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VCDS in Beds

Discussion in 'VCDS / VAGCOM Information & Requests' started by Nauts, 24 Dec 2016.

  1. Nauts

    Nauts New Member

    Hi all, looking for a vcds guru in north beds area, would like dial sweep, teardrop wipe, mph in mfd, locking on drive off and a few others.
  2. Nauts

    Nauts New Member

    Ok can I add Milton Keynes or anywhere around 20 mins away please
  3. Nauts

    Nauts New Member

    Still Looking please, and willing to travel !
  4. Roca

    Roca Blackberry caravelle VIP Member T6 Guru

    Have you looked at getting the carista app? Easy to use and pretty much does very thing you've mentioned.

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