upgrade t6 startline instrument cluster (clocks)


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hiya can anyone help with any information regarding possibility of changing the clocks, speedo, in a startline, t6 to a highline dash clocks, (one with temp gauge) i have read a few people asking but no one seems to answer, apart from to plug a app, in to get a temp gauge, which i would rather not do, i know hazzydayz do them, and they also sell second hand clocks! and i also read that they can also programme and code in a set of second hand ones also, but it seams like only hazzydayz and vw direct can do this!!! is this true? can a set be coded by vagcom? or vcp? as vagcom codes keys so surly that would mean recoding the key and ecu/bcm to the new/secondhand clocks? (the imobi in the clocks is part of coding a key) just the same if i lost my keys! just wondering anyway as lots of people are asking but no real answers, apart from use a app, cheers