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Discussion in 'California Corner' started by Pips Dad, 4 Sep 2019.

  1. Pips Dad

    Pips Dad New Member VIP Member

    My 2018 150HP dsg Cali has lost power to the two sockets on the dash, one in the glovebox and one in the little ashtray thingy under the gear selector. Does any one know where the fuse that feeds these is located exactly? My vehicle has the comfort dash if this makes a difference. I assume it must be a fuse as it has worked ok until a recent journey where we were charging a mobile in each socket and we suddenly realised the charging had stopped.
  2. DaveyB

    DaveyB Funds just don’t support the desires!!! Moderator VIP Member T6 Legend

    Yep @Pips Dad. The USB hub fuse is SC18. A 7.5a mini blade fuse in fuse box C (that’s the one in the middle of the dash). Left hand row, five down from the top.
    Same fuse does the reversing camera and the telephone amplifier so if you have those features you may want to check them, if they work - it’s not your fuse!
    If it’s not that you may wish to consider joining as a VIP member as all of the fuse box locations and fuse listings are available for download to VIP members.
    Small price which goes to run the hosting costs of this great resource of knowledge and assistance that is the T6 forum.
    Best of luck. Trust me when I say I know how frustrating it is to try and find out why something in your van no longer works, and you a trying to trace circuits and poxy fuses.:mad:.
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  3. Pips Dad

    Pips Dad New Member VIP Member

    Thanks for the info Daveyb. I think I will join the VIP section as it sounds useful.
    Where exactly is the central fuse board? Might seem a daft question but my van has a cup holder with fold out door where you describe the fuse location.
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  4. Pauly

    Pauly Senior Member VCDS User Admin Moderator

    open the door and you will see two plastic tabs on the rear, squeeze them together and the complete bottle holder assembly will swing forwards and can be lifted out, this will reveal the fusebox
  5. Pips Dad

    Pips Dad New Member VIP Member

    Just as you point out, Pauly. I will be looking for the faulty fuse now I have this information and report my findings.
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  6. Pips Dad

    Pips Dad New Member VIP Member

    I’ve had a look at the fuse panel behind the centre console but as the rear view camera is working ok, I thought I would check the usb sockets again. lo and behold, I think they are working!
    When I plug in a mobile the little battery symbol on the phone turns green indicating it’s charging. I left in on with the engine running for a few minutes and the percentage charge went up a few points. The only thing I don’t get when the mobile is plugged in is the ‘bong’ noise which usually indicates charging is taking place. If I plug the phone charger into a mains socket I do get the ‘bonging’ noise.
    Is the charge rate different when in a mains socket and this may be causing the difference? It’s difficult to get my voltmeter leads onto the usb outlet contacts to see if there’re is a different charging voltage from van to house mains socket.
    If it’s working ok I guess I don’t need to know but I’m sure someone out there knows what is going on!
    At least I know how to access the hidden fuses now. Thanks guys!

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