Split charge or Battery to Battery charger please read

Hi Guys

Ok i have a t5.1 12 plate and have always just ran 25mm2 to the front seat from a Duralit 140amp split charge to 1 or 2 banner batteries and all has been well in the world

Now i've took the plunge and ordered a euro 6 Cherry red LWB van with lots of options for march 1 delivery

So I've been gathering bits ready for the conversion

I've heard mixed thoughts on the euro 6 some say VSr's are OK others say no !!!!!!

So I've got hold of at an epic price a sterling battery to battery ultra pro 60amp charger for the price i paid it would suit me to use this and simply feed it with 25mm2 from starter bat to under the passenger seat battery banner bull 110)

with it being 60amp is it too much ????? not the price the output etc

Your thoughts please guys and gals


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You are absolutely right, you cannot use a VSR on a T6, in spite of what some morons still think! Go with the Sterling, it's perfect for what you need.