1. W

    Standard 16 Highline wheel…what’s the best replacement tyre?

    The wheels are now in gloss black. Getting nearish to a change of tyres, I would like a good chunky looking all rounder. Must be a decent ride as the van is used to tow a large caravan and is a daily drive as well. Looking for some ideas please…
  2. S

    T6.1 Spare wheel, on all hell breaks loose with electrics.

    Hi, To cut a long story short I got a puncture in my N/S front Leighton LV1 20" wheel. (T6.1 Transporter Feb 2021) I took it off to get in fixed and put on the spare, the spare is a standard 16" steel and with the van lowered on B14's it did sit a bit low on that corner. I put the punctured...
  3. S

    For Sale Spare steel wheels 16" x2 £20 each

    Collection Bideford N Devon
  4. S

    Sold VW 16" steel wheel trims £20

    Odd little mark, but generally in good condition. Collection Bideford, N Devon. Can get a price for posting if required.
  5. Lukavell

    FREE Free 16" steel wheels

    Need a refurb but I've had them in the shed taking up space for years. Free to a good home before I let the scrap man have them!
  6. Kwok8

    T6 T32 big brakes or not?

    Hi, not long had my camper van van then had it converted. Just wondering if I have big brakes or not? I'm looking to change the wheels but just want the black 16" steels that every converter seems to be trying to get rid of.
  7. La Dodgy Vita

    Found Wanted 16" steel rim

    Some low life has stolen my 16" steel spare. I see that there are a few going on this forum but all a considerable distance from me. Does anyone have one rim (tyre not important - even bare rim OK) in / around the Gloucestershire / Oxfordshire area? I will be travelling to South Wales on Monday...
  8. Dellmassive

    For Sale Clayton with 205/65R/16C - set of four. £250

    VW 16" alloy wheels 205/65R/16C - set of four not mine, but a local tyre shop. - i said i`d put them on here in case any1 was interested. They looking for £250 collected Ilford/London PM me for collection details.
  9. R

    For Sale Hankook 205/65/16c as new tyres and black steels

    Hi there I have a set of as new Hankook load rated 205/65/16c tyres and black steel wheels these came off a unregistered t32 shuttle cash on collection from Renfrewshire or bellshill area £150 thanks for looking.
  10. R

    For Sale Hankook 205/65/16c as new

    Evening again guys I have 2 sets of as new Hankook 205/65/16c load rated tyres suitable for all the range including t32 . They come with black steels. I know most aren’t that bothered with 16 inch steels. But these are all legal and will maybe do someone a turn through the back end of the year...
  11. K

    Sold Clayton's with plenty of tread. Glasgow. £180

    In very good condition. Plenty of tread left in all wheels. There is a small chip on one of the alloys as photographed. Pick up in Glasgow area. Looking for a quick sale if possible. £180
  12. Jimmi

    Found 4x 16” Steels

    They ain’t pretty but they’re free! I need rid ASAP, Pinner area.
  13. C

    Sold Set of 5 16” steels

    Anyone need a set of 5 steels I have some I was planning on returning but got some Clayton’s instead £25 and they’re yours Will need tyres Collection edinburgh
  14. Spaghetti

    Sold Mint 16” Claytons with 6.4-7.7mm Continentals reduced to £225

    Mint set of 16” Claytons with centre caps £250. Collection Bedfordshire. Tread evenly worn, two at around 7.5mm and two at around 6.5mm. Collection Beds.
  15. D

    KBA 47745 16” alloys from T5 on T6 T32?

    I’m about to order a T6.1 4Motion Startline. Currently I have a T5 (t30) and would like to swap the T5 16” alloys to the new van. All the wheel sizes are the same, so should be no fit issues, but I can’t find a definitive load rating. The T5 alloys are marked KBA 47745, which should be for a...
  16. Kyle6.1

    Sold New Clayton’s 205/65/16 Hankook Tyres. £200

    Set of 4 x Alloy wheels taken from my brand new 71 plate T6.1 T30 Kombi. Comes with original Hankook Vantra Tyres 205/65 R16C. I swapped out the wheels for different ones whilst the van was still with the VW dealer, so these wheels have only been on the van whilst in the VW dealer forecourt...
  17. Jimmi

    For Sale 4 x 16” steel wheels from a T5

    A little tatty but with 4 legal tyres, ideal for refurb/swamper/winter beaters £50 collection only
  18. Sackmycook

    For Sale 16” steels with new tyres - black. £80.

    Immaculate set of 16"Claytons, 5mm on 2, 3mm on 2.....Hankook RA28E tyres. £160. Also, oem steel wheels 16" with as new tyres, less than 200 miles, again Hankook RA28E, with 4x trendline silver hub trims. £80. Reasonable offers welcome, York area....May be able to deliver or meet halfway.
  19. J

    16" Wheel trims that will fit T6

    HI Guys. Can anyone give me a link for some 16" wheels trims to fit steel wheels on my T6. I don't realy want to shelve out over £100 fro volkswagen ones. Went to Halfords yesterday but they couldn't tell me if the Halfords Atlanta 16" Wheel Trim - Set of 4 (£26 ones) would fit. Cheers Jim
  20. R

    Sold Continental vancontact eco 205/65/16c with black steel wheels

    Hi there I have a set of as new / 15 miles continental vancontact eco load rated 205/65/16c tyres with unmarked black steel wheels. They come with wheel bolts too. And centre caps. Looking for £150 cash on collection from Renfrewshire.might do someone as a back up set . Thanks for looking