Which Type Of Diesel Heater?

Discussion in 'Camper/Day Van Conversions' started by Mairy, 8 Sep 2018.

  1. Mairy

    Mairy Member VIP Member

    After a great summer in the van, as it gets a bit colder I'm looking into heaters for camping.

    As I have converted a shuttle I apparently have a Webasto Thermo Top Evo 5.0KW heater (there is a sticker on drivers' door). I have seen this on a converter website...

    "Caravelle / Shuttle / Transporter - Secondary Heater 7 Day Timer
    The majority of VW Caravelles & Shuttles are factory fitted with a secondary diesel heater as standard. We can add a 7 day timer to this heater, including a few modifications and alterations to the wiring loom. This allows programmable functions which enables the user to use the diesel heater as a secondary heater system, for a maximum of 2 hours at a time. This addition is great for those who want to:
    • Set the heater to come on half an hour before they go to work to warm and defrost the vehicle
    • Have a reliable heating system, capable of 2 hour stints for those odd chilly nights that you camp out in your van
    The addition of this 7 day timer is good but not a patch on having a full Airtop 2000 kit fitted with the comparable 7 day timer or Thermo Call device(depending on requirements)

    Pricing varies depending on application and requirements, but as a guide £500 + VAT "

    Heating for Camper Vans

    Q: Does anyone have any experience of this mod? Or a basic explanation of the differences in funtion to a "full" heater installation?

    Thanks in advance
  2. mmi

    mmi Senior Member VCDS User VIP Member T6 Guru

    Slightly off the topic but unfortunately the sticker doesn’t guarantee the existence of the heater. Need to have a look underneath the van for the Webasto exhaust pipe as in the attached picture. Under left seat.

    Some info about factory heating setup in the thread Webasto Overhead Control Panel.
    Also searching the Forum for “Webasto” might be helpful.
  3. Pant Terrors

    Pant Terrors Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    Hi Mairy,
    I have a Webasto fitted to my van and it has a ‘Thermocall TC4” controller fitted. Basically you get a mobile sim card from Tesco (2G) and install it into the unit, then download an APP to your smartphone. Then you can communicate any switch on / off commands from anywhere you have (both you and your van) mobile phone coverage. This can control the Webasto from anywhere in the world at any time including setting times /days/ dates. Maybe worth installing one of these. Let me know if I can help further.
  4. Dieseldonkey

    Dieseldonkey 150 DSG Shuttle Conversion VIP Member T6 Guru

    I've been looking at this also for my Shuttle conversion. What concerns me is that it runs off the vehicle battery and not the leisure battery. I dont think 2 hours run time is really enough for me if we we're parked up somewhere on a winters night without an electric hook up. It seems expensive too, when you consider the cost of a dedicated stand alone diesel heater. Would be keen to hear if anyone has got round these issues though.
  5. Pant Terrors

    Pant Terrors Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    Any good converter could sort this out with the leisure batteries. I have two large batteries, one on top of each of the front shocks underneath the windscreen wiper motor cover.
    I would find the nearest converter and let them see the van and what you’ve got and get a quote, then you know what you are playing with, whether it’s worth looking to do it yourself, or putting up with or handing it to a pro. The thermocall is ace, it’s nice to text your van and switch it’s heater on half an hour before you leave somewhere, yummy warm van to get into. See the envy on your friends faces as they scrape the ice off their cars whilst you wave at them from the cab, grinning. I’ve not done a full cold night, but sleeping in the roof and being able to put it on for an hour before getting up is great. During the winter it’s our go to vehicle for everything as my wife is a redhead (cold blooded) and can’t survive the cold for more than two minutes without me suffering!
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  6. dereckerick

    dereckerick Member

    Christ on a bike, had my Caravalle for over 2 years and just spotted the sticker on the door, checked for the exhaust and there it is!! Where is the controller??? I’ve been doing the odd night sleeping in the Cairngorms, Baltic!!
  7. ChrisKites

    ChrisKites Member VIP Member

    The Thermo Top Evo heats your engine coolant, not your cabin. However it might be possible to modify it to do both.
  8. dereckerick

    dereckerick Member

    Yeh, realised that after a bit more research... ah well

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