T6.1 VCDS to tweak stop/start behaviour


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I have VCDS that I use on another VAG vehicle and was able to make adjustments to some parameters that the stop/start function operates; essentially changing the temperature range so stop/start will only work when the ambient temperature is between 49-50 degrees. In my region it rarely gets that hot, therefore with these conditions not being met the car doesn't stop/start. I know there are other ways to achieve this but seems to vary depending on car model. If you directly turn off stop/start if flags and error on the dash each time you start up.... anyway I'm digressing from the main ask here:

Has anyone had any experiences with trying to tweak stop/start on the T6.1, I'm not talking about turning off, just adjust how it works as per the above?
I've read on the Ross-Tech forum that in 2019 all tweaks were disabled entirely or reset upon engine restart related to dieselgate(?)


California 204 DSG 4Motion MY17
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Have a ghost fitted and use the S/S button as part of your code...