1. Ragster13

    For Sale Brand new steel 16" wheels for sale £180

    Brand new steel wheels, continental 16", still have lines on them, removed from a new T6.1 but will fit all transporters except the T32 version with large brake discs. Collection from Leicester or Nottingham depending on the time, I also have alloys. Happy to sell as singles but at £50 per...
  2. R

    For Sale Hankook 205/65/16c as new tyres and black steels

    Hi there I have a set of as new Hankook load rated 205/65/16c tyres and black steel wheels these came off a unregistered t32 shuttle cash on collection from Renfrewshire or bellshill area £150 thanks for looking.
  3. R

    For Sale Hankook 205/65/16c as new

    Evening again guys I have 2 sets of as new Hankook 205/65/16c load rated tyres suitable for all the range including t32 . They come with black steels. I know most aren’t that bothered with 16 inch steels. But these are all legal and will maybe do someone a turn through the back end of the year...
  4. K

    Sold Clayton's with plenty of tread. Glasgow. £180

    In very good condition. Plenty of tread left in all wheels. There is a small chip on one of the alloys as photographed. Pick up in Glasgow area. Looking for a quick sale if possible. £180
  5. Jimmi

    Found 4x 16” Steels

    They ain’t pretty but they’re free! I need rid ASAP, Pinner area.
  6. C

    Sold Set of 5 16” steels

    Anyone need a set of 5 steels I have some I was planning on returning but got some Clayton’s instead £25 and they’re yours Will need tyres Collection edinburgh
  7. Spaghetti

    Sold Mint 16” Claytons with 6.4-7.7mm Continentals reduced to £225

    Mint set of 16” Claytons with centre caps £250. Collection Bedfordshire. Tread evenly worn, two at around 7.5mm and two at around 6.5mm. Collection Beds.
  8. D

    KBA 47745 16” alloys from T5 on T6 T32?

    I’m about to order a T6.1 4Motion Startline. Currently I have a T5 (t30) and would like to swap the T5 16” alloys to the new van. All the wheel sizes are the same, so should be no fit issues, but I can’t find a definitive load rating. The T5 alloys are marked KBA 47745, which should be for a...
  9. K

    Sold New Clayton’s 205/65/16 Hankook Tyres. £200

    Set of 4 x Alloy wheels taken from my brand new 71 plate T6.1 T30 Kombi. Comes with original Hankook Vantra Tyres 205/65 R16C. I swapped out the wheels for different ones whilst the van was still with the VW dealer, so these wheels have only been on the van whilst in the VW dealer forecourt...
  10. Jimmi

    For Sale 4 x 16” steel wheels from a T5

    A little tatty but with 4 legal tyres, ideal for refurb/swamper/winter beaters £50 collection only
  11. Sackmycook

    For Sale 16” steels with new tyres - black. £80.

    Immaculate set of 16"Claytons, 5mm on 2, 3mm on 2.....Hankook RA28E tyres. £160. Also, oem steel wheels 16" with as new tyres, less than 200 miles, again Hankook RA28E, with 4x trendline silver hub trims. £80. Reasonable offers welcome, York area....May be able to deliver or meet halfway.
  12. J

    16" Wheel trims that will fit T6

    HI Guys. Can anyone give me a link for some 16" wheels trims to fit steel wheels on my T6. I don't realy want to shelve out over £100 fro volkswagen ones. Went to Halfords yesterday but they couldn't tell me if the Halfords Atlanta 16" Wheel Trim - Set of 4 (£26 ones) would fit. Cheers Jim
  13. R

    Sold Continental vancontact eco 205/65/16c with black steel wheels

    Hi there I have a set of as new / 15 miles continental vancontact eco load rated 205/65/16c tyres with unmarked black steel wheels. They come with wheel bolts too. And centre caps. Looking for £150 cash on collection from Renfrewshire.might do someone as a back up set . Thanks for looking
  14. david173

    Sold Clayton 16" wheels £150

    Selling 4 genuine VW clayton 16" alloys with tyres, bolts and bolt caps taken from a T6 Kombi 2017 covered 25K miles. Alloys are 6.5JX16 Very small stone chip on two of the alloys, and another has a light scratch. I didn't noticed either until I cleaned and studied closely them for sale. If...
  15. B

    What can I sell my used t6.1 wheels and tyres for?

    Anyone got an idea what I can sell my wheels and tyres for? They've come off my start line t6.1 and have done less than 3k miles. The tyres are continentals, 205/65/16 and 16" wheels with hubcaps
  16. GeekGrimmy

    Sold Clayton’s £150

    Selling after recent upgrade. Approx 15k miles. Unsure if tyres are original bit still have approx 5mm tread. Not pristine but also no kerbing etc. So would say they are good condition, there are some light scratches which I've pictured. Happy to supply more pictures on request. Am asking...
  17. JABB

    50mm lower on std 16" claytons

    Can anyone give photographic assistance please? Ideally before and after. Looking at a 50mm drop on std 16" claytons. There seems loads of photos of 18" and 20" Wheels but not so for the 16"
  18. 09sider

    16" v 18"

    Apart from looks, are there any additional benefits from upgrading to 18 inchers, does it affect the comfort of handling?
  19. Chrisaky82

    Sold 16” Claytons done 3k. £200

    Set of VW Clayton alloys with Hankook tyres done 3000 miles decent tread on all tyres come with full set of nut including locking nuts and key nut caps also included. Collection from Didsbury, Manchester. Or can arrange local drop off around the M60 £200
  20. H

    Solows on T6.1 standard highline 16s

    Hi everyone. New here. Got myself a T6.1 highline and have got it booked in to get the solow coilovers fitted. I'm just wondering if anyone has any pictures of solows on 16s and any advice you may have. Plans are to fit 18s soon, but just debating as to if I should just bite the bullet and get...