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Team White

Discussion in 'Show Us Your T6' started by DaveBos, 3 Jul 2016.

  1. Teejay1

    Teejay1 Member

    It's in the UK, would you believe its Keswick.
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  2. Polzeylad

    Polzeylad California 204 4motion VIP Member T6 Legend

    Amazing; looks like NZ or similar!
  3. Teejay1

    Teejay1 Member

    Only 1 day old back in Oct 16, to me anyway.

    TEEL5613 - Copy.JPG
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  4. Dannywilds

    Dannywilds Member VIP Member

    Just put my t5.1 for sale on this site if anyone is interested. Or knows anyone who is!!
  5. Sirloin07

    Sirloin07 New Member

  6. Sirloin07

    Sirloin07 New Member

    My team white T6 will be delivered to my on 27th January apparently, it's going to be a long 2 weeks lol
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