SSP 707 - T6.1 2020 - Driver Assistance Systems

SSP 707 - T6.1 2020 - Driver Assistance Systems 2020

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VW Self Study Program, Document 707 - T6.1 2020 - Driver Assistance Systems

Driver assist systems in the T6.1 – thinking along, taking care
Driver assist systems ensure stability in critical situations, automatically maintain a distance from the vehicle in front or support the driver during parking manoeuvres, helping to prevent accidents or to minimise their severity. Because the T6.1 2020, unlike its predecessor, uses electromechanical power steering, it has a large number of new driver assist systems, from the lane departure warning system, Park Assist and Rear Cross Traffic Alert to Trailer Assist, which provides support during manoeuvres with a trailer.
Ever-improving periphery sensors, such as front and rear radar sensors, front camera and ultrasonic sensors, are now able to perceive the vehicle environment.
This self-study programme will inform you about the driver assist systems available for the T6.1 2020 and how they work.

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