SSP 415 - Supplementary Heaters - Part 1

SSP 415 - Supplementary Heaters - Part 1 2022-10-01

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VW Self Study Program, Document 415 - Supplementary Heaters - Part 1

Motor vehicles are increasingly being equipped with additional heater units which are independent of the engine.
This enables the vehicles' interior to be rapidly heated to a pleasant temperature prior to or during the journey. The supplementary heaters are available as standard or optional equipment from the manufacturers or as accessories for retrofitting.
Volkswagen commercial vehicles have various supplementary air or coolant heaters, which can be operated as pre-heaters or as auxiliary heaters.
Supplementary heaters serve to enhance driving comfort and form part of active safety.
This self-study programme: Supplementary Heaters Part 1 provides an overview of the supplementary heaters available in the Crafter, Transporter/Multivan and Caddy. It must always be used in conjunction with the self-study programme entitled Supplementary Heaters Part 2.
The supplementary heaters available in the Crafter will be dealt with in this self-study programme

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