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Discussion in 'General VW T6 Chat' started by TheSpiv, 8 Apr 2018.

  1. TheSpiv

    TheSpiv Member

    Anyone else have this problem. Probably went on like the attached for 40 seconds then carried on dripping.

    Got the van booked in to get it checked out but not for a while, bit odd for it to do this plus any potential longer term damage. Van's a September 2017 plate so virtually brand new.

    Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 19.32.07.png
  2. Pauly

    Pauly Senior Member VCDS User Admin Moderator

    Remove one of the small oval rubber bungs on the bottom lip of tailgate to allow it to drain properly
    Most common cause of this seems to be water getting in around the third high level brake light but there are other causes
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  3. TheSpiv

    TheSpiv Member

    Thanks for the advice I'll take a look and see if that helps.

    Bit concerning that water's getting in the first place.
  4. Pauly

    Pauly Senior Member VCDS User Admin Moderator

    It is but unfortunately not that uncommon as mentioned the main cause seems to be the high brake light either fitted incorrectly or missing the rubber gasket to seal it to the tailgate although a few others have had it caused by incorrectly bonded glass
    Don’t be tempted to remove the high level light, it’s a fit once unit and has to be smashed to be removed and requires replacing I would advise letting your dealer look at it
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  5. TheSpiv

    TheSpiv Member

    Pretty shoddy eh? Crazy that a £30k plus vehicle has this fault. As I mentioned it's booked in with the dealership so they can deal with it under warranty, I wonder if there's any potential longer term damage.
  6. DaveyB

    DaveyB Funds just don’t support the desires!!! Moderator VIP Member T6 Legend

    Without a doubt it’ll be the high level tailgate brake light. As infamous for leaking as the VW transporter side sliding windows. VW will however swap it out under warranty without quibble. The only way to remove it though is for it to be snapped out.
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  7. Rob Buchan

    Rob Buchan Member

    Hi, I had the same issue but I could see water running down the inside of the window while washing with a hosepipe. I sent photos showing this and water dripping from the removed oval plug hole. Dealer still wanted the van to verify, which they did, but as the high level light is a LED type (long lasting never needs replacing) it is a one shot deal and has the be broken to remove, they then had to order a new one and that meant a return visit to the dealer. Because the original fitting had to be smashed they could not determine why it was leaking. Replacement light fitting seems to have cured the problem for now.
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  8. chrisw

    chrisw Member

    Hi, I have also had this, the dealer has replaced the 3rd brake light fitting, so far so good.
    I didn't know about the small oval rubber bungs at the bottom, will have to check along with remembering to park with the van facing down hill, to check no water will run out when the tailgate opened.
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  9. Tiny

    Tiny New Member

    Water leaking in from high level brake light, seems to be more common than you think. My 66 plate T30 highline has been doing it for quite a while and it is presently in at a VW centre and they are telling me what I already know and that it will cost me £105 + to get it sorted. I have thrown the warranty stick at them but they are telling me that at some point the brake light has been removed and re-fitted and I have told them that that is not possible as the fitment is a once only fit item, thus once fitted it can't be removed other than breaking the item while removing it. Still waiting for the response from them.
    I have recently spoken to VW UK and the customer care department and they are totally unaware of the issue regarding the high level brake light leaking water. It possibly needs more people who have had issues with water leaking in via the brake light to contact VW UK and speak to the customer care people and make this issue an issue for VW.
  10. Hinsley

    Hinsley Member T6 Pro

    We had 2 vans in work that had this issue and when taken back to VW and were replaced as it was a known issue that some had been installed without rubber glands and some had glands that were found to be defective and they were being replaced (not recalled).

    The service guy said it was a known VW issue but what was unknown was how many were affected.
  11. Ads_Essex

    Ads_Essex Local lowlife VIP Member T6 Legend

    That’s got to be a load of BS. The amount of threads on this site alone would tell you they’re talking rubbish about being unaware.
    I’d say they’re trying to fob you off. Persevere.
  12. Tiny

    Tiny New Member

    Just had a follow up phone conversation from where my van is at the mo and said they have ordered a new rear brake light and are going to do it under warranty.
    I'm sure there are dealers that are not aware of this issue. The more people complain, it might well bring this problem to the attention of VW
  13. Northern Monkey

    Northern Monkey Indium grey multivan VIP Member T6 Legend

    They know about it’s been pretty much documented from when the T6 first come out had mine done in 2016, and was told then it was an advisory on their system.
    I’d say it’s the dealers trying to BS you which dealers is it at?
  14. Tiny

    Tiny New Member

    Got my van back this evening, job done so now I will wait till the rain comes tomorrow so I can check all is good.
    Job done under warranty but the dealership would still not accept that this is a common problem on the T6. So all being well no more water ingress.
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  15. Colin_F

    Colin_F New Member

    I've got a 65 plate LWB T6, it has started doing this recently. Has anyone tried warranty on this outside of warranty period or am I likely to have to cough up myself?

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