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I recently took on a barn-door to tailgate conversion and became unstuck at the wiring stage. I couldn’t get the Vagnostics relay to work and no local auto-electricians wanted to touch it, and stumbled across this company by chance after speaking with @Dean@VanDoc -

DriveTalk VolksFit

Edd had sorted out another T6 tailgate conversion before and was happy to take on my van. He’s now wired it as it would have come out of the factory should it have had a tailgate fitted in the first place, so there’s no need for the aftermarket relay and the tailgate handle is always live.

Edd is something of a whizz with VCDS and was able to code a few other bits whilst he was there, and when he noticed my front lights had a problem, spoke to and arranged getting me in to his local VW CV dealer quicker than I’d have should I have telephoned myself.

So top marks to Edd - he didn’t charge the earth, knew what he was doing and left the van tidier than he found it.

It turns out @Eddcameron is also on the forum, so he obviously has good taste too :thumbsup:

Mike Gash

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Edd come out to where I was working and did an excellent job at configuring a retro fit reversing camera to the head unit.

I would have no Hesitation in recommending him to anyone actually I already have to several people.

Once again many thanks for an excellent job.