T6.1 California & Level

Hi all,

I've noticed on my t6.1 cali that the rear sits 20mm lower than the front. On a flat surface this means that the van sits level <1°.

I'm just in the process of lowering it with a set of kw coilovers. And they dropped it in a way to keep the van level.

But since it's dropped you can clearly see that the rear sits lower.

My idea was to lower the front another 20mm or raise the rear 20mm, but that way it'll sit more on it's nose.

I don't see any issues except maybe when camping? Anyone with the same experience?

I've been out camping for a few times and haven't come up with a perfect flat spot, so the mattress will always be a bit higher on one side.

Since the height difference would be 20mm, I could always take 2 pieces of wood with me that are 20mm thick.
Takes less place than those big chocks.



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I'm surprised that you'd notice 20mm. I s it the look of it or the sloping bed that you're concerned about? Does a full tank change it?
I'm surprised that you'd notice 20mm. I s it the look of it or the sloping bed that you're concerned about? Does a full tank change it?
Hi, I'm concerned about the sloping bed. But for the looks the rear needs to be altered +20mm.
You see a lot of camper conversions with rear sag, because of the weight.

But also the original cali has rear sag, but than again i thought it sits perfect level. So maybe it was intended like this?

Nevertheless it's nicer when the arch gap is equal front and back.

Maybe I'll raise my bed at home with 20mm and see how that goes? :-D

Meanwhile i had the rear raised aprox. 18mm , drove around the whole weekend with a bike rack (on the tow bar) etc...
So the suspension has settled.

With everything loaded up, including two folding bikes on a (tow bar) bike rack, the reat sits equally high as the front.

When I unload the van, the rear raises 1,5cm.

When i measure from the centre of the wheel to the bodypanel i have 39cm at the rear and 37,5 cm in the front , that is unloaded (as i drive it daily).
The strange thing is, that this measurement was 35cm rear vs 37,5cm front before the adjustment.

So a 18mm raise, shifts the weight that much that the actual gap raises about 40mm?

Anyway, when i drive it now unloaded it sits at it's nose. My guess would be to lower it 9mm at the rear.
I assume it would level out the arch gap when it's unloaded.

When it's loaded up, the rear will sag a little, but that's the way it is i guess?

Anymore people with the same issues? Thoughts and comments welcome :)
This may help you.. it may not but worth a gander :thumbsup:

tnx nice vid

my main dilemma is

a) level the van without luggage, full watertank and extra gear (daily driver)
b) level it with some luggage, full watertank and some extra gear (camping trip)

with option a) the rear will sag a little when fully loaden and vice versa with option b) the nose will sit lower when daily driven.

i guess it all comes down to personal flavor?
This is how she sits at the moment.

Picture was taken just loaded up for the weekend with one teenager in the back :)
Water tank 50% full, fridge full (beer) etc...

So when she's unloaded the rear will raise about 1,5cm



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I raised a similar question with my mechanic.

he said that looking at wheel arch gap makes it look like the rear is lower than the front. His suggestion was to park on flat ground and use the swage line down the middle of the body to assess how unlevel the van is sitting.

much like jay above though, I’m thinking of dropping mine at the front for a nose down look as there’s almost no arch gap at the back whilst there’s a good couple of fingers at the front.


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Ideally you should be looking at a slight nose down rake for your daily use of the vehicle, which would lead to your arch to tyre gaps being similar front and rear. One reason is that it keeps the driving dynamics of the van as they should be and avoids unnecessary under steer and the front tyres scrabbling for grip under acceleration. Granted, these are both things you probably wouldn't even notice during normal daily driving, but it's how it should be. Secondly, these vans always look a little better with a bit of nose down rake, it gives them a slightly more aggressive stance that just looks right.

When you add a load into the rear of the van it'll drop a bit, but so long as it doesn't go down wildly leaving you with a nose up, arse down stance you'll be fine.
i allways take a tape measure from the center of the wheel to the arch, just measured it again with everything unloaded, expect 15L of water. the rear sits 1cm higher than the front. so when we sit in the front the front will also drop a little. I'll guess i'll leave it for the time being. it's way better than before (see first picture at top).
i'll see how she looks after i've received my banded amarok's and fitted them with general grabber tyres :)

i don't wanna go to low, because i need some clearance for some mile off road camping :)
Little update, i took this picture with the van being empty. The rear sits 1cm higher than the front.
It's hard to notice but i guess this will be fine.

anyway it's already an improvement since the initial lowering (see first picture)

Also added some angular side bars, last week, looking good imho