1. GARY Doe

    For Sale x4 Continental ContiVan Contact 200 Tyres 215/60/17 T32. £100

    4 Continental Conti Van Contact 200 Tyres for T32 17" rims, 215/60 R17 C - 104 H. 2 of the tyres from the rear have 7.5mm tread the front 2 have 6.5 tread but with a little wear on edges. All good condition £100 Collection only Burnley Lancashire.
  2. B

    For Sale 17” Banded Steels (8.5J / 10J) - Candy Red

    17 inch banded steels for sale. Not 100% sure on size but they measure the same as my new wheels that are 8.5J / 10J. Finished in candy red but all have some kerb marks (one much worse than the others, other three aren’t so noticeable when fitted) so may want a refurb. Falken Ziex ze310 tyres...
  3. T6 dork

    Wanted 17" or 18" steel wheel for my spare please

    as above tyre or no tyre thanks
  4. T

    Sold 215/60/17 Bridgestone Duravis 2922 x 4

    Under 4,500 miles old and with a 2922 date code. Duravis R660 Eco 215/60/R17 C 109/107T LT £200 Ono collection Mansfield J27/28 M1 Thanks, Tom
  5. C

    17” wheels AT Tyres needed.

    Hello all, I need some advice from those who have already done this, experience counts above all else where wheels and tyres are concerned, I’ve taken the plunge and purchased some 17” wheels. Genuine VW items. 8X15 They’re originally for an Amorak and going on a T32. I’m after some...
  6. B

    T32 and Minimum Wheel Size

    Hi all. Hoping someone can help. I have a 2017 T6 DSG 110kw LWB I’m running 19” wheels currently and it had Devonport 17” on originally. I’ve seen some 16” wheels and winter tyres on eBay. I’ve read somewhere that the minimum wheel size on some T6s are 17” because of calliper sizes. How...
  7. R

    17” cascavelle wheels and my t30

    Hi all I have a 2021 t30 kombi with standard Clayton allow wheels, I recently purchased some cascavelle 27” wheels. Will these fit my t30 without any problems and what tyre size Would anyone recommend? I was thinking 235/55/17 or 215/60/17 but not sure now. The size on the wheel states 7 0j x...
  8. FerrisBFW

    Sold Caravelle Cascavel 17” wheels and tyres x4. £75

    Caravelle Cascavel 17” wheels and tyres x4 for sale. They are in a mess. I had them balanced no issues when i first bought my old Caravelle. 4x good condition budget tyres and centre badges fitted I will list out tyre manufacturers and tread depth tomorrow Location KT7 £75
  9. K

    For Sale Continental VanContact Eco Tyres x 2 / 215/60/r17

    Got two tyres for sale - taken off of my van recently when I got new tyres for alignment etc. About 4.3/5mm on outside, and 5mm of tread in centre No punctures or sidewall damage. Was keeping for spares but need to free up space. Looking for £30 - collection in E17 or could look at postage...
  10. The Bean

    For Sale Michelin Lattitude Cross Tyres x 5 no

    As per title. Good amount of tread left, over 6mm plus! £220 collected GL15. 235/65 R17"
  11. D

    Tyre choice for T32 Camper

    My campervan T6 T32 DSG 150 has 215/60 R17 C Continentals as fitted when bought from Bilbos. They get me round corners and stop well BUT the van ride is somewhat harsh. Can anybody advise if different tyres might help with the ride? I’m recalling my last motor, a Toyota AWD RAV4 and the magic...
  12. S

    For Sale 17” Black Rhino Overland Wheels

    I’m selling my Black Rhino Overland wheels as I fancied a change and have bought some new shoes for the van. The wheels have no kerb damage or pitting whatsoever. The paint has come off some of the ‘bolt’ patterns around the wheels. These aren’t real bolts but rather a bolt effect pattern...
  13. J

    Sold Navis Mac At alloys Falken Wlidpeak Tyres

    Navis Mac AT 17’ alloys fitted with Falken Wildpeak at3 tyres 235/65/17 Satin black only a few months old with less than 1500 miles on them I had these ceramic coated from new so loads easier to keep clean As new condition still on the van at the moment but should have my replacement wheels...
  14. Ragster13

    For Sale 17” Spare Steel Wheel + Tyre

    I have some 17” steels in silver with decent tyres. £70 per wheel, PM me if interested, located in Leicestershire
  15. J

    Found T6.1 T32 4Motion 17” Spare Wheel

    Hi, my spare wheel has been stolen! Anyone got one they don't want/ or to sell I'm in Wigan. Gutted going to France in it tmrw for our summer holidays! Any advice on how or what to get will help. Cheers J
  16. K

    For Sale 4 x 17" Steel Transporter Wheels - now with pictures!

    EDIT - Tyres left on as bonus, I would replace them! Can be collected from today. Hi all Got 4 x steelies for sale as need to free up space. Generally good condition - few scuffs and some very minimal wear. Good for winter wheels / spares. There'll be tyres left on them - however a couple...
  17. T

    T6 vs Amarok wheel bolts

    I'm replacing the 17in VW Cascavel wheels on our T6 with 17in VW Amarok Rocadura wheels. This might be a rookie question, but does anyone know whether I can simply use the same wheel bolts or is the bolt design/length different between the Amarok and T6 wheels?
  18. vincethomas

    For Sale 3 x Single T32 Steel wheel with 215/60/17 tyre

    I have 3 x 17 inch steel wheels with 215/60/17 Commercial tyres. Perfect for spare wheel if you have bigger brakes or if your spare disappeared overnight like mine :) All tyres around 3-4mm thread remaining. Collection preferred but can post with parcelforce. £70 each plus delivery
  19. Ragster13

    For Sale 17" Tomahawk Alloy Wheels & AT Tyres Swamper look

    New set of Tomahawk 17" alloy wheels and AT tyres, never fitted. Details of tyres in the photos, located in Syston Leicestershire, £900 ono
  20. Pedro20001

    Wanted 17" GP steel with tyre (one) wanted

    Hi all, I'm after one GP 17" steel wheel with tyre for a spare as I've upgraded to 340mm front brakes. Has anyone got one for sale please? I'm in Derbyshire , Nottinghamshire area. Thanks in advance