1. S

    Sold 16" Clayton Alloy Wheels & Hankook Tyres (Leeds, W. Yorks) £300

    x4 16" Clayton alloy wheels & hankook tyres have done 500 miles only. They came brand new with my T6.1 Kombi Transporter direct from VW (I replaced these with larger 20" inch wheels so they are no longer required). Both the alloys and tyres are all in excellent condition. Collection only from...
  2. Bluephantom

    For Sale 5x Steel wheels and Tyres, Brisbane Australia

    I'm selling my stock 16" steel rims and tyres that came with the vehicle. The 4 tyres travelled just under 2000kms from new to when I changed them which was about a month from getting the vehicle new from the dealership and the spare wheel is basically still new and completely unused. I...
  3. G

    Sold 16” steel wheels with tyres

    16 » steels from a 2017 Startline (with covers) tyre depths 6, 6.2, 5, 3.6 mm. 205/65 R16. was going to keep them and use the tyres but the mileage the van does that’ll be over 3 years hence. Collect from Beverley, East Yorkshire
  4. Bluephantom

    Show us your 16s

    I couldn't find the show us your 16s thread, I can't be the only one who likes the 16" rim size.... Can I?
  5. E

    Sold 4 X 16" Sima Alloy Wheels with Nokian 215/65R16C 109/107 winter Tyres- Liverpool

    Like it says- I will post pictures shortly- bought by accident- they don't fit over my T32 big brakes- arse. I have some Caliber 20" alloys on at the moment- but I'd actually like to have 17" alloy wheels (ideally OEM) with winter tyres - or Cross Climate etc. But obviously the big wheels...
  6. D

    For Sale x4 Hankook 205/65/R16C on steels

    Set of 4 nearly new steel wheels, Hankook 205/65/R16C tyres and hub caps, all vgc £200 buyer to collect
  7. timthetinyhorse

    FREE Standard black 16” steel wheels

    I have 4 steels wheels, 3 with good tread mega budget van tyres on and one is flat/has a buckle. There are free to anyone who wants to come and get them (take all 4 as i just need the space) Thanks
  8. Ragster13

    For Sale Delivery Miles Black Steel Wheels with Hancook Tyres T28 & T30 Leicestershire £180

    16" VW Steel Wheels, removed from 2022 plate vans due to customers upgrading to alloys, will fit T5 onwards T28 and T30 variants, as new from the factory, £180 per set of 4, I have 2 sets available, save your alloys for the summer ;) collection from Syston Leicestershire 16" Steels, removed...
  9. Bluephantom

    20ET offset with plastic-arch mouldings?

    Hey Guys, I wanted to know what you thought. I saw this youtube video: and thought these Fuel Vector 16" x 8" +20ET rims would look awesome on my van. I requested a quote from my local tyre dealership and they told me these rims wouldn't fit my vehicle because of the +20ET offset, and if I...
  10. ma77y

    FREE 16" spare wheel

    Came off my van, unfortunately I can no longer use it due to the m1 beam on the chassis. Free to anyone who can collect from M41, if I get no interest it will go to the tip.
  11. M

    Sold Winter Tyres on 16'' steel wheels

    16'' steel wheels with nearly new winter tyres (less than 3,000 miles) Jinyu 215/65/16. Offers above £100 - they are in Brighton. I travel for work so may be able to deliver.
  12. S

    Sold [eBay] 16” Winter Wheel set

    VW T5 T6 Steel Steelies Wheels 16” Winter Tyres | eBay Got these on eBay if anyones after a set
  13. W

    Standard 16 Highline wheel…what’s the best replacement tyre?

    The wheels are now in gloss black. Getting nearish to a change of tyres, I would like a good chunky looking all rounder. Must be a decent ride as the van is used to tow a large caravan and is a daily drive as well. Looking for some ideas please…
  14. S

    T6.1 Spare wheel, on all hell breaks loose with electrics.

    Hi, To cut a long story short I got a puncture in my N/S front Leighton LV1 20" wheel. (T6.1 Transporter Feb 2021) I took it off to get in fixed and put on the spare, the spare is a standard 16" steel and with the van lowered on B14's it did sit a bit low on that corner. I put the punctured...
  15. S

    Sold Spare steel wheels 16" x2 £20 each

    Collection Bideford N Devon
  16. S

    Sold VW 16" steel wheel trims £20

    Odd little mark, but generally in good condition. Collection Bideford, N Devon. Can get a price for posting if required.
  17. Lukavell

    FREE Free 16" steel wheels

    Need a refurb but I've had them in the shed taking up space for years. Free to a good home before I let the scrap man have them!
  18. Kwok8

    T6 T32 big brakes or not?

    Hi, not long had my camper van van then had it converted. Just wondering if I have big brakes or not? I'm looking to change the wheels but just want the black 16" steels that every converter seems to be trying to get rid of.
  19. La Dodgy Vita

    Found Wanted 16" steel rim

    Some low life has stolen my 16" steel spare. I see that there are a few going on this forum but all a considerable distance from me. Does anyone have one rim (tyre not important - even bare rim OK) in / around the Gloucestershire / Oxfordshire area? I will be travelling to South Wales on Monday...
  20. Dellmassive

    For Sale Clayton with 205/65R/16C - set of four. £250

    VW 16" alloy wheels 205/65R/16C - set of four not mine, but a local tyre shop. - i said i`d put them on here in case any1 was interested. They looking for £250 collected Ilford/London PM me for collection details.