, single seat tilts forwards. All belts included, and floor brackets. £750 Location: Surrey
  15. I

    Sold T6/6.1 Kombi 2+1 Seats with all fixings, seat belts and floor. £800

    Hi, Due to having my van concerted into a full camper I have the Kombi seats and associated parts left over for sale. They are in the Grey Robust Mesh material which is really hard wearing and excellent for if you have kids! Easy to wipe down! They ae the 2+1 seating arrangement which fold...
  16. I

    Sold Kombi Rubber Floor Mat, 2+1 SWB Single slider. £300

    Original VW Transporter T6 Rear Rubber Floor Mat, SWB, 2 + 1 for Single sliding door model. Single side-loading door with the cut out for a 2 + 1 Kombi seating arrangement. In a very good, used condition. Rubber mat for the rear load space area. 6 Lashing points will come with the mat...
  17. I

    Sold T6 Kombi 2+1 Seats with all fixings & seat belts £700 No Floor

    Original VW T6 transporter Kombi 2nd row double and single folding seat. Middle row ‘double’ seat + Single seat for a VWTransporter, finished in Simora fabric. These seats are in excellent ‘used’ condition, from a 2019 low mileage vehicle which I am converting into a camper. Complete with...
  18. D

    Sold T6 Kombi ISOFIX seats 2+1

    I have for sale this lovely bench 2+1 Isofix VW unit. It was installed on my Kombi shortly before I bought it and I removed it to convert the van into a camper a month later. I believe they were a custom order as I have not been able to find similar type (maybe someone can enlighten me?!) I also...
  19. A

    Sold Simora 2+1 Rear Kombi seats + everything

    Available on from 11/10/23 Great condition with Isofix, floor brackets, and seat belts inc. £900 ono. Twin sliding, SWB rubber Matt also available, £100 ono. Farnborough, Hampshire area.
  20. StueyStuey

    Wanted Kombi/Shuttle 2nd Row 2+1 OEM Black Leatherette Seat Covers

    I'm looking for a good condition set of of 2nd row 2+1 seat covers to match the seats in the pic below. Hoping someone may have a set following a retrim. I believe they are Titanium Mesh Leatherette.